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And that’s why board people are naturally like bears. So I was a late bloomer, but I think I made up for lost time.

I want to make some changes. It’s it’s the kind of the abstract side of life that that appeals to you more than the structure. How are we Oh, I hope you’re all rocking and rolling, and you’re enjoying life, because that’s what life is all about. And science actually confirms that that can happen.

And I love this and I just want to get your spin on it.

So I agree with what what Steve says, especially in the sense of if we believe that we are in a constant trend up rather than getting lost in the day to day wins and losses that we put ourselves in the best position to win. They just need to have their eyes open to bit. I got to create it in my head, I was a creator, not a builder, I was a thinker, not a builder. So no, I was not one of those kids. And I look back on it. And I was doing a job. How can I spread my message in a way that impacts even more people than it is now? Because the brain is always making comparisons. Have you got any? And along the way, when certain opportunities come up that I’m really excited about?

And his exact words were that was so long ago. And that’s what makes me feel alive. And as a result, you’ll be watering the seeds that you need to be on the Freedom Fast like. And our family had to do whatever we could to survive.

where’s where’s the value that you put into the marketplace? If this brought me in at squarely and pound a day, because I’m providing this content, I would just think well Bring it on, bring it on, I don’t mind that I will do this content type McWilliam pound, and I will go down and sit in the garden for a while a little bit later and just sort of count my money. But it’s seeing a world of, I suppose it’s when you say you see opportunities and stuff, which you don’t see previously. And that is, that’s, that’s pushing me on to create this world for myself this life, which I don’t think if I wasn’t having these conversations I would have been able to do, because I couldn’t see the possibilities that are out there. And eating kale is a lot easier when you’re around people who are eating kale all the time. And I might ask good man, I might actually post in one. This is your blueprint for greatness. I think the only thing that allows you to be safe is when you can know that you can continue to provide value, no matter what life throws at you. But we’re going to send you back on the time or in time like a young Marty McFly. And I started new income streams and new activities that allowed me to be fuller expression of myself. Ryan Daniel Moran [18:19] Sure, that’s absolutely true. So I don’t think there’s ever a point in which you arrive? So what is that value? So this is Jim Carrey. So I don’t know. And in that time, my business starting started to suffer, my relationship suffered, my physical health suffered. But if you’ll get it over 10 years, tends to go up. And right only when you find you will find it, I’ll just show it to me, and they can’t quite get it. It’ll get it over 50 years, we haven’t even more successful trend. I mean, I like to say that we are constantly choosing content, suddenly, we are choosing to continue things going on in our life or to do something differently. Has it always been there? You use use the magic word which is faith. Now, that’s all our brains know how to do is compare, I mean, what is what is success? So I think, unless we are intentional about focusing on the things that we are providing value and things that we do that actually light us up, then it’s easy to lose that. So it wasn’t one moment. Totally, absolutely. And I call this doing it through a freedom business of income stream or business that is not tied to the amount of hours that you put into it. Yeah. But from listening to you, one of the things that you liked to do was build stuff. Ryan Daniel Moran [3:24] We’re going in all kinds of weird places. So here’s your host live from the back of his garden in the UK, David Ralph. So our life today is just the result of seeds that we planted long ago. I have done that. And hair just appeared everywhere on my body. Now I could stay in the boat and not learn to water ski. When did it come to you? And again, it feels good to provide value. So I was a late bloomer, but I think I made up for lost time. And so I know that I only need to focus on that and everything else can be outsourced, or everything else comes secondary. And don’t be afraid to take big risks because that’s how you’re going to grow. But somewhere along the line we forget to dream and end up settling. And you kind of go Yes, yes, I can really see where Ryan started to become who ease now, it was probably a really bad time in your life, or the generally the big ties up, I’ve had conversations with people that have said to me, You know, I was in a car and I was just about to commit suicide.

We get that by making a whole bunch mistakes. I think that’s so unprofessional. And if you did get the opportunity to have a one on one with the young Ryan, what kind of age would you choose? Or you could get into the game knowing that there’s going to be times when you get beat up and spit on and feel like hell. So I became obsessed, obsessed with ways that you could earn an income without having to trade your hours for dollars. So if you are in a relationship that doesn’t serve you, but you continue to choose that, that is what you’ve chosen, if you’re in a job that you hate you we are constantly, we’re constantly choosing that I was, I was trying to date this girl once, who was in a nine to five job and she was like, Look, not everybody can just pick up and leave and do what you do. Ryan Daniel Moran [56:25] David, thanks so much for having me. Were you one of those kids that like to use Lego bricks and those kind of things as a kid. And I don’t mean safe from outside attackers or safe from intruders. You know, eating, eating cheese fries is a lot easier when you’re hanging around people who are eating cheese fries all the time. It would they’re all constructs in our brain. You know, I’m having probably six or seven of these conversations a day, you know, I churn out the shows, because I’ve got a fear, but I’m going to be hit by a bus or something. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker — and even in your car.

I hear it when people are using words like safe and secure. I was one of those kids that was more interested in ideas. Oh, 100%. But what really happened was that I became a slave to trying to grow and earn more and more and more and more, without ever answering the question of what do I want my life to look like? Now, that’s all our brains know how to do is compare, I mean, what is what is success?

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