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The carborane superacids may be considered the world's strongest solo acid, as fluoroantimonic acid is actually a mixture of hydrofluoric acid and antimony pentafluoride. The world is only aware of the basic acids which are available in the laboratories. Within the past time user are also interested in the following chemicals. m-Carborane CAS: 16986-24-6 is carborane derived from Decaborane (14), which is white powder. Although some people speculate that the only possible stronger acid in the world to Fluoroantimonic acid is carborane acid. We develop, produce and distribute high quality pharmaceutical chemicals, special chemicals and other fine chemicals. Due to its highly corrosive nature, Fluoroantimonic acid is stored very intelligently and carefully. Other name:  m-Dicarbadodecaborane; Carborane; 1,3-Dicarbadodecaboran. Depending on the amount of SbF5, the acidity of this acid varies which is measured by Hammett acidity function. Hangzhou Dayangchem Co. Ltd. is supplier for p-Carborane. Well, the people who use it are really talented and courageous as it is deadly to make use of this type of superacid. The superacid, Fluoroantimonic acid is formed from HF(Hydrogen Fluoride) and SbF5(Antimony Pentafluoride) in 2: 1 ratio. We maintain independently or are partners of some production sites in Europe, Asia and South America. We provide, Hangzhou DayangChem Co. Ltd is a comprehensive entity which specializes in development, production and trade of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and dyestuff intermediates as well as some special type reagents. Haihang Industry Co., Ltd. is supplier for p-Carborane. m-Carborane CAS:16986-24-6 is carborane derived from Decaborane (14) , which is white powder. For the following products supplier are listed below: 3-Acetamido-2-hydroxyaniline-5-sulfonic acid. Your article about acids and chemicals reminded my of good old school days. Get updated about Mind-blowing Posts once every month. I miss styudying chemistry at school. Due to it being extremely strong acid, it is categorized as “Super Acid”. Carboranes have been used to make solid superacids. We will discuss its storage material after a while. Here, we will tell you the real reasons why it came into existence and also talk about the various applications of the most corrosive acid in the chemical world. Copyright 2014-2023 © Shanghai UCHEM Inc. All Right Reserved. We will also throw light on uses, structure, and safety measures related to the acid. - directory for chemicals and chemical suppliers, 1,12-dicarbadodecaborane | p-carboran(12) | 1,12-dicarbadodecarborane | 1,12-carboran | 1,12-dicarbadodecaborane(12) | p-carbaboran(12) | p-carborane | p-baren | 1,12-dicarbadodecaboran | p-carboran | 1,12-c2b10h12, Shanghai Worldyang Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise focused on industry of fine chemicals research and develop, produce and sale. Carborane acid is the chlorinated superacid H(CHB11Cl11), which has the structure shown at right. Unlike fluorosulfuric acid and fluoroantimonic acid, the carborane acids are so noncorrosive that they may be handled with bare skin. T he following borane derivatives are also available. It is not possible to measure the H0 value of carborane acid since it has the high melting point. 3096x1540px 1.48 MB. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Fluoroantimonic acid – Strongest & Deadliest Acid on Earth, Why Young Businessmen should Invest in China, Why Online Casinos are Becoming Popular to Enjoy Free Time, Mohamed Said Guedi – An Entrepreneur who has Grown Many Startups into Millions in Annual Sales, Technologies that have Revolutionised the Music Creation Process, Tips to Get the Most Out of Black Friday Deals. The superacid which is termed as the strongest and the deadliest acid on earth is one of the cursed compounds available in nature. By integrating people, technology and potential, we endeavor to make contribution to the betterment of human society. Only a professional lab technician can make use of it. Most of the people do not have known about this acid as it does not have many uses in our daily life. Due to it being extremely strong acid, it is categorized as “Super Acid”. Everyone studies acids in their chemistry class and also perform various experiments in the chemistry labs. The following borane derivatives are also available. It is available in kilogram scale. - I will send an unwatermarked file after the character is purchased! The formula of Fluoroantimonic acid is H2SbF6 and its structure contains a mixture of HF and SbF5. During our school and college life, we were taught that acid has a sour taste. This derivative has been consider for a wide range of applications from heat-resistant polymers to medical applications. We operates major facilities in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim, as well as facilities in China, Japan and Saudi Arabia operated through joint ventures. Additionally, © Copyright 1996 to 2020 by Netvertise GmbH. A prominent example is the charge-neutral C2B10H12 or o-carborane with the prefix o derived from ortho. Fluoroantimonic acid pH value is not estimated since it cannot exist in aqueous solutions. We provide, Haihang Industry Co., Ltd.,is a leading producer and supplier of chemicals industry in china. The degree of the acid can be judged from the fact that it can easily consume plastic and glass. Products are widely used in medicine, pesticides, plastics, cosmetics, spices fragrance, water treatment, environmental protection, electronic chemicals and other fields. All rights reserved p-Carborane. We are supplier of, We, BuGuCh & Partners, are an international acting and innovative company, leading in developing and manufacturing. Since there is very less number of application of Fluoroantimonic acid, so it is a thought-provoking question “why it was created by experts?”. @ doclemartens. Well, one might wonder why fluoroantimonic acid was created when it is not easy to use for even experts.

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