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Now you can find out! She can get pretty angry with the bad words and all. And it takes a lot of it. Vixen has the Assassin’s Creed symbol tattooed on her arm, so she’s kind of a fan of that series. Because you flaunting your cleavage around begging for donations does not a gamer make. She can seem a little big headed, but she’s really not. Otherwise, you’ll just be a part of the noise. So I suggest you keep going. I know, it’s tough work. Some performers are able to start their career off with a boom, and few people know this better than Kesha. Another thing that some streamers (big and small alike) tend to mess up with is not streaming when they’re gaining momentum. She has shown no sign of slowing down. She's the rare girl that is beautiful with an ever more beautiful personality. When I first started watching her she was all about the Blood/Souls games, but lately she has been grinding out in Fortnite. On June 22, 2020, Loserfruit has now become the next Fortnite person to be added to Fortnite, as part of the game’s Icon Series. Pick The Cutest Celebs To Find Out! Bingo. Stay self-aware and fix problems in yourself and in your stream that arise. Since she mainly streams PvP, she helps her viewers out to try and go flawless with Trials. When one of your viewers signs on to Twitch during the day when you usually stream, they’re probably going to head over to their “Following” page. That’s a sign of pureness that people like to watch. Fran has 109,000 followers on Twitch and since she plays a popular game, and is kinda drop dead gorgeous, she’ll get more followers. She currently has close to 779,000 followers on Twitch and 798,000 subscribers on YouTube, but she should really be at 1 million after watching her stuff. She’s from Arizona and has 125,000 followers at the moment. Talk about a legitimate legend of the music industry. I really like that she always takes time at the end of each stream to just kind of talk to her chat. While people may argue that pop music is strictly made to sell albums and be played on the radio, there is no denying the talent that these women have. She is a pretty chill streamer for the most part but has moments when she gets angry and it’s entertaining. It’s a shame that she isn’t as prolific with her music output. Let me ask you this: Have you ever watched a streamer that gets mad at simple things? She also does a decent amount of giveaways during the year. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Kylie Minogue might not be a huge star in the United States anymore, but those of us that remember when she became a household have fond memories of her hit music and sultry music videos. Through it all, she has released critically acclaimed music and has taken home awards for music and acting alike. She is a 27 years old Australian Fortnite star whose real name is Kathleen Belsten. She is a modern sex symbol in Hollywood and she has some of the best pipes in the business. Her real name is Lauren and she has close to 155,000 followers. Britney Spears may have been the Princess of Pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s, but those with an ear for music knew that Christina Aguilera was the superior singer. Fortnite Season X Quiz: How well do you know Fortnite? Regardless of gender if you are in it for the wrong reasons, people will be able to tell. She currently has 131,000 followers. Besides, Lily also produce piano covers of popular animes, also her own League of Legends parody songs and animated videos. I’m going to be real here, the main reason I followed Yoni was because I stumbled across her playing League of Legends one day and was kinda blown away by her! There is only one word to describe Beyonce: queen. Ellie Goulding is a talented performer who has amassed a huge fan base thanks to her looks and talent. It often wins out over TV and movies. Cin mainly played Overwatch when I found her, but she has recently gotten into Fortnite and is focusing on that game now. Mav’s actually the main reason that I watch Fortnite streams now and am considering getting into the game. She’s mainly been playing Fortnite and kinda dabbling in games like World of Warcraft and Destiny, oddly enough. Successful streamers are constantly looking to great opportunities to make jokes, say something interesting, etc. Talent aside, celebrities are always being judged for their appearances, and while this may come across as shallow, it's just a fact of life. I loved The Division when it came out and put a lot of hours into it. But she does play games and acts normal, and she’s good when she does that. She has a cute cat that she usually has an additional camera on at all times. If you’re sitting still and being silent, just waiting for the funny moments to come, they aren’t going to show up. Her real name is Hollie, so no odd name to learn or anything. I’ve never played it, so I honestly have no idea what’s going on but… I like to watch her. ( under development ) Options. So many times before, I have seen streamers who are amazing at the games they play, but over time, viewers get tired of them because they lack some of the qualities that I’ve mentioned before in this blog post. If you haven't guessed already, she mainly streams Overwatch and plays a lot of competitive. I’ve heard her name for years but never actually looked into who she is. She is a popular 26 years old American cosplayer and Twitch Streamer who got banned 3 times for having inappropriate content and accidentally exposing herself on stream. Take the simple seven-question quiz now to find out which streamer you are. Rounds. In between games of Fortnite, she will minimize the gameplay and just talk to her chat. I agree with derpaderp. Hollie’s super chill and interacts with her chat more than a good bit of others on this list. 64 selections will be chosen from a pool of 148 candidates. She has always been a beautiful woman, but her decision to stick to a natural look has only helped her look all the more beautiful. She has shown the ability to be diverse in music and style since becoming a star. Our crack team of fake scientists have developed a complex algorithm to determine exactly what kind of streamer you are. Schvifty played a good bit of Fortnite until The Division got a major update a few months ago, and now she’s back on that train hot and heavy. And sometimes, things go REALLY bad. If you’re having trouble finding sponsors on Twitch, PowerSpike can help.). She’s been banned from Twitch several times and has had her community turn against her with some of the stuff she has said. The game that she plays the most now is Fortnite. She is a Fortnite content creator and is popularly known as Loserfruit on Twitch. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Melonie currently has 341,000 subscribers on YouTube and 117,000 followers on Twitch. She left there and went to be a producer at Twitch. Required fields are marked *. She also has had a lot of great moments where she gets real and just talks to her viewers. Fergie has a fantastic voice and a sex appeal like few others who have made it big in the music industry. She currently has 438,000 followers and keeps growing. Doing stuff like that can go such a long way. I'm all about some Kingdom Hearts and Metal Gear! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Her game of choice at the moment is Star Wars Battlefront 2, but she just started up Horizon Zero Dawn. How many of these video game consoles can you name? She began streaming full-time in 2012. She currently has almost 497,000 followers on Twitch and her real name is Brandi. But sometimes, when the anger is genuine, it’s a whole other story. She calls her viewers the “Lamb Squad” and has a cartoon-looking Lamb pop-up when you subscribe to her channel. I found most of them just while looking for someone to watch! See the side panel for more information. I'm Brad! Before fame, she attended university in Canada and was planning to become a surgeon before switching her degree to business. The more I watched, though, I really liked how she had fun with her chat. Question 1 Kate Beckinsale. Whether it be that you’re not talking enough, not streaming long enough, etc. And let me tell you, 99% of the real deep problems you’ll face on the pathway to success are not going to have a clear road path. Even after her career on television and music, Duff continues to be a popular figure that the masses simply cannot get enough of. And when you aren’t showing up in their face day to day, they’re going to forget you. Her real name is Liah. She has around 7,000 followers and growing. Seraphine Changes: Will She Become The Second Karma? Rounds. Not going to lie, the main reason I stayed on her stream was because I thought she was cute. I don't like anyone that just wants cash. MsTeamKK still plays Destiny 2 a bit but is mainly all about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite lately. She currently has 304,000 followers that she entertains playing mainly first-person shooters. While liking gaming and being entertaining are usually synonymous (passion is easy to see), I watch people's streams who catch my attention. But that’s ok. Fortnite Battle Royale: v10.20 full patch notes - Treyex Hub, Fortnite turbo building changes cause an uproar in the community, Mixer new support a creator program is now live - Treyex Hub, Telltale Games is coming back as a new company - Treyex Hub, Twitch vs Mixer: Which is the best platform? Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Like our Facebook page, and follow our Medium publication for updates on when we post more content. Effing Hell, I Never Wrote an RDR 2 Review, Cube Escape: Paradox Review— A Puzzling and Surreal Mobile Experience, Riddled Corpses EX Nintendo Switch Review. She probably has the most energy of anyone on this list, so if you want a ton of enthusiasm from your streamer then give her a look. Based on your answers, we will reveal your type! She has such a warm personality that I find myself actually turning up the volume for her streams, unlike most others I watch in the background. [QUIZ] What kind of streamer are you? Not only does she stream games, but she does IRL streams and is in the middle of doing a 30-day yoga challenge. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Then why do you always show your cleavage and have the brazzers logo and in your "rules" you have "no porn links", Its evident enough that you are just seeking attention. Mobile Version! LilBlizz published on November 07, 2017 33 responses 0 Her personality and sense of humor is totally my style. The image that causes players to “burnt into tears” when playing Wild Rift for the first time, Having just released, Wild Rift takes No.1 on the App Chart of many countries, Top 10 Most Sexual League of Legends Champions. It’s human nature to want to have an exact method for finding success. Besides, she also play The Sims, Hearthstone and League of Legends. Natalia Mogollon is a 32 years old Colombian World of Warcraft streamer on Twitch.

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