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However, Mako and Bolin quickly entered, ordering Kuvira to release them, Mako shooting fire at her and giving enough time for Guan and Sheng to remove their helmets. Ursa | "[21] Additionally, Mordicai Knode of felt the character was the "winner" of the conflict after defeating Korra in the one-on-one fight, also in Knode's opinion making Korra and Suyin losers. Kuvira told her ex-fiancé that she appreciated his agreeing to help, and he curtly told her to get started. Korra and Kuvira fall out from their half, and it seems as though the fight is over. Huu | Haven’t Seen 'Borat 2' Yet? Some time later, she traveled with Baatar Jr. and others from the Earth Empire military to the Foggy Swamp after discovering that the roots of the Banyan Grove Tree could produce an even more powerful superweapon, and she ordered them to harvest the vines until there was nothing left. She helped the other members of the Metal Clan trap the criminals in a makeshift metal prison, before ordering them to surrender and return the Avatar.

Meanwhile, Baatar Jr. had witnessed the apparent deaths of Bolin and Varrick, as well as the destruction of the spirit vine machinery, but he was certain that he could resume the research with the help of Zhu Li. Opal |

Following the coronation of Prince Wu, at which Kuvira announces her intentions to rule the nation herself, Kuvira moves to take control of Zaofu, intending to use the city state's wealth and technology for the sake of her empire. [12] DiMartino said he enjoyed writing the dynamic between Kuvira and Korra as a female villain and protagonist, finding Kuvira to bring new "story and character possibilities" to the series. Enemies Critics note her motives as being understandable, while her actions are given political analogues. She then tried to appeal to the soldiers themselves, only to find that their loyalty now lay with Guan and not her. When asked what she would do in such a situation, Kuvira suggested that Korra take someone who had Guan's respect and who he would listen to, namely herself. She used it to destroy a guard post and almost shot down Team Avatar when they went to cut the rail lines, which they thought she needed in order to transport her weapon to the city. Prior to her departure in 171 AG, Kuvira served as both the captain of the city's guard and part of Suyin Beifong's dance troupe. A smart and natural leader, Kuvira quickly rose through the ranks of Zaofu's security team, eventually becoming captain of the city's guard. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Guan asked if she wanted to rejoin the Earth Empire, and she agreed on one condition. Guan's soldiers ordered her to release him as Korra tried to get her to do the same, but before the situation could escalate further, Kuvira was suddenly electrocuted into unconsciousness by remotely activated electrodes secretly built into her belt, courtesy of Asami. Kuvira admonished her for not stepping up and fixing the Earth Kingdom, while Suyin retorted with the fact that she didn't want the power. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Legend of Korra has a lot of strengths. Kuvira asked what Baatar Jr. would think, and Opal noted that since they all came around, she was sure he would too, adding that even though Kuvira was not born a Beifong, she would always be a part of the family. The commander subsequently ordered his entire army to stand down. Reunite the fractured Earth Kingdom through military discipline (Succeeded); Baatar Jr. (formerly), Varrick (formerly), Zhu Li (formerly), Bolin (formerly), Suyin Beifong (formerly), Aiwei (formerly), Raiko (formerly), Tenzin (formerly), Metal Clan (formerly), her army, her supporters, Red Lotus, Varrick, Zhu Li, Korra (formerly), Team Avatar (formerly), Air Nation (formerly), United Forces (formerly), Raiko (formerly), United Republic of Nations (formerly), Wu (formerly), Suyin Beifong (formerly), Beifong family (formerly). Finally, Korra’s on-screen journey ended with a face-off against Kuvira, an earth and metalbender who was hellbent on transforming the Earth Kingdom into the Earth Empire.

A battle ensued, and Kuvira dueled and was victorious against Suyin, leaving the Beifongs surrounded until Toph toppled the entire battalion.

Fire Sages | Kuvira is also the supporting protagonist in the graphic novel trilogy Ruins of the Empire. Her metalbending extends to using it to make weapons such as knives, blades and whips from metal and sense when other individuals are performing metalbending in her vicinity. Arriving at a standoff between Korra and Guan, Kuvira tried to persuade her former commander to surrender, only to learn that he had abandoned his former loyalty toward her following her surrender to Korra, which he considered an act of betrayal. Guan bent metal strips from his uniform to Kuvira, which she avoided, and readied her metal cables to try to attack Guan.

He surrendered to Kuvira, but she told him it was too late, and that she would make sure he never rose again, levitating a sharp piece of metal in his direction. Gen I: Aang | Appa | Katara | Momo | Sokka | Suki | Toph Beifong | Zuko, Gen II: Asami Sato | Bolin | Korra | Mako | Naga | Pabu, Order of the White Lotus Family When Toph noted that Guan's victory was almost certain after they left Gaoling, Baatar Jr. entered the dining hall, noting that if he could restore Asami's mind, then he could use the knowledge to free the brainwashed citizens, Kuvira and Suyin adding that Guan would lose all support once they realized what he did to them, leading to Toph's victory. After the Red Lotus took the airbenders captive at Northern Air Temple, Kuvira traveled there in an attempt to free them. With the escape of her prisoners and the completion of her weapon, Kuvira intends to conquer the United Republic, believing the land to have been stolen from the Earth Kingdom by Aang and Zuko following the Hundred Year War. Meelo | Later that night, Suyin and her twin sons attempted to sneak into Kuvira's camp to assassinate her, but they were discovered when they unwittingly attacked Zhu Li while she was asleep.

The world leaders chose Suyin as their spokesperson, sending her to go speak with Kuvira on their behalf. Kuvira is the first main Legend of Korra villain to be female. Being double-crossed into letting Avatar Korra be taken captive by Zaheer in exchange for the airbenders to be freed, Kuvira was attacked by P'Li and saved Korra's father Tonraq, tending to his injuries as well.[5]. Kuvira is voiced by Zelda Williams, who according to Konietzko, was shown a picture of the character when auditioning for the role and found herself to be similar in physical appearance to Kuvira.[9]. White Lotus sentries, Air Nomads Korra refuses to hand over the city state, and the two women agree to fight for the sake of Zaofu. After bandits stole what little supplies were meant to go to Yi, the governor reluctantly signed the treaty and pledged his loyalty to her, placing Yi under Kuvira's protection. Legend of Korra Prior to her departure in 171 AG, Kuvira served as both the captain of the city's guard and part of Suyin Beifong's dance troupe.

Despite the governor's refusal to sign, Kuvira left the contract with Kai, stating she would wait by the border for one more day to give him a chance to reconsider. They all survive, Kuvira's actions lead Bataar Jr to defect against her as well. Before the brainwashing began, Kuvira told Asami that she had never intended any of what had happened. Kuvira ordered Zaheer and his associates to surrender and release Avatar Korra. During the second test of the weapon that was intended to kill Zhu Li, she discovered too late that the Beifongs had escaped their prison, and they successfully changed the trajectory of the blast so the town would remain unharmed. Seeing Kuvira free and in an Earth Empire uniform, Korra threatened her with firebending and did not believe her when she tried to explain what had happened until Toph stepped in and verified that Kuvira was telling the truth. Kuvira sat beside Korra as they enjoyed a meal with Suyin's family. The Beifongs escaped with Zhu Li in tow, and she informed them that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks. What Time Is 'The Good Doctor' on Tonight? Korra immediately offered to be the test subject in order to help Asami, but Baatar Jr. was uncertain, noting that it could cause memory loss and he would not want to be responsible for the Avatar's mind being scrambled. When Bolin found himself questioning Kuvira's words, she reassured him that "being crushed" was "simply a rhetoric meaning that she meant business". And that’s the point. She continues to run from Korra until she finds her spirit energy cannon hanging from the vines, and uses it in a last attempt to destroy Korra. Entering the airship's cabin, Kuvira was greeted with hostility from the other members of Team Avatar and King Wu, all of whom had their own grievances with her as a result of the Earth Empire's actions, with Asami attempting to lock her inside a platinum pod. She proposed a deal that she claimed would benefit them both. Before the airship could take off, Guan's men took advantage of Korra's absence to attack it.

Do-Gooder Guan suggested that Kuvira would change her mind after seeing the brainwashing procedure for herself, ordering Dr. Sheng to start it despite Kuvira's plea. After the battle, Kuvira joined Korra, Wu, and Mayor Rhee in Gaoling City Hall, where the state's citizens had their brainwashing undone. What Time Do Election Results Start Tonight?

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