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is tomie a demon

Please shorten your comment and try again. Hobby Furthermore extreme emotional stress or emotional upheaval can cause her to instinctively spawn a duplicate which will bud off of her body perhaps as a kind of survival mechanism. As such, this changing roster of faces has allowed for a range of interpretations and subtle shading to the part, the most popular being Miho Kanno, Miki Sakai and Miu Nakamura. Tomie possesses an undisclosed ability to make any human male she encountered fall in love with her.

This ability to manipulate while useful has also resulted in her being killed time and time again by people she has driven to murderous rages, but she has survived regardless thanks to her regenerative abilities which allows her to quickly heal wounds and goes so far as to allow her to regenerate back after death from individual blood drops. Tomie Kawakami (in Japanese: 富江) is the fictional character who serves as both titular antagonist and protagonist of the Tomie movie and manga franchise. In terms of appearence Tomie is a beautiful, typically dark haired (with the exception of the third manga Volume's cover in which she is shown as a red head), girl who can be identified by a mole under her left eye. This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. In the first issue of the manga one girl, Reiko, claimed to have been friends with her since childhood. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. It is unknown if the mass subsequently will attempt to grow into a full clone of her. In the case of women (and men in the movie continuity) whole organs and tissues implanted in them will attempt to regenerate into a full clone Tomie within their body and if not removed quickly the duplicate may burst out of the unfortunate's body much like the chest-burster stage of the Xenomorphs from the Alien movie franchise. Such samples will only replace the victim's hair before burrowing their way into the victim's skull and brain. Interestingly the movie Tomie: another face (1999) is a noted exception to this, as after one of her clones was shoved into an incinerator her ashes formed into a face in the air before her killers and claimed that each and every one of her ashes would grow into another Tomie. In contrast, if the cellular infusion was done to an infant the newly made clone of Tomie unlike in the other case is seemingly subject to the effect of aging and has to grow up like a normal human being. These actions inevitably lead to violence, usually resulting in the murder of Tomie herself, or others. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Her skill with emotional manipulation has been shown to work well on females too if she desires, as Tomie can easily sway women into being her friends only to pit them against each other with the resulting jealous frenzy leading them to kill each other. TreasonPossessionUsurpationCorruptionMurder

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