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danganronpa 2 walkthrough chapter 4

After leaving Strawberry tower they broke the button to open Strawberry tower’s door. Which wouldn’t be the first time. Danganronpa 100% Complete Walkthrough! And we’re only left with a few characters that all have interesting personalities. That part was easy because it exploration based. Truth Bullet - Must have been wearing gloves - Fake nails, Truth Bullet - We can't identify the body - Tattoo on the right hand, Truth Bullet - 10 o'clock at night - Sprinklers, Truth Bullet - Didn't get dirty - Body before the explosion, Truth Bullet - Getting stabbed - Disguised dead body, Absorb Bullet - The victim's fatal injury - Hit on the back of her head, Truth Bullet - Too thin - Bloody duct tape, Absorb Bullet - There's proof - The locker key in my own room. This article is also a portal to each characters' individual Free Time Event pages, where you will find the guides to their route and a full transcript of their conversations with Hajime Hinata. That was also when the big boom we heard during the exploration phase supposedly took place (it happened immediately after all the boys, sans Nagito and Nekomaru, gathered in the lounge). We’re getting down to the wire now! OF ALL THE TIMES FOR ME TO BE RIGHT, IT HAD TO BE THEN! Nekomaru left the Strawberry House bedrooms at around 5:00 AM. Leave the Garden and go to the Data Center on the third floor. ( ̄へ ̄)I greatly admire the writers’ consistency, but holy shit if you’re not a Nagito fan, it got old. I also feel like the chains threw an unnecessary wrench into things too. Examine hammer on the floor near center of the room. So Little Time! If you remember: there’s a central tower between Strawberry House and Grape House, and there are two ways to traverse between the two. ", Talk with the second person from the right, receive word bullet "(Sakura's) account. Toko looking out from inside the locker, 8. Interact with the sword on the shelf where a shield and such are hanging. Leave the Chem Lab and return to the Rec Room. To which Chiaki reminds us about the Final Dead Room. Now that we’re all on the same page: let’s hop to it! And I’m really hoping it’s not! Even his punishment was friggin’ CUTE! The loop was placed over the knob. If Gundham wanted everyone else to survive, then why didn’t he just admit he was the killer during the investigation phase? Fuyuhiko called the moment they heard the dead body announcement, and revealed that: Obviously that seemed like overkill. But Kazuichi is also a bloody coward. First of all: I’m so, SO sorry about this late comment response. So it wouldn’t be too surprising if something similar happens to Hajime at this point. ━(◯Δ◯∥)━ン. Any predictions or warnings for me moving forward? And a hatch door in the floor that lead to. While she would have the guts to take on the Final Dead Room, she’s like me and not clever enough to solve the riddles inside it. Did you figure out the killer before the end of the trial? ", After this, talk with person on the far left to receive word bullet "Disappearing Stain", Examine the Desk Lamp, receive word bullet "Library Desk Lamp.". We’re getting down to the final cast members, and given who we have left, I’m going to miss his wonky sense of humor. But they also worked way too hard to show the kid turning a new leaf. That being said the “autopsy” was actually really useful because we got to see the clock that resides in Nekomaru’s chest. Oooooh my Goooood I DON’T want it to be Sonia! Mainly because he’s the one person in the group capable of discerning how Nekomaru’s functions worked. What were your thoughts about the chapter? Particularly ones where it turns out that the scared and naive narrator was the killer all along. Knowledge of how to disable the elevator’s safety mechanism. Written summary in a spoiler tag for those who have already seen the trial (or don’t have time for a 2+ hour video). But we will see…I try to make choices based on gut decisions in the moment, so I may very well still split them. If anything it made it that much more apparent that something was off when we didn’t see the chains there anymore. Now it’s totally in his character to do that. So in that regard suicide doesn’t quite suit him. Required fields are marked *. Killer pulling the body out of a freezer in the Bio Lab. I understand that the killer was trying to hide the real structure of the house. Developer: Spike Chunsoft; Publisher: Spike Chunsoft; Genre: Adventure; Release: Apr 18, 2016; ESRB: Not Set; Walkthroughs. Even for fiction. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_. That’s okay Sonia, I’m right there with you. That’s right: only Hajime’s file was handed out. Find coins in the headpiece and haniwa on the shelf. Killer putting the poster back up (corners aren't bent), 12. e-Handbook lying on the ground sparking. …Alright, perhaps that’s a little too real. March Monthly Recap. I do agree with Hajime that the hammer was too clean to be the actual murder weapon. So there’s two possibilities that jump out at me here. That hammer was way too obvious! The only time it made sense was when Gundham spoke up, and that’s because we cornered him as the prime suspect! For winning the Life or Death game Nagito earned the right to view the massive weapons cache hidden within the towers. An event will happen when you examine the clock. There’s so many possible red herrings here! I don’t know why I completely overlooked that clue in the investigation. Talk to Sayaka and listen to all Reactions. Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair: Chapter 4 Class Trial February 12, 2019 February 12, 2019 DreadRabbit 4 Comments danganronpa, Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair. Take a look at the steel plates on the walls then go out into the hallway. After the event, you will receive word bullet "Monokuma File 4. ", Talk with the person on far right, receive word bullet "(Mondo's) account. Well crap…I guess they’ll have to go to Nagito and Chiaki as they’re the two with the most soul shards now. Now I know my stance! Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair: Chapter 4 Class Trial - DreadRabbit, So Many Games! I didn’t think they’d let him die so soon though. The guy had that much confidence in his Ultimate Talent (his luck) to see him through something like Russian Roulette. And I like the idea that one of the kids would murder someone in order to become a martyr. I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that at all. Speak with Aoi and pursue: 'Layout of the school'. ", Examine lettercase, receive truth bullet "e-Handbook in entrance lobby. Goooods I hate that he’s probably going to stick around the entire game. Kazuichi reports that the compass turned a full 180 degrees, and thought it was broken. Class Trials (学級裁判 Gakkyū saiban) are the final act of each chapter in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. After talking with the person you are with, receive word bullet "Genocide Jack case files. She has shown an interest in serial killers, which means she’s probably read plenty of documentaries on them. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unsure if you included this. March Monthly Recap. Ship who ya wanna ship! Once 7:30 AM hit, Nekomaru’s alarm would go off. You can either use the marked doors, or take the elevator. In Chapter 6 one must go to Hallway 1F (Dormitory Floor) because there is a secret gateway/floor. I did consider lumping it together with the class trial, however I don’t want my knowledge of the trial to influence how I write about the investigation. ", After this, examine the victim to receive word bullet "Condition of the corpse. When you look back on every other trial in this series so far it’s possible to pin down the suspect purely with the clues you gathered before the trial. This monthly recap talks about planned articles to come. - Spoiler Free. (T_T) And once again you split apart my ship! Exit the Art Room and go to the Rec Room. Because like I already said: if Nekomaru truly killed himself to save everyone else from starvation, then why didn’t he block both Strawberry and Grape Houses? Even Hajime notes that the hammer still looks brand new and wonders where it even came from. The murder itself was well put together, and the trial was filled with so many twists and turns that I remember being on the edge of my seat for most of it. This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Because if it is…I don’t think that’s clever. ", Examine marks on the walls and floor, receive word bullet "Evidence of a struggle.". Though I won’t lie: part of me is a bit spiteful I gave up free time with Gundham for Nagito (^_^);;. So how do you all feel? The scene then shifts to Nagito’s perspective! Besides: what better way to start the new year than by wallowing in despair? Leave the Garden and go to the Data Center on the third floor. Leave the Bio Lab and go to the A/V Room on the first floor. Hajime is my damned son! He hated the idea of everyone starving to death. We discarded it as actual evidence from the start of the investigation! It seems another bug has made its way into my house. Red object (near the feet of the dead body). I didn’t because I wanted to see how the riddles played out, buuuut I totally used a guide for the two number combinations. Overview; Cheats & Hints; Questions; Videos; Boxshot & Details. What about you? The only thing I didn’t like was just how muddled the reveal of his motivation was. Then once the tables turn, Nagito becomes a straight-up, manipulating bitch. It’ll be interesting to see if Sonia shows new development in light of losing him. Hello all you curious little buns out there! Reaction "Something incredible/Serious problem". So Little Time! Speak with Hifumi and pursue: Sculpting tools. The students debate amongst themselves, using evidence collected during the investigation phase, to determine the culprit in each chapter. Interact with the drawer next to the bed. The screen then takes the form of a real old school adventure game! Despite having thought Kazuichi was the killer this whole time, I have to admit I legitimately felt sorry for him in this scene. - Replica Sword Sheath, Nonstop Debate - Just aren't anymore clues - Dying message, Nonstop Debate - You'd have to get close to the incinerator - Shattered Crystal Ball, 3. Talk with the person who comes later in the entrance lobby. The only thing wonky with the writing in chapter three was the Despair Disease. Talk to person in the center of the room. After the event, a video will start playing. ", Examine dotted paper at the victim's feet, receive word bullet "Red polka-dotted candy wrapper. Leave the Gym and go to the Archive on the second floor. I think he’s a hell of a fantastic character and I’m gonna cry if it turns out he did it! Exit your room and go to the Dining Hall. ", Examine key on the floor, receive word bullet "Switching rooms. (・□・;). All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Regardless it made sense from a gameplay perspective since Hajime was trapped with the girls in Grape House. So once the perspective switches back to Hajime the elevator is fixed and the entire group is reunited.

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