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cruising the cut david johns

What I didn't like is being cheated out of all his second year trip. I wish that I could take time off and do the same. "Well, that's enough of their jibber-jabber." What does it cost to live aboard a canal boat?There are a huge number of variables which mean there is no simple answer to “what does it cost?” Please make a cup of tea, get comfortable and take a look at my Vlog 66, Vlog 67 and Vlog 68 plus the more recent Vlog 213, all of which go into the costs in excruciating detail. I hope he finishes his editing and it comes up on Amazon. Plus he visits one of the Canal and River Trust's two workshops that manufacture lock gates out of English Oak, largely by hand. He's funny, as well, in a typically low-key English manner. Good fortune smiles upon David as he travels up the south Stratford canal, with lock after lock being set his way and help being given by random boaters and passers-by. Bear in mind the canals are entirely man-made and were quite literally dug out by teams of thousands of men a couple of hundred years ago, using pickaxes and shovels. To be clear, the “recipe” is buttered bread, with ingredients as just described, and that’s it.I absolutely loathe mayo or any similar gunge, and I don’t like salt, pepper or suchlike either. I’m 50 and used to work as a local TV news reporter for ITV in the south east of England. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. I find it very relaxing to kick back, feet up, cat asleep on my lap, and watch David cruise the canals. Another episode..."Damsels in Distress!" Do you need a licence to drive a narrowboat?Incredibly – and unfortunately – no. Reviewed in the United States on January 27, 2020. They’re really not; it’s just silt. Why don’t you get all-solar narrowboats?It sounds great, for sure. See Lorna’s (London Boat Girl) video about voting here. If you have a permanent mooring on a wharf or in a marina, you can often have post sent there though it depends on the contract terms. Links from my videos to Amazon with an affiliate code in them mean I get a small commission if someone buys anything (yes, anything, not just the product that was linked to) after going to the site from clicking on my link.I also have a Patreon page for really dedicated viewers – yes, there are some! Will you film a shopping trip for us please?It’s likely not something I’ll do because if I’m going shopping I don’t want to lug the camcorder along as well as the bags of food. Cruising the Cut tells the real-life story of a man who quit his job, sold his house and went to cruise gently along the historic canals of Great Britain on a traditional narrowboat. David's narrowboat voyage continues up the Leicester line of the Grand Union Canal as he fixes a potentially disastrous leak in the weed hatch and meets some friends who join him in convoy on their boat as he tackles the terrifying (not really) River Soar. I don’t do a huge amount of it, the whole plan of going on the boat was to kick back and, frankly, be a bit lazy while I have a mid-life crisis and take stock of things. And even if I zoomed in from above it doesn’t really tell you anything useful about the place. Which guide books do you use?I use Nicholson’s Guides because some of those were on the boat when I bought it so I’m used to them. Why do you eat so many cheese sandwiches – and what’s in them?Because I love cheese … I use the strongest cheddar I can get (preferably Pilgrim’s Choice Extra Mature or Cathedral City et al), with some tomato, maybe some cucumber slices and nothing else. A documentary series following former UK television news reporter David Johns who quit his job, sold his house, bought a live-aboard narrowboat, and films his travels on the historic British canals. Can you take a narrowboat to sea?People have done taken narrowboats across the English Channel but it requires extensive preparation and some alterations to make them seaworthy as well as a calm day and nerves of steel. Do you pay council tax?Boats on official residential moorings pay council tax as they are classed as residences. As for voting, you can vote by post or by proxy and (I’m told) either declare an affiliation with a particular area of the country and vote there, or if you still own a bricks-and-mortar home, you vote wherever it is. This show is an excellent respite from all that. Will you ever be visiting ?People often ask if I’ll be going up a particular canal at any time. A MARVELOUS thing to watch whilst on my Elliptical Training Machine! Braving another substantial river like the courageous soul he is, David takes his narrowboat from Stourport onto the Severn and pops back to his home town of Droitwich along the way before returning to the river and continuing south to Tewkesbury where he begins what would become his most enjoyable journey yet, up the River Avon. Starring David Johns I didn't know they existed. Back cruising again, quickly before a) winter and b) another lockdown. Oh! As he reaches the final stage of his 2017 travels, two familiar faces pop up to help with the last strenuous leg down Hatton locks. He complains about everything. In his second year of narrowboat ownership, David Johns took it on a more extensive voyage involving five rivers, one Victorian boat lift, many canals and a lot of wildlife! Well made, good narration with information and humor. Can you change the boat’s name and how?You can call a narrowboat wherever you want, pretty much, and rename it as often as you like (superstition holds that you should do this with the boat out of the water but I don’t believe in all that nonsense).As long as you inform the Canal and River Trust so they can reissue your licence, you’re OK. In this special bonus end-of-season episode, David goes "behind the scenes" at a narrowboat manufacturer, seeing how huge steel plates are beaten and wrestled into submission to become beautiful canal craft. I don’t know of any narrowboats that steer from the front though there are some old, shorter, ones that had a wheelhouse slightly back from the middle. Plus, how to buy a boat if you can't afford a whole one. Secondly, without some kind of clutch mechanism, the drill would crunch the paddle gear into the end stop and ultimately this would cause wear on it, which costs the CRT money to repair or maintain. The canals are all about slowing down to a crawl, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature around you and taking a substantial time out from the world outside. Yes, I know… but hear me out: firstly it’s a “Parrot Anafi“, a drone that is reputedly substantially quieter than other more popular models – indeed this is the one feature that keeps cropping up in reviews, so I feel less bad about flying it over the canals.Secondly it’s much cheaper, even with the accessories, than the drones by DJI plus I got it when it was on sale so it’s just about justifiable for my budget.I don’t intend to use it often – trying to fly while also steering the boat would be ridiculous and stupid so it’ll only get sent up for special occasions, when the footage will add something substantial to the story. A variety of sources: rain, rivers, boreholes, reservoirs (see the Canal and River Trust’s graphic, below). By that point the camera on my boat’s bow is 50 feet further forward so it’s missed it.

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