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2022 kitchen trends

The materials of the apron depend on the overall design concept. These will be kitchens 2 by 2, 3 by 3 and 4 by 4 square meters. You want the added room to plan a layout. The simplicity and naturalness of the design of a small kitchen will, in combination with a light color scheme, make space more and more spacious. Minimalism. A democratic and juicy brown color in the interior of the kitchen will be the most advantageous option. We are ready to offer you fashionable kitchens, kitchen design and interior, kitchen trends and trends in different styles right now. Its snow-white surface fits perfectly into the same furniture wall, and chrome-plated or the color of polished steel perfectly complements the hi-tech interior, echoing other major equipment. kitchen. Be aware of this in advance, this will help prevent the wrong choice of interior for your kitchen. It all depends on what you are up to. Want to keep your appetite in check? By the way, for many years they have been producing specialized refrigerators that can disguise themselves as the surrounding space – they can be hidden in the closets themselves, the pantry, or even under the countertop. However, now it is possible to add a kind of bar counter to such a footage.

Curtains have the same tropical theme: prints with parrots, palm trees, wide leaves of plants, animals. Pay attention not only to standard countertops, which are included in ordinary headsets, but also to chic and original countertops with a built-in sink made of marble, concrete, stone. 18 squares is a truly large kitchen. Sometimes they can be diluted with other small fixtures.
Due to its small power and fire safety, LED-lamps can be mounted in a headset (the main thing is to reliably isolate the wiring). Let these new trends serve as design ideas for your 2021-2022 kitchen. Paying attention to modern kitchen trends, do not forget about your own desires and feelings.
Burgundy is a shade of red, but unlike the latter, it is not as flashy. This method is preferred for small kitchens or low ceilings. The presence of a ventilation duct requires a special approach in kitchen design, since it is quite difficult to disguise it. The kitchen is no exception. This creates a cleaner, even look and makes cleaning with maintenance much easier. Neutral palette: sky blue, the color of fresh greens, which are great for eco-style. Decor should be minimal, but unusual shape, using eco-materials. Plain facades without handles will give the impression that this is not furniture at all, but just a wall, and thereby facilitate the design of the room. To create it, you should use finishing materials “under the brickwork.” So that the room does not look gloomy, you can choose such textured wallpaper with “peeling plaster”. For a small kitchen, this rule is most applicable – because the hostess, of course, thinks about how to make the kitchen more spacious and how to save every centimeter of space. Lighting really affects a design plan and light in interior design makes all the difference in the world with functionality, ambiance and overall distinction in a space. A kitchen of 7 square meters already differs from those described above in that, as a rule, such are elongated in length. These ideas combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create a cozy culinary space. Kitchens are no exception. The simple design of the kitchen set can be varied with the help of an interesting apron, for example, by placing narrow photo wallpaper with a panoramic view behind the glass or making a colored mosaic from pixel tiles. Another fashion trend is the rejection of wall cabinets. Of course, all apartments and houses differ from each other in appearance, as well as layout, size. His choice must be approached very carefully and not be allowed to get out of the general visual picture. Pots, cups, and cutlery are best placed closer to the sink; hide pans, baking trays and molds near the oven, and it is advisable to store loose products in dry upper cabinets. And now the fun begins – the choice of color headset for your favorite cuisine: Kitchens 2022: what trends to expect next year?

Let the furniture be with a simple, plain, not “flashy”, flat surface. In order to avoid gloominess in the kitchen, if you decide to make it all in gray tones, you should use all shades in the decoration – from the lightest to the darkest. The color scheme should not include more than four shades.

Pastel shades of surfaces, floral motifs and vintage elements. Plastic panels are an actual material in use that does not absorb moisture, odors and lasts a long time. 3D style kitchens use deep prints on the walls or ceiling. Spectacular high-tech kitchens are, first of all, the shine of glass and glossy surfaces, straight lines and the presence of various novelties of kitchen appliances. With their help, you can zone the space, trim floors, walls, headsets, furniture. This means that individual kitchen elements are deliberately staged thanks to bright colors. Design in black and white style is a century-old classic that satisfies the tastes of almost every person. This very cozy kitchen furnishing style is the opposite of the Scandinavian furnishing trend, which is primarily known for its light to whitish wood tones. Let’s even talk a little about the design of a cozy summer zone.

The design of a small kitchen 2021 can be made in a variety of styles. Eclecticism is a combination of textures, patterns and shades. Adding elements of glass or metal, stone or wicker furniture to the modern white kitchen design will give it a unique and luxurious look. Based on the name of the style, furniture and decor in the interior should be minimal. These fresh kitchen design ideas for countertops, cabinetry, backsplashes, and … It is quite difficult to choose a storage system for the kitchen 2021 that would be as ergonomic, compact as possible, and at the same time have an attractive and modern look. This is a specialized ledge on the facade of a building with windows (or one semicircular window). Many people have a stable stereotype regarding the color pink, in which they identify it with infantilism, lack of independence, childishness.

Can’t decide what your six-meter kitchen should be like? The Italian style is characterized by the use of only natural elements, as well as massive kitchen sets. However, the kitchen trend continues with an unusual selection of material. The interior of the kitchen photo 2021 modern ideas, if you do everything right, then the kitchen will perfectly demonstrate the classic style, and the addition of stainless steel elements will give it modernity and excellent style.

Do not forget the motto of the year: the simpler the better.

This solution is ideal for small kitchens. This year, it is not recommended to focus on the kitchen. Or a modern kitchen design with gray, beige, cream and milk shades combined with darker graphite and chocolate colors. Each kitchen has its own style, size, color scheme, textiles and decor, functional mechanisms, which determines how comfortable and pleasing your eye this room will be during its operation.

If you have a studio apartment, then for zoning it will be possible to use Japanese partitions made of wooden battens and frosted glass imitating rice paper.

The best solution for those who need a concise and inexpensive design of a small kitchen 2021 is Minimalism. In addition, the surface of the glass is very scratch resistant and can be well maintained from a hygienic point of view. In a panel house, do not skimp on soundproofing materials at the initial stages of finishing. It is not necessary to demolish the partition completely. The gradient mentioned above can decorate not only walls, but also windows.

Write in the comments! In general, such a design leaves an impression of tenderness and lightness. Additional accessories and furniture elements should be used to a minimum, because the interior of 2022 is spacious kitchens without extra details. And now, especially for you, the best new kitchen design 2021-2022. – new items for 2021-2022 with refrigerator, New Kitchen Interior Decor Design Trends 2022-2023, 2021 Design Trends: What Color Of The Kitchen Is Now In Fashion, 10 decoration trends that will triumph this autumn-winter 2021-2022 season, 10 Color Trends for Fall Winter 2021-2022, Beautiful Ceiling Design – Stylish Novelties And Popular Trends for 2022. These criteria are best met by linoleum, porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles, as well as self-leveling floors based on polymer resins. Previously, the use of a bar in the kitchen was a truly exotic design solution. Shine is a thing of the past. Most designers think this is the most optimal placement option. In the past, black was rarely used in the kitchen, but people are slowly embracing it. For example, a great choice of design in the Scandinavian or Japanese style. Straight fabrics and tulle, light and medium density, are back in fashion. But more and more homeowners are becoming bolder and are choosing a dark kitchen set and kitchen furniture. 2022 offers us to move away from bright, eye-catching accents, as well as from the abundance of various accessories in the kitchen, at least in prominent places. And the matching frames for table and bench are also available directly from kitchen dealers.

For “Nordic design”, the use of plain white finishing materials and tiles with the appropriate ethnic pattern is suitable. Not so with the new kitchen trend for the home: As a design element in domestic kitchens, stainless steel is an incomparable eye-catcher as a surface with a “scratched steel” look. Now we will consider kitchens of various sizes and how best to approach the design issue based on the footage. It is in the design of a small kitchen that it is important to choose transformer furniture and a simple interior without frills. This is characterized by the fact that the sofa replaces chairs well. These colors are used on taps, on the handles of kitchen cabinets, appliances and fixtures. In recent years, facades without visible handles or with mortise handles are becoming increasingly popular.

However, creating such a design is not as simple a task as it might seem. Regardless of the style, designers strive to reduce the amount of furniture and decor to the required minimum. . Kitchen designs have changed a lot over the decades and planning a kitchen remodel is very important. Choose complex, unusual, deep tones in color. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. So, you will protect not only yourself and your family, but also your home. Such a choice of color will help make the room visually more spacious. They hold all the appliances, a small table, enough cupboards and leave little space for any small design gadgets. Moving away from luxurious footage, let’s pay attention to more “mundane” options. Always remember the width of your home appliances.

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