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bad fuel injector sound

Not only do they deliver fuel to a car’s engine for combustion with oxygen; but also they do so in a manner that enables the engine to use the gasoline as efficiently as possible. I bought one bottle of the 3M Fuel Injection Cleaner and poured it into my full tank (70 liters) of petrol and drove off. I have an 04 malibu.

Hi Jack I am all the way in South Africa and your article is very much covering all the problems I am experiencing on my mini cooper S, 2008. It is also worth mentioning that vehicles that use turbocharged engines are at a risk for uncontrolled, engine damaging detonations. Also, checking the spark plugs is a good idea. My dual exhaust tail pipes are already black and show all types of soot and nastiness. The cost of replacing all four was huge. I own a 2014 Nissan micra 1.2. The best way to avoid fuel injector issues is to purchase fuel at a station that sells quality fuel. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. This not only gives vehicles better gas mileage; but it also cuts down on the pollution that they emit in comparison to older technologies. The fact that the fuel injection cleaner worked beautifully after applying, albeit for 3 weeks, implies that issue is fuel injector problem? The one 3M bottle was mixed to how many liters of petrol in your car? Guy I have problem with my opel astra classic 1.6 the idle is low and goes off when accelerating, this after the mechanic replaced the pulley and crankshaft I am not sure what could be the problem timing or fuel injectors, Jack I have a 2001 ford ranger 4.0 the truck will always start but after running it I shut it off it will start right back up, but if I let it sit around 20 minutes or so the first try no start, second try will try to start spitting and sputtering, third time maybe same, then it will start right up like nothing is wrong? I suggest you check out some local online stores or car shops in your area. After a few seconds it seems to catch itself and it becomes smooth again. It might happen, but you’d probably see warning signs far in advance. But loss of power under driving load. Check your mileage and keep track of how it changes. Consequently, Doing […]. Is this true?

Can smell raw gas a times, My Commodore Does This To,It Will Run For 10 Minutes Then Cut Out/2 MinsLater Will Start Straight Up Then fail again unreliable scarey taking it out.Any Ideas Would Be Much Appretiated. I have recently replaced the fuel filter and added a fuel additive on my car, but the very next day I drove my car and it started to stumble and stall, currently facing the same symptoms mentioned in you article: Engine misfire Performance loss Rough idling/engine stalling Increased Fuel consumption, Jack left the building about 2 years ago…, Correction* Jack stopped responding in Jan 2016. Sometimes after starting it would just die once I put into gear. Should I be concerned? Does that cost a lot. I have 95 Nissan maxima. Or faulty? Is there any discernible way to determine if it is a transmission problem or a fuel injector issue? The car only gives me trouble in the mornings after sitting for long period. thanks in advance. You are wasting my time! Hi. (3rd product on the link Jack provided – thanks, Jack). I have a td4 landrover. we put cleaner in and ran the car in yard a while because we were scared it would cut off on us elsewhere. Fuel injector problems can be a serious matter.

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