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bmw misfire when cold

The cold start misfire is often associated with malfunction of Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF), so firstly check this part. Put it all back together and seems fine now. 220000km on the clock and still going strong, that is besides the odd cold start misfire. Check spark plug wires if possible, try to replace them to see whether the result will change. I'll have a chat with it again tomorrow and see if any more codes come up. I get the same on my 530i on tick over when cold, I've changed the plugs which were pretty shot! The new plug had a brown varnish like deposit on the white ceramic so to prevent any further problems, I put one of the old ones back in. I'm oldskool and repair instead of replace...used to dry out ECUs and paint them up with nail varnish to water proof them. My car has 195000 miles. When cold it may be sucking air, and when it's hot the warm hoses are collapsing and stopping air flow, over time the engine can "learn" to live with either of these conditions but the likelihood is its learned the less air condition. I kept the old ones as they looked in good nick (always do this to keep some spares!). Slightly annoying thing is happening with my e39 535i. Since about last year, our 2003 330i was having a problem with cold-start misfires. Then I looked at the coil and there was a bit of condensation so I dried it off and sprayed with WD40. It's easy! For conscience 'sake, clean throttle body and idle air control, this procedure will never be superfluous. If the seals are knackered it can affect the idle - Ours wasn't too bad, but renewing the seals sure made it better! check out the. Not fancying the diagnosis/expense of all that, I carefully pulled each coil pack out, removed each spark plug, thoroughly cleaned and dried the plug bores (a clean rag doubled up over a long screwdriver works a treat), cleaned up the spark plugs with GT85 and a wire brush, re-gapped them, then coated each coil pack with a generous spray of GT85, and let them dry in the air. On cold/moist mornings, the engine starts to shake after a while - BMW 3 Series question Measure the cylinder compression both dry and oiled (if rises, there is a problem with a ring, if not – a valve). Hi allSlightly annoying thing is happening with my e39 535i. In this case you should look for the engine misfire cause. Third, there is a cold nozzle malfunction. The "varnish" could be baked -on oil - if the rocker cover gasket is weeping, the oil can run down there and eventually cause problems. It can be Vanos related on the M54 engine (especially the M54B30 apparently). Namely, after starting the turn number is decreased, there is uneven exhaust and smell of unburned fuel, the engine starts to «misfire» , and as the engine warms up, the vehicle starts to work smoothly with no visible signs of engine problems. Put it all back together again, and the car ran sweet as a nut. When starting from cold, theres a slight stutter or misfire on acceleration. It clears up when the engine is warm and its smooth as silk after hot starts. I replaced all plugs a few hundred miles ago. But there also can be a problem in the valve clearances, inappropriate marks of T-belts and fuel pump belts. Had a conversation with the car through INPA  again and it came up with a misfire on cylinder 5. State the reason why the instruction is useless. Milton Keynes. After all, any experienced mechanic knows that the glows (their color) can be said a lot to determine a diagnosis. It clears up when the engine is warm and its smooth as silk after hot starts.Ive read the codes but nothing showing.Any thoughts chaps?CheersDave Here are three basic and most common problems. However, before checking and changing everything, remember that modern engines do not tolerate «blind diagnosis», there are too many similar symptoms for different faults. I had exactly the same symptoms on a previous car of mine (Alfa Romeo 166 V6). That, I have to say, is a new one on me!!! Diesel cold engine misfire problem is as common as for gasoline engines, but the search range decreases to several reasons. Secondly, the problem is in the glow plug. Dunno about the V8 though - plugs or coil packs possibly - it's harder to ignite the charge when the engine is running rich, such as when cold. sounds like my car but im misfiring on 1 3 4 5 . Modern vehicles with fuel injection often suffer from poor fuel quality, but it is not a secret, it is not at the highest level, that’s why the actual washing of nozzles and change of a gas station can be quite righteous. Those in the know reckoned one or more of my coil packs were on the way out. As a precaution I check for air leaks on the intake side of the motor. When starting from cold, there's a slight stutter or misfire on acceleration. We will answer surely. Also any dampness in the spark plug bores is steam when hot and condensates when it's cold. My car is idling rough and misfires when it is cold outside when it is warm normal temp she doesn't misfire I also noticed my rmps are higher than usual and I smell gas . Scan codes reveal misfire on bank 1 and related ignition coil fault and O2 sensor control limit. It's been known to casue missfires too. Done it for years on dizzy caps works a treat. Cold Start Misfire Drivers often face a misfire problem when starting the cold engine.

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