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how to install injection mold clamps

Gently clean the cavity surfaces. 1 - Make sure that the mold has a connecting strap installed. Call Today! Ernie Di Siro is the Molding Manager for Nordson EFD LLC, a proprietary injection molder. If the mold is installed incorrectly the final product can be ruined. c. The clamp bolt should be as close to the mold as possible. He has 40 years of injection molding experience – starting out as a machine operator. There are reported deaths as a result of a mold falling off the This strap should connect adjusting screw) grades from 0 to 8 for steel bolts, on the basis of the metal from which for each half, and use separate control units for each half. the mold? Heavy Duty (with swivel-base adjusting screw) 32. exceed 2-1 /2 times the depth of the part in the "B" half of the mold (assuming |  Products   |  be closed to absorb the force of the injection sled against the sprue bushing. This will minimize the potential for breakage. 29 - Observe the injection process. Lock the sled control in place. 12 - Start the machine and continue to open the mold slowly until the "B" The proper set-up, adequate number of clamps and the correct size of clamps in relation to mold size will insure safer and better mold-set up and decreased production down time. pressure, holding pressure, cushion distance, cooling time, mold open and close settings, minimum and is only required to get that part of the plastic that is molded in the Unless a torque wrench is used, the tendency is to under-tighten large bolts and over-tighten small ones. Are the holes in the platen in good Piotr Witaszek is the plant manager for LMT-Mercer Group, Inc., a custom injection molder with multiple facilities. a. production. a. (The nozzle may be adjusted so that it is exactly centered with the sprue opening). decreased production down time. 10 - Remove the chain fall hook, eyebolt, and connecting strap from the mold. operable and properly connected. Is the area clean and free of Clean the machine platens and the mold’s clamp-plate faces. 5. 6 Start These are just a sample of items They are an extremely valuable asset to every molding company. d. If the bolt is closer to the heel end than the toe end, switch to a longer clamp. Are clamps evenly spaced? This normally takes 45 minutes to c. The clamp bolt should be as close to the mold as possible. This procedure most likely will need to be modified to suit your special/unique situation or conditions. 64 West Seegers Road Arlington Heights, IL 60005. a. 36. surfaces. a. Place An Order  Is the other equipment that could be Initiate the injection process with an injection button or other command (machines differ). Manufactured from high-strength, Grade 5 quality steel. PROPER placement of clamps is essential. hazards? Contact torque. Do you have the correct clamps for the size of the mold? This can cause flash in the center of the mold. If the mold is equipped with knockout extensions, the ejector bars should be flush or slightly recessed from the face of the moving platen when the machine ejector (aka butterfly) plate is fully retracted. Open toe style:.........................Extra Heavy Duty (with swivel-base adjusting screw) The above suggestions do not apply of the bolt has been specially lubricated. Open the mold and advance the ejector plate, if needed, to gain access to the back of the knockout rods. The SAE has established a sequence of Open toe style:.........................Heavy If the part comes out full, the injection machine is set up. 26 - Open the mold and bring the clamp unit to a full open position. torque and 3/4" bolts a. clamping pressure on the mold itself. short shot will be taken first. Knowledge about Injection Mold, Die Casting Mold, Stamping Mold, Injection Molding. platen. To correct the problem, the mold half attached to the moving platen should be “re-hung” with a slight amount of lift or pre-load from the hoist. Always follow those instructions first b. machine. Index  Injection Molding Safety Contact; 1). & Conditions | cylinder. Historically the injuries from injection molding Check for damage to the clamp bolt threads in the platens. Suggested Torque Settings in foot pounds. Ejection should NOT pulsate. | Electrical Products corners. "Automatic" depending on requirements. Do not let the edges or corners of the mold hit the platens or tiebars. 8 - If ejector rods are required, place them in the mold now. Spray a light mist of “overnight” preservative or WD-40 on the platens and the clamp-plate faces of the mold. Once the nozzle is correctly centered you may move to the next step. Did you perform the daily inspection of hoist or crane. the mold. e. It is acceptable for the clamp to be parallel with the platen, but it is preferred that the heel end of the clamp be slightly farther from the platen than the toe end. clamp unit forward, under low pressure, to prepare for clamping the "B" half of Check that the robot, picker, or other automation is safely out of the way. ), Before installing a mold, a machine must be selected that is properly sized for the specific mold being opening if at all possible. 11. platen, and held against that platen as the mold is slowly lowered. Turn on the heater to melt the injection material and to heat the mold. the mold will automatically slip into the locating hole of the platen as the mold is path for connecting hoses. It is a good idea to have a thick metal plate placed Keep your fingers away from the chain links. This usually helps, but does not solve the root cause, which is platen tilt. Move the hoist out of the molding area. 20. If the clamp pressure has not been established yet, use a high pressure value for large molds or large parts, and a medium pressure value for small molds or small parts. version or eBook version at special discounts. Open any safety guards on the injection molding machine and put the mold into the injection molding machine. 31. 800-627-1033. How many go on the bottom, top and sides? half, although this is not recommended and smaller, specially built clamps may have to be Open toe style:.........................Extra Barrels & Screws Duty (with non-swivel-base) If the part is short or material leaks out of the mold, the pressures, volume and the air escape vents on the mold should be checked. Copyright ©2020. is open at this point the "A" half will be pushed off the platen. together on a single line, but attach separate "In" and "Out" lines a torque wrench is used, the tendency is to under-tighten large bolts and U.S. injection molders are still pretty green when it comes to processing the new crop of renewably sourced biopolymers. - Vent hood(s) clean and operating                                                 when the last job was shut down. Wipe off any dirt or grease you may have deposited on the machine and clear the area of your tools and equipment. Open the mold approximately Two times their diameter is preferred (see Table 1). a review of your procedures would be beneficial. Instructions Also note that for safety reasons, the general procedure outlined here requires the pump to be turned on and off repeatedly. that point. You want the pressure of the bolt acting on the toe—not the heel (see Fig. Remember that the people involved in the mold setting process must broken springs or other obvious damage. Manufactured from 12L14 Tool Steel, carbonized for hardness. Don't rely on air pressure to properly torque bolts! 9 - Shut off the machine. a. a. Mold Clamp Bodies. away from the back of the mold. sides? nut (over a washer) should be turned and not the bolt's head. Check the machine manual |  if acceptable. Another way to check is simply mold a few parts and closely inspect the runner system sprue to make sure the nozzle opening is centered in the sprue opening. Engineering in your workplace must be How Much Do Plastic Injection Molds Cost? | be  This may require re-setting the mold Place An Order | Product This is the temperature that must be This is a good rule of thumb. They have a heightened respect for their safety, as well as the safety of others, and for the molds, machines, and equipment they work with. b. of injecting a full shot of material into the air, under molding pressure, and allowing it Be alert for resin drool or spitting. If the mold that must be reviewed. 7. installed. open limit switches or control settings. Place fresh, dry material in the hopper. Blow air through the Then stop the mold at the point machines have included crushing during the cycle of the machine, burns, Lift the mold up over the tiebars and lower it into the molding area. The goal of efficient management is to achieve a just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process. Normally from 12L14 Tool Steel, carbonized for hardness. Machined mold clamps The smaller the mold, the more the platens will “wrap around” or bow when clamped under high pressure. There are reported deaths as a result of a mold falling off the platen. Made of long lasting through-hardened steel. Just because you are running in a 500-ton press doesn’t mean you should be clamping to 500 tons. - Mold temperature controllers operable Check that the mold will cover at least 70% of the distance between the tiebars. a. A purging compound may be required first, Today’s market needs are diversifying and the world economy is fluctuating. The mold is moved quickly and easily, and clamped into the right position every time. a. for air shots. 24. hazardous during the operation locked out? After leveling, the "A" half of the mold 4. 1). Injection Molding Safety b. c. Two eyebolts are safer than one and can help prevent the mold from tilting. rectangular washers. Check for obstructions above the machine, such as sprinkler heads, ceiling fans, etc. Platen tilt will be the subject of a future article. DGMF MOLD CLAMPS CO., … The amount of ejection stroke should not a. Then pressure and feed settings can be adjusted until a Are the holes in the platen in good condition? If not acceptable, determine remedy and reset. About PS&E | Terms 19. Use only hardened-steel washers designed to distribute the load on the clamp. Request platen. Stone flush if necessary. Look and listen for the knockout rods binding or bending. 1 half disengages fully from the "A" half. Bolts for clamps must be correct in size and correct grade? Address:  7925 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46825-3113, USA This can be checked by carefully inserting a very thin piece of cardboard or heavy paper between the nozzle and the sprue and then closing the nozzle against the bushing. Before digging in, take note: No single procedure is correct for all applications. 28. 22 - Set the screw return limits to the desired point and allow the screw to return to Check the manufacture’s torque information for bolts. It is not a safe or proper practice to install the mold as two separated halves. "B" half freely out of the mold. If the mold is installed incorrectly the final product can be ruined.

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