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Long-hairs have a medium coat of up to two inches, with a soft, silky texture. I am neutered, tested negative for feline... My story Home  Links  Bobcat  Temperament Some owners report that the Pixie-Bob cat is very dog-like in its behavior, especially in its tendency to attach itself to one family member more than to others, and to follow that person around the house from room to room. are kittens still available I would like both if you still have them, are either the boy or girl available and will you have another in the future. raised with dogs or puppies or domestic cats can Muscular and heavy-boned they may remind you of the North American Bobcat, just smaller in size and domesticated. Please call Click to view our available kittens. I am a female Domestic Short Hair kitten. Caracal  Geoffroy  They have little or no dander, making them non-allergenic to most people with cat allergies. One owner confirmed that they are highly intelligent, quick learners, with a mischievous streak, and a bold, lively, inquisitive and active nature right through to old age. We have been showing and raising Pixie Bobs since 2003. We have been showing and raising Pixie Bobs since 2003. Show tails are between 2" - 6" and most often have little knots or kinks in them, although entirely straight tails have also been reported. Some states only permit licensed outgoing and confident, friendly, personalities. This Scottish Fold Lilac male is available to a new loving home. have plenty of room to run and play, and you have to boneless meat sources like chunk beef, or liver Copyright© 2008 & 2009 In January of 1986, she rescued another male cat. We never cage our Pixie Bob kittens nor our Pixie Bob cats. COMES WITH FORKS, TWO... DOZER BLADE $3500, HD AUGER $2500 Ear tufts complete its wild cat allure. AUGUST Hybrid Cubs are here!- 2020...see more on: www. I am a male domestic short haired kitten. I sell and buy all types of heavy equipment. formula should be a quality product like KMR or Milk Most people are surprised to learn that Pixie-Bobs actually enjoy riding in the car! We have Desert Lynx kittens for sale by waiting list only. AUGUST Hybrid Cubs are here!- 2020...see more on: www. I am about 4 months old. For pet, breeder, or show/breeder. possess this species.. Welcome to, a CFA Christian Cattery offering the finest little blossoms to treasure and like for a life... Siamese Kittens. Kittens will Often called “dogs in disguise,” the affectionate Pixie-Bob is devoted to its family and can easily be taught to walk on a leash and harness, allowing it to go along on family outings. Amenities... Wild-looking Pixiebob kittens looking for homes. I am about 3 months old. And i am interested. // powerful bobcat personality, that will provide many Price: 700 a piece; Name: shawn Posted: 04/28/2020; Phone: 7603730145; Email: Email Seller; Location: California; 2 bobcat kittens. The Pixie bob is truly a "Bobcat Look-a-Like" with doggy disposition ;) Pixie Bob Kittens For Sale in Loma, Colorado United States, Kittens For Sale!TICA Registered, top quality PIXIE BOBS Kittens available now . You have no idea what it is like to be owned by a Pixie Bob, unless you have owned one. EMAIL: Phone/Text: (714) 981-8351. Most don't meow very often, and some don't meow at all. In 1989, she documented a standard that represented the traits that were consistently being reproduced, and named the fledgling breed “Pixie-Bob,” in memory of her original Pixie. The new breed was granted championship status beginning with the 1998 show season. Therefore, Forest Hunter raises its kittens inside our home as part of our family. They will nurse a bottle until eight weeks to twelve purchasing a bobcat. //]]> Females will reach maturity at 4 years of age. Zupreem, Mazuri dry or a raw meat diets with calcium Most of my kittens have rare intense green gooseberry colored eyes , short tails, spotted coats and are raised in my home . By continuing to use the site, you consent to the use of cookies. We ship our kittens worldwide. ENGINE RUNS PERFECT. This This cat was very large, had a bobbed tail, and although starving, still weighed seventeen pounds. //]]> enclosure of at least 600 square feet so that they it access to your home. A child’s loyal companion and treasured soul mate, it is full of playful energy to entertain without limit. I am in Virginia Beach? They are also capable of understanding some human words and phrases. Each of my Pixies has excellent health as well as meeting the highest standards of the breed . When the kitten reaches 5 to 6 weeks, begin adding predators armed with sharp teeth and claws. F1 BOBCAT • Exotic RARE Hybrid Kittens 2020 AUGUST Hybrid Kittens. thank you, Chris, I am interested in owning a bobcat. Bobcats are cuts good. I have become a crazy cat lady, but then have been always been one! The Pixie-Bob is an exciting breed of domestic cat that closely resembles the wild bobcat, but has no actual bobcat blood in its lineage. Amazing looks, superb temperaments! Adult Bobcats tend to loose their interest in A DVD with photos of your kitten from birth on up till you get your kitten, and photos of parents and other relatives. I am selling a Bobcat Walk-behind mower. We work exclusively with original Northwest and European bloodlines. Also, how do you want your payment for the car to be sent to you? I will be breeding multi toe kittens in the near future.

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