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257 roberts ackley improved

The other prominent version is the .257 RCBS Improved, which features a 28° shoulder. That’s still less than the typical 60,000 to 65,000 psi of comparable modern rifle cartridges. Early articles by Townsend Whelen and Jack O’Connor proclaimed the virtues of the .257 Roberts in the hunting fields. Because of its size, the 7×57mm Mauser case was a common choice, having near the ideal volume capacity for the "quarter-bore" (called this because the .25 caliber is one quarter of an inch) using powders available at that time. Eventually in 1934 Remington Arms chose to introduce their own commercial version of such a cartridge, and although it wasn't the exact dimensions of the wildcat made by Roberts, they called it the .257 Roberts.[4]. The original factory load for this is very similar to the .250-3000 Savage. When Remington decided to adopt it as a factory cartridge in 1934, the company made a few minor dimensional changes to preclude firing factory ammo in rifles chambered for the wildcat round. The .257 Roberts, also known as .257 Bob,[2] is a medium-powered .25 caliber cartridge. At the time there were many older actions available of questionable strength. The current SAAMI spec for the .257 Roberts Maximum Average Pressure (MAP) is 54,000 psi. Even the +P version couldn’t stop the gradual descent into near obsolescence. This holds the case head against the bolt face and eliminates case stretching in the web area, a cause of case head separation. Ackley said that the .257 Roberts Ackley Improved was probably the most useful all-around cartridge. Ackley, the modified 257 Roberts was likely the best improved round compared with the couple dozen or so factory cartridges he’d experimented with Ackley’s signature case modifications included reducing the body taper and increasing the shoulder angle—both significantly! With light bullets the .257 produces little recoil and has a flat trajectory suitable for varmint hunting. All Shooting Times subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Coincidentally, I had just embarked on my most recent handloading project with the interesting .257 Roberts Ackley Improved wildcat. When handloading rifle cartridges with blackpowder, Allan suggests you should not approach it... By cleverly increasing the parent cartridge's powder capacity, the .30-06 Ackley Improved... Give a Gift   Remington introduced the commercial version of this popular wildcat as a low-pressure round. I followed Nosler’s instructions shown in its No. Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. All Rights Reserved. The bore diameter of the .257 Roberts is .250 inches (6.35 mm) making it a ".25"/6.35 mm caliber", not to be confused with the more well known 6.5 mm caliber which uses 6.7 mm/.264" bullets or the slightly less common 6mm caliber Which uses 6.1mm/ .243” bullets. Seat the bullet well out into the rifling, so that it makes good contact with the lands when the cartridge is chambered.

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