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interesting facts about satchel paige

Satchel Paige went on to become the dominant pitcher of the Negro Leagues. Amazingly, Paige pitched for a few more years and played his final professional game at the age of 59 in 1965. 10 Interesting Facts About Satchel Paige #9: His professional baseball career came to a close in 1965. Moreover, he played for teams such as the Birmingham Black Barons, the Baltimore Black Sox, the Cleveland Cubs, the Pittsburgh Crawfords, the Kansas City Monarchs, the New York Black Yankees, the Memphis Red Sox, and the Philadelphia Stars. Paige was a colourful and larger-than-life figure in the Negro leagues, prone to stunts such as sending the infield players into the dugout while he pitched or deliberately loading the bases before pitching to Josh Gibson, a hitter of great renown. Satchel Paige earned his nickname, "Satchel," as a young boy, when he took a job carrying bags (and satchels) at railroad stations for passengers. …Doby and in 1948 by Paige. Satchel Paige, byname of Leroy Robert Paige, (born July 7, 1906?, Mobile, Ala., U.S.—died June 8, 1982, Kansas City, Mo. There are about 2 billion $1 bills in circulation. (Credit: Photo by George Silk/Getty Images). His last appearance as a pitcher was during a game in which he threw for three innings. Paige, who received his distinctive nickname as a young railroad porter, honed his baseball skills while in reform school. In fact, Paige was a popular barnstorming player that toured around the country playing against white players and dominating as he did in the Negro Leagues. Paige was a baseball nomad who was known for “jumping” between clubs in search of bigger paychecks. After Robinson’s historic 1947 debut, Paige made his Major League debut at age 42 in 1948 for the Cleveland Indians. In his first year with Cleveland, Satchel Paige went 6-1 with one save and a 2.48 ERA. Paige typically relied on his scorching fastball to strike out batters, but he gave the pitch a litany of different names including “Bat Dodger,” “Thoughtful Stuff” and “Long Tom.” He was particularly found of hurling the “Bee-Ball”—a pitch with so much zip that it supposedly buzzed like a bee as it sailed into the catcher’s mitt. (Credit: Kidwiler Collection/Getty Images). Satchel Paige did not commit a single error in 179 major league games. Paige continued to pitch semi-pro for a few more years, despite being in his sixties. Follow us on Twitter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! “Los Dragones” went on to win the title, but the Negro Leagues later slapped Paige and his teammates with a brief ban for having skipped out on their American contracts. 10 Interesting Facts About Satchel Paige #8: One sportswriter, Joe Posnanski, once noted that he believes that Paige was the hardest throwing pitcher in the history of the sport. Portrait of pitcher Satchel Paige, of the St. Louis Browns, prior to a game against the New York Yankees in 1952. Satchel Paige struck out 288 batters during his career. Vin Scully telling a story about Satchel Paige is going to be worth listening to every single time. “Don’t look back,” he quipped at one point. In Hollywood in 1934 Paige scored a spectacular 1–0 victory in 13 innings over Dizzy Dean, who won 30 games for the St. Louis Cardinals that year. © 2020 A&E Television Networks, LLC. When the Negro League wasn't playing in the winter, Satchel Paige would go to the Caribbean leagues and pitch. Satchel Paige of the Atlanta Braves circa 1968. There, his powerful arm caught the attention of coach Moses Davis, who first taught him the high leg kick that became a trademark of his windup. He was the seventh of 12 children born to father John, a gardener, and mother Lula, a washerwoman. Avoid running at all times. He once struck out Rogers Hornsby, probably the greatest right-handed hitter in baseball history, five times in one game. Fans fell in love with his windmill windups, relentless trash talk and leisurely strolls to the mound, and they were especially taken in by his penchant for showboating. Satchel Paige had 28 wins during his career. Satchel Paige was brought into the major leagues in 1948 by Bill Veeck to play for Cleveland. Satchel Paige started 29 games in one month in Bismarck. What position did Satchel Paige play? Paige also played in international leagues such as the Cuban and Dominican Leagues, which didn’t have race restrictions. One well-known quotation on on “How to Stay Young” reads: 1. His first start drew a record 72,000 fans, and he finished the season with a 6-1 record and a 2.48 ERA. Satchel Paige, Baseball's Greatest Showman and Most Durable Pitcher, 10 Interesting Facts About Chester A. Arthur Facts, 10 Interesting Facts About Abraham Lincoln, « Eminent Domain: New Jersey Elderly Man May Lose Home Over Business Development Project. For example he sold empty bottles which he picked up at the railway st… Satchel Paige is the greatest pitcher the Negro Leagues ever had and is definitely the most hyped. Paige is the first Black pitcher to play in the World Series, and the first Negro Leagues player to be inducted in the MLB’s Hall Of Fame. He pitched in both the Negro leagues and in Major League Baseball. They are all in the Himalayas. One of Paige’s strangest pitching gigs came in 1937, when he and several other Negro Leaguers traveled to the Dominican Republic and joined “Los Dragones,” a team owned by the egomaniacal dictator Rafael Trujillo. He was born Leroy Robert Page on July 7 th , 1906, in Mobile, Alabama, to John Page, a gardener and Lula Page, a domestic employee.

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