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bmw s85 engine

Of course, like all new BMW engines, the S85 10-cylinder unit made use of the state-of-the-art Double VANOS variable valve timing system used on both the intake and exhaust camshafts (hence, the “Double” particle compared to the classic, single VANOS used solely on the intake camshaft). [4] The engine block and cylinder head are constructed from aluminum alloy.[5]. Peak power is 373 kW (500 bhp) at 7,750 rpm and peak torque is 520 N⋅m (384 lb⋅ft) at 6,100 rpm. Due to its specific development process, the S85 remains a pioneer for BMW, having no predecessor and successor. Built with proper F1 knowledge: the multi-awarded S85 engine is BMW’s sole 10-cylinder powerplant ever produced. The cylinder bank of the V10 was angled at precisely 90 degrees. The BMW S85 motor installed on E60/E61 M5 and on E63/E64 M6. Dedicated to making Supercars look slow, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). The easiest alternative is to purchase the E60 M5 Supercharger kit, such as the ESS VT2 based on Vortech V3Si supercharger. BMW X5 Reliability, Problems, & Driving Experience, BMW B58 Water Methanol Injection (WMI) Guide, BMW N54 Water Methanol Injection (WMI) Guide, Tuning Pro – Automotive Tuning & Performance Guides. As a standalone engine with a very unique character, the S85 unit was infused with F1 technology.

Compared to the previous SMG II used on the E46 M3, the new transmission was equipped with Drive Logic and was capable of achieving 20% faster shifting times.

To conclude, the BMW S85 is the epitome of technical engineering, a pioneering symbol of BMW’s previous involvement in Formula 1 and a proud flagship of a bygone era.

Some frequent problems with the VANOS were signaled by clients. The knowledge and some of technical solutions used for the V10 powerplants were later transferred onto the new BMW 8-cylinder engine that was to power the E90/E92/E93 M3 model family. As it weighed extra and was more powerful than its predecessor, the S85 was also more thirsty drinking no less than 22.7 l/100 km in the city, as measured by BMW in the E60 M5. During its lifespan, the prodigious BMW S85 engine received numerous awards and benefitted from the worldwide recognition from experts and the fan base. BMW S85 engine is a V-shaped 10-cylinder piston engine with two overhead camshafts (DOHC), which replaced the S62 engine and was produced from 2005 to 2010 for the M5 (E60 / E61) and M6 (E63 / E64) and Wiesmann MF5. In its most aggressive mode, the SMG III achieved a shifting time of just 65 milliseconds. The oil is fed from the small sump to the main, larger one using electronic scavenge pumps.

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