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is attacking an embassy an act of war

Carter didn't go into Iran in 1985 and Clinton bombed the Chinese Embassy in Serbia and got only harsh words. Should Trump be arrested for negligent homicide? They just said we had an election night like non-other. Tweet: 42 replies, 6176 views. Network edition New Eastern Outlook 2010-2020. I fear another 4 years of Trump. warfare is political action by different potential. simple question...Do the marines defending the embassy have to abide with some code or rules of engagement or do they simply extract the diplomats and kill anyone getting in the way of doing that? It's not a question of whether such an attack is an act of war - it's a question of how the U.S. should respond. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. For a country to attack another country's embassy within their own borders is the diplomatic equivalent of a gang-rape. Is it because answering the question in the poll would ruin you because you are somehow supporting Trump?Real Liberals would support this country. The shelling of a foreign embassy by organised armed units engaged in a war is not an act of terrorism either. This is also the same woman who supported the putsch against President Yanukovich and who has continued to support the war crimes committed against the populations of east Ukraine by the Poroshenko junta in Kiev ever since. I imagine the marines had different rules of engagements when our embassies in Saigon, Beirut and Teheran were seized. How well did ME war work out for us last time, Beav? apparently not because an american embassy was bombed under the carter administration and the clinton administration and neither did anything. The United States Faces Interesting Times, Russian S-400 Anti-aircraft Systems Turning Heads. How do you think about the answers? We must hope that Russia and China, with the BRIC countries at their side, can continue to develop another vision of the world in which concern for the other is a natural part of world diplomacy and that, in the meantime, what President Assad of Syria recently referred to as the Axis of Resistance becomes strong enough to defeat the aggression of the dark forces in the west that live only for power, profit and world domination. If an embassy is attacked, the host country must defend it, using military or police force as needed. It is a clear violation of the Vienna Convention. The Security Council has been reduced to a carnival sideshow with the psychopathic ravings of the American ambassador the principal attraction. This page was generated at 04:23 AM. Who's with me? There is no acceptable reason for it. It's not a question of whether such an attack is an act of war - it's a question of how the U.S. should respond. But the sharp words of the German Chancellor to President Putin when she went to Moscow to lay a wreath the day after the Victory Parade prove the opposite is true. There is complete accord on the ultimate objective, the subjugation of Russia, There is disagreement on only two things in achieving this objective, strategy and timing. It was time for something different. Embassies may be on foreign soil, but they are considered to be part of the nation that runs them. Since an embassy is sovereign soil, it is an act of war. check out the. As for the marines defending an embassy. There is no acceptable reason for it. Was the attack on our embassy an act of war?, If this is your first visit, be sure to Technically it is. The attack on the consulate is a violation of international law and constitutes an act of aggression under the Rome Statute which states that the crime of aggression includes, Article 8bis(g) “The sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against another State….”. It is most certainly an act of war. An attack on a military post or an attack on a military unit are not acts of terrorism, but are acts of war. As President Obama was walking away after giving his statement on Libya, Fox Noise reporter Ed Henry yelled the question "Was this an act of war?" An attack on a military post or an attack on a military unit are not acts of terrorism, but are acts of war. An embassy is de facto territory of that embassy's country. Whether it leads to war is another matter. It is an attack on civilians by individuals or small groups with the objective of creating terror in the population in order to achieve political purposes. 5 years ago? By international law, the host country is responsible for the safety and security of foreign embassies within its borders. The United States has remained silent so far on this bombing but we can expect the same hypocritical statement the State Department made regarding the attack on the Russian embassy in Damascus on November 28, 2013, and another attack in January of this year. Of course, a country may not choose to go to war over it, as in Carter's decisioin to just let the Iranians walk all over us. The Russian government’s attempt to diminish the responsibility of the United States and its puppets is perhaps understandable in view of the greater objective, which is to avoid a direct conflict with the hegemonic power, but it is impossible to cover over the fact that this was a direct act of aggression against Russia just a few days after the Victory Parade in Moscow that was boycotted by NATO leaders and just after the American foreign secretary John Kerry met with President Putin in Sochi. the Embassy is US Sovereign soil an attack on an embassy is an attack on america itself.. Obama will do no longer something, he's in campaign mode and the re-election is more beneficial major. Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto, he is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and he is known for a number of high-profile cases involving human rights and war crimes, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. Get your answers by asking now. There is no split between the Americans and their puppets. But there is no mechanism by which the state criminals behind these actions can be brought to justice. What is Wrong with the Wolseong-1 Reactor? It is not a matter of these countries “enjoying influence” as the Foreign Ministry stated but a matter of their direct support and control of the forces that attacked the consulate. The timing of the shelling of the Russian embassy after these meetings cannot be merely coincidence coming right after them and coinciding with the Chinese-Russian naval drills in the Mediterranean and the attempt by the NATO pact to overthrow the government of Macedonia in order to disrupt the South Stream gas pipeline project. They were also a distortion of history and the facts since socialist democracy in Eastern Europe has not been replaced by “freedom” and “liberty” but by the steadily increasing oppression and pauperisation of the citizenry that is characteristic of capitalist “democracy” in the west and its police state apparatus. For a country to attack another country's embassy within their own borders is the diplomatic equivalent of a gang-rape. It is an attack on the foreign state itself and therefore is an act of war … On Tuesday, May 19th the Russian consulate in Damascus suffered another attack by NATO proxy forces trying to overthrow the government of Syria. Seems like only yesterday. This guy I know always wears this scarf, why? Russia is necessarily proceeding with caution and circumspection but it is faced with antagonists who are set on forcing her to the wall and who are experts at provocation, subterfuge, chaos and killing. 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