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10mm aggregate concrete mix design

When water reduces shrinkage and porosity of concrete are reduces which provides the durability to concrete structures. The grade designation giving the characteristic strength requirement of concrete. Site conditions often restrict the quality and quantity of ingredient materials. Click Here to join Eng-Tips and talk with other members! High strength concrete is generally more durable than low strength concrete. C m = Cement required, kg/m 3. Kishore Kaushal, “Concrete Mix Design for Road Bridges”, INDIAN HIGHWAYS, Vol. 3. This process is usually adopted for structures which requires higher grades of concrete such as M25 and above and large construction projects where quantity of concrete consumption is huge.. The variations in the cost of materials arise from the fact that the cement is several times costly than the aggregate, thus the aim is to produce as lean a mix as possible. Dear sir i want to know the specification requirement for adding of fly ash is upto 25percent ,from where it is available. For exact W/C ratio the water in admixture should also be taken into account. As for instance a concrete mix of proportions 1:2:4 signifies that cement, fine and coarse aggregate are in the ratio 1:2:4 or the mix comprises of one part of cement, two parts of fine aggregate and four parts of coarse aggregate. The water-cement ratio is usually expressed in mass. 6. Copyright Policy | These are the size of the section to be concreted, the amount of reinforcement, and the method of compaction to be used. The desired workability depends on the compacting equipment available at the site. Other data’s: The Mixes are to be designed on the basis of saturated and surface dry aggregates. 1 Curve D ( Figure shown in the end) found to be 0.42. Depending on the mix design, either can be used to make essentially any range of concrete strengths. If the trial mixes does not gives the required properties of the mix, it is then required to be altered accordingly. Contact Us | In this method, the samples of both coarse and fine aggregate are passed through a set of 10 standard sieves, and the sample retained on each of these sieves is determined. 20 mm Aggregate = 1246×1.8/3 = 748 kg/m3. 2. In design mix proportion of cement, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and water are determined so as to get a mix of given strength, proper workability and durability with the economy. 2.
Very lean mix is not desirable since it does not contain enough finer material to make the concrete cohesive. Find Manufacturers: Admixtures. In general, larger the maximum size of aggregate, smaller is the cement requirement for a particular water-cement ratio, because the workability of concrete increases with increase in maximum size of the aggregate. Determine the concrete mix proportions for the first trial mix.

However, if crushed sand is properly graded with adequate fines the mix may have lower water demand when compared to poorly graded natural sand. This can lead to saving in transportation costs from longer distances. 7. What are the Properties of fresh Concrete? Item to be executed with 40mm graded stone aggregate is not shown in the example placed above. 8. A = Air content, percent. published in the Civil Engineering Portal. Table. What Software are used to Estimate Project Time and Quantity in Construction? © 2009-2020 The Constructor. Maximum water content = 186 Kg (for Nominal maximum size of aggregate — 20 mm), Estimated water content = 186+ (3/100) x 186 = 191.6 kg /m3, Minimum cement Content for mild exposure condition = 300 kg/m3. Thanks, Dear Sir What is the situation when 35% Fly Ash is used to substitute OPC in RMC plants? Voided Concrete Slab System: Its Working, Properties, and Advantages, Rework in Construction: Its Sources and Causes, Louvre Pyramid: The Gigantic Glass Structure in France. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. iii. Um = 10 x Ga (100 – A)  +  Cm (1 – Ga/Gc) – Wm (Ga – 1), = 10 x 2.65 (100 – 1.5) + 355(1- 2.65/3.00) – 149 (2.65 -1) As, the quantity of concrete required for large constructions are huge, economy in quantity of materials such as cement makes the project construction economical.

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