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horse riding body protector size chart

Sizing ranges from Adult small at chest size 85-91cm right up to X Large at chest 102-110cm 3 choices in colours the standard black, but also pink and royal blue. Believe me I know horses can be expensive, I have two of my own, so please do not buy anything you do not need or can’t afford. The safety factor is still there with ASTM F2681 certification but this lighter weight is achieved by using a density foam which will still provide ample protection for routine riding. As with most of the modern vest it has a zippered front making getting it on and off quite easy. The reduced cut makes for better ventilation all round, but as indicated above some additional protection of the ribs and stomach are the compromise for this added cooling and ventilation. Would you like to join a wonderful online community and turn your passion into income? Other improvements with the Advantage is the ability to add the optional back protector and waist side cushions. The neck airbag on the Advantage model is significantly larger than most other airbag vests providing additional protection. The Advantage Multi-Discipline model (MD) vest can also now be safely used with Western saddles, with the inclusion of a zipper rather than buckles this minimises the risk of getting clothing or buckles caught on the horn. Not least we are very proud to be the producer of the UK's best selling general-purpose brushing boot! Hi Dwyan I loved the fact the guy in the video was prepared to fall off his horse to show us how well the vest worked. I provide the links so you can easily find products or seek any additional information you may need. The cut of the vest offers torso protection but does not carry down to the lower waist. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. These look like the most user-friendly option as far as wear ability as they don’t inflate until you are actually falling, so most of the time you are wearing a very thin, and not bulky vest, weighing in at less than 1 kg. A vest called The Finalist comes in at the very top of the Phoenix range and with a hefty price tag of $570 AUD. This means there is no additional cost to you and I receive a small commission should you buy from the link, which of course I appreciate very much. Its expensive so I’m assuming the product must be quality but protection wise, is it worth the risk? BETA:2009 is the UK version of the above standard. That’s dedication for you. Hit Air. The new Advantage™ model stays with the “harness type” airbag but includes a new higher speed mechanism which activates the cartridge that inflates the vest in just 0.09 of a second. Built for athletes this vest is a super lightweight option. The vest comes in a great range of colours – Black, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Royal Blue and Pink (limited edition). The American testing while slightly different to the UK is marginal in the end results and purchasing a ASTM/SEI F1937-04 certified vest will give you the assurance that the vest has indeed been tested. Overall this is a sleek and stylish product and quite an innovation to the world of equestrian body protection. Select the helmet model you would like to purchase and review the specific size range available and order accordingly. Obviously prevention of neck injuries, which are one of the most commonly occurring in horse rider falls, is crucial to your protection. Level 3 (purple label) is considered appropriate for general riding, competitions including eventing and working with horses. Rather than try to explain how they work I have included the video here which explains and even shows you one of the vests inflating in a fall. Hit-Air vests are also used by motorcyclists, another high impact pass time, which can result in substantial injuries. cross country. Generally the Level 3 vests are heavier and more cumbersome than the vests offering less protection, Racesafe have gone a long way to changing this with the Provent 3.0. This means there is no additional cost to you and I receive a small commission should you buy from the link, which of course I appreciate very much. thanks! Available in a good range of sizes from 2XS to 5XL, and black as standard colour but red, royal blue and navy blue available at an additional cost. Greg’s years of racing and speaking with other jockeys and riders has enabled him to produce a range of vests that are less bulky and stiff than many available today. The company proudly claim that all they have a vest to suit all equestrians from Pony Club to Olympians. This vest is a reflective safety vest to increase visibility in poor conditions or low light, not to provide protection in the event of a fall. While the vests are certainly not a mandatory safety requirement like helmets and boots for me, they certainly do provide an added level of protection and most high impact competition sports do require them eg. As the name suggests this vest is extremely flexible due to the block structure of the panels which provide the protection. Thrive Themes in. It has helped me in a few falls. Some helmets fit different shaped heads better than others. This is a mid priced Level 3 vest. Horses are my passion. If you feel like we have missed a really great vest please leave a note in the comment box below and we will check it out for inclusion. It does seem that the quality and protection offered is equal to the amount you pay when it comes to protective vests. Using state of the art EPP shock absorbing foam the vests are lightweight and suitable for the most petite of riders or jockeys looking to make weight. Use a measuring tape to measure around your head one inch above your eyebrows. Hit Air…Not Ground. The material is waterproof, lightweight and breathable with a two-way front zip, two hidden side pockets, and two open back vents. I recommend this vest particular if you are in the UK, as shipping and the conversion rate to Australian dollars does make this a more expensive option than others available. Some people may have a unique head shape changing what size they need. Easy to keep clean the external panels are not overly contoured and a quick wipe will keep this vest looking good for a few years. From Tough-1 Western Outerwear this is the only vest I will feature which does not have a certification rating. The outer fabric is a heavy-duty 100% polyester fabric, and the lining is nylon. Elasticised sides provide the required firm fit, to prevent the vest from moving particularly in the event of fall. The Long has a lengthened front (2 inches additional) providing increased coverage and protection for the rib cage and stomach but obviously you are then compromising on the freedom of lower body movement. The hip airbag is concealed inside the vest, making it more comfortable as you don’t have the long duck tail as shown on the other vests which protect your tailbone. While there are other Level 3 vests at a cheaper price there is often some compromise in increased weight and comfort when going for the less expensive options.,, Adult Ti22 Guardian Shoulder Protectors Black, Adult Ti22 Guardian Shoulder Protectors Gun Metal, Junior Ti22 Guardian Shoulder Protectors Gun Metal, Junior Ti22 Guardian Shoulder Protectors Black. Stay safe while riding in one of our body protecto... Stay safe while riding in one of our body protectors. Once a week we will send you our newest blogs direct to your inbox - subscribe below. Call 01706 507555 or Live Chat. Tectonic foam plating provides the protection by not separating or gaping but will move and flex with the rider for increased freedom of movement. LR. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Additional foam pieces have been added to provide protection to the shoulders in the event of a fall, this has also softened the shoulder straps to increase comfort. The VIPA I Body Protector has been designed to suit the body shape of both male and female riders. As an Amazon Associate My Horse Handbook earns commissions from qualifying purchases. So this is really useful information for rider protection. The manufacturer reports that the model has been included in independent laboratory testing, which can be accessed here – Independent Laboratory testing.

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