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ball python breathing noises

I am a first time snake owner and I’ve had my snake for almost a year as well. Things that can cause stress in ball pythons include: You have to do is identify what’s causing stress and make adjustments. I have a 7 year old BP that was given to us. Ok so this post…I too have a male BP (we had him sexed) and his spurs have just shown themselves. I’m not even attempting to handle him (I always give 48 hours for digestion). He's been standing right up, nd breathing with his mouth open. Best of luck! Obesity takes a long time to treat in snakes – they don’t need very many calories in the first place. Shawna. Snakes will often hide and digest for a day (or two or three…) after eating a large meal. As long as the habitat is set up properly, your snake is eating well, and he’s not exhibiting any of the signs we mention above (nostril discharge, etc. Can this be a sign that medium size are too big? I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. Best of luck! Should I be concerned I have not seen her do this since we have had her. But they’re all individuals with slightly different personalities. If any stubborn spots remain, soak your snake again the next day and try again. shedding problems after you’ve soaked it in water, you may need to take it the vet When suffering from parasites, Ball Pythons sometimes regurgitate their undigested prey and develop swelling in their stomach. My Spyder Ball Python (about 1y/o) will often, for lack of a better term, Randomly start flexing when he is either on my wrist or forearm, never anywhere else, and he’s wrapped around it. That said, some ball pythons do prefer rodents that look more like wild rodents. Refrain from handling more than 3-4 times a week, always wait for at least 48 to 72 hours after feeding to handle, keep your ball python’s enclosure clean (make sure the substrate is fresh and dry), ensure its humidity levels are adequate and include a hide on each side of its enclosure so it can burrow. I haven’t made any significant changes to her husbandry in that time except put her on a larger food size – she gets those down without problem and afterwards disappears into her hides for a couple days like she should, and I haven’t seen any signs of mites or heard heavy breathing from her. Mites essentially look like a moving speck of black pepper. How To Pick Up a Ball Python for The First Time. Just keep up the good work and continue to learn all you can! To answer your questions: 1) I would recommend separating them. Also how long should it take until she doesn’t tense up while I hold her? He’s kept and bred a diverse array of reptiles and amphibians over the last three decades, but he’s always been particularly fond of snakes in the genus Morelia and monitor lizards. Snakes sometimes get a bit “physically tense” (for lack of a better phrase) right before eating, and you may interpret this as vibrating. Nopie when he goes back in the tank, tries to get out and that has just recently started, he also got done shedding a month/month and a half ago. Thank you so much in advance and any tips help since this is my first ball! However, if your ball python is looking up and having difficulty controlling its muscle movement (disorientation, seizures, twisting around, laying on side or back) then it could be ‘stargazing’. Alright, I’ll see if he gets over it on his own and if not, get the injection on the weekend. I have checked if he has any mucus and I’ve listened to his breathing and everything seems to check out fine. He has also started to spend most of his time on the warm side of his enclosure. So, get her in to the vet so you can address any problems she’s experiencing – hopefully, she’ll start eating regularly after she starts feeling better. Hey I have two ball pythons that rarely go in there water I’m new at this and I want them to be okay and not Dehydrated how do I help them drink or bathe. Instead, reptile-keeping novices should stick to species that are usually healthy and – if you’ll pardon the anthropomorphism – happy. I honestly don’t know what to say – I’m not sure if you’re serious or not. During that time she seems to be exhibiting happy behavior. Can you tell me what to do to help this? We all love snakes, but they aren’t exactly brilliant creatures, nor are they wired for very much social interaction. She is active at night and seems happy when I hold her (I only do this occasionally to get a better look at her) but when she is in her tank and I look at her to check in her she seems scared because she breathes hard. Her “backwards” behavior pattern is a little concerning, but it may just be that she’s a little cool and trying to keep warm.

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