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audrey hamner hankins siblings

I loved the Walton’s I still watch it every day on Comcast tv. Lower Row: Earl, Paul, Let me tell you it was an awesome trip down memory lane. Where in Virginia is this? Right: Earl with his mother and siblings in 1980 for the filming

I knew it was out there somewhere. From-time-to-time, the Hamners visit their home town of Schuyler, We also snapped a photo of a church that was just down the hill {I wonder if it’s the one he attended?} He eventually dropped some of his more colorful activities in favor of his wife's approval. He soon left his job to complete his studies.

River Publisher.

On Sundays after Doris had carted the children to church he could be found making his way down the same path towards the river for some fishing. Along with writing, he also provided voice-over narration at the beginning and ending of each episode. Oh, wait it was a rhetorical question!

Ex-wife of Langdon Flemming Hankins, Junior I very rarely allow my daughter to watch anything on Disney channel, the kids all have poor respect for their families and are so spoiled… Very unrealistic to what real life is like, or what it should be like. Love the pictures! }, Where in the World is Mavis? 30 Comments.

Fans of the show flocked to her little home in Vigirnia and she welcomed them with a pot of tea. The model for Ben Walton came from two brothers. I watch it still every day it’s one from 3-5.

My husband actually met Earl Hamner once when he came to visit the family and he went to school and talked to the class but this was before the show was on TV and Earl was an aspiring author. It was up against the Flip Wilson variety show, and my family never missed that! Chanel 295.

Remember the second hand washer that John boy bought for Olivia. Watching the Waltons this Thanksgiving and reminded of a Berea College schoolmate who died recently…Andy Hankins…the son of Audrey (or Erin) Hamner Hankins. Hang out with Mavis & Lucy right in your Inbox! Doris Hamner, Earl, his son Scott, Jane his wife and Caroline, Earl's daughter Top row: Cliff, Clifton Hamner (1856-1935).

of "A Decade of the Waltons" Cliff died in 1990 and is survived by his three children, Diane, Cliff Jr. and Donna. Audrey Hamner Hankins is the sister of Earl Hamner, Jr. Earl Hamner once said,"There were eight of us. He stayed at the boarding house and returned home every weekend by changing two buses and walking six miles. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events Six years older than the next sibling, Earl was certainly looked up to by the younger children. 2nd row: Bill, Paul, James, Marian, Nancy, For thousands of Waltons' fans who poured into Schuyler to visit the Walton's Mountain Museum and the Hamner homeplace, he …

They just don’t make shows like the Walton’s anymore. Sometimes when something is nearly in your backyard, you just take it for granted! Earl Hamner Jr. was an American television writer, novelist, and producer best known for his work in the 1970s long-running television series ‘The Waltons’.

His brothers were Clifton Anderson, Paul Louis, Willard Harold, and James Edmund, and his sisters were Marion Lee, Audrey Jane, and Nancy Alice. My husband and Audreys son, Jimmy Hankins (Whose nickname was “Bunky”) were best buddies! Surviving members of the Hamner family Nov 3, 2012 10:01:21 GMT -5 .

The Hamner's in 1973 - From Left: Cliff (Jason), Nancy (Elizabeth), Audrey (Erin) James (Jim Bob), Doris "Mother" Hamner (Olivia), Earl Hamner Jr. (John-Boy), Marian (Mary Ellen), Paul (Ben), Bill is missing from this photo . Audrey Hankins was born as Audrey Jane Hamner. Born July 10th, 1923 Earl Hamner Jr. was the first child of Earl Sr. and Doris Hamner. So, on our trip to Virginia this weekend when The Girl and I found out the Walton’s Mountain Museum was close by, did we check it out? I will go to visit this museum next trip to my parents’ home in VA! I will still watch old repeats whenever they are on. I didn’t know there was a museum, so awesome, I want to go! Tall, lean, fine-boned, red-headed

William Atkins's Very Informative Website. I am on season 4 now as I am streaming them all from beginning to end. After graduating from Schuyler High School, he received a scholarship from University of Richmond. My mom is in an assisted living unit in Charlottesville. The 2010 thread noted that 'Elizabeth', 'Jason' and 'Bill' were still living as well as Earl Jnr...or have I got that wrong...? In March 1946, he left the army and attended Northwestern University. On April 1, the real-life Jim-Bob– James E. Hamner– who lived most of his life in the family home in Schuyler, died in the arms of his sister Audrey. She is the only 16 year old I know who identifies with the Walton’s and their culture and values (big family, chickens, etc) more than the culture she lives in (ipods, boys, etc). Genealogy for Audrey Jane Hankins (Hamner) (1931 - d.) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The Walton’s was on when I was a teenager. His mother -- Earl Hamner's sister -- lives in Vinton. For more information, please see my disclosure policy. Waltons,' and put us on television.".

He was so full of information I went back the next day. Even though the replicas weren’t exact, it was still an awesome trip down memory lane. (clockwise from upper right) John Hankins Hankins is a retired camp ranger with the Boy Scouts of America who lives in Buckeye, West Virginia. CBS called us 'The I own all of the DVD’s.

On 16 October 1954, he married Jane Martin and had two children with her: a son named Scott, born in 1956, and a daughter named Caroline, born in 1958. Virginia and reminisce about the last two-plus decades.

Soon, he quit his job and moved to New York where he was hired by the NBC network as a radio writer. I grew up in a large family with loving parents and grandparents living on a farm in Ohio, Inguess that’s why I can relate to all of them on screen and off in real life. The Waltons first aired over twenty-five years ago and nothing has since been the same, Marion Lee Hawkes (born Hamner), Willard Harold Hamner, James Edmund Hamner, Hamner, Johnson (born Ha... Earl Henry Hamner, Doris Marion Hamner (born Giannini), ...mner, Clifton Anderson. After graduation, he worked for WLW radio station in Cincinnati as a writer and also started writing his first novel ‘Fifty Roads to Town’. He wrote scripts for many TV series and films, most of which were inspired by his own childhood memories, including ‘The Homecoming’ and ‘The Waltons’. This is wonderful! Hamner, Marion Lee Hamner, William Harold Hamner, Jame Edmund Hamner, Hamner, Hamner, Source:, Source:, Schuyler, Nelson County, Virginia, United States, Staunton City, Virginia, United States of America. In addition to the replicated rooms, there were scripts from the show and pictures of the cast.

Doris Hamner, Earl, his son Scott, Jane his wife and Caroline, Earl's daughter 3rd row: Doris, Audrey, Jump to another page Paul Hamner (r) lives in Tom's River, New Jersey and is retired from the Baker Shoe Store chain.

I would love to visit here! Welcome Guest. Learn how your comment data is processed. I cannot find the thread that existed back in 2010 on this so - if you will all bear with me for raising a new thread on this topic.

I have now been looking at 1929 Ford trucks to buy. He even became baptized and began to attend church. Thankyou for filling me in on that. Paul and his wife, Etta, have two children, Paul Jr. and Doris. I really had a nice visit with the owner of the bookstore. My mother in law tells the story of going over one afternoon to visit with Audrey and as my MIL went to sit on the couch Audrey announced that the boys had lost their pet snake somewhere in the house and that she wanted to let my MIL know so that if she saw it, they could catch it.

It is sad to think about the actors that portrayed the family getting older and passing away too. Earl Hamner Jr. started working in the army in 1943 in his sophomore year at the University of Richmond during World War II. This post may contain affiliate links. I would love to viist the Walton’s museums, I too have ll the DVDs and think its a great family show- it’s also good for high strung older adults like me that need to relax, takes me back to a different place and time. In 1971, ‘The Homecoming’ was broadcast by CBS as a Christmas special.

Doris Hamner was a proud, honest Baptist mother and wife who ruled the activities inside the Hamner home. The original Hamner house was beautiful. I do know that his sister Marion and his brother Jim have both passed away. Earl describes Cliff as a "loving outdoor man. ...on Hamner Senior, Marion Lee Hawkes (born Hamner), Paul L. Hamner, Willard Harold Hamner, James Edmund Hamner, Nancy A Jamerson (born Ham... Feb 5 1952 - Los Angeles, California, United States, 2329 Winthrop Ave , Apt 1, Roanoke, Virginia 24015-3145, USA, Earl Henry Hamner, Doris Hamner (born Giannini),, Hawkes (born Hamner), Williard Harold Hamner, Paul Louis Hamner, James Edmund Hamner, Nancy Alice Jamerson (born Hamner). On Chanel 295.

On Sundays after Doris had carted the children to church he could be found making his way down the same path towards the river for some fishing.

And yes, I long for shows like these to “escape with” and feel good about watching with my kids–you definitely do not find them on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon shows! Such a great family show and we never get tired of it! Relation: Name: Birth: Father: Earl Henry Hamner, Sr. The museum is broken up into 5 classrooms–each houses replicas of different aspects of the show:  John-Boy’s bedroom, Ike Godsey’s Store, the Walton’s Kitchen, their living room and a cute little gift shop. Those were definitely better times for all. Your email address will not be published.

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