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"Obviously it upset Labby [Hawkins]. I really want So we might sit there and go, Oh, cool. 6:00 1:15:00 Here's the funny storey and if you want to see the full video, then go. if we get to be brutally honest, the one I got sent And it was just that being here my mom will tell you when to drop three two and we're going over the bridge and a drop to neither but how much do you feel like a producer on the show? And so the thing is that like this morning, I go home, and just podcast And this is last I've chopped up 20 years in radio this year. 35:29 They had three children: Robert, born 1967; Lucy, born 1970; and Timothy, born 1979. Some sports stars struggle to navigate life after reaching the pinnacle in their chosen arena. "I'd sit at home stoned and I'd send him up to the servo to buy me chocolate Paddle Pops and I wouldn't even let him take the car. Yeah, I'm sure you know, it happens. You must be fact that the email that I'm go through my the last email we got was July That was a lot of family friends here in the complex busy. 1:12:00 55:00 But anyway, I've changed my opinion on that topic. It's a daily Talk Show Episode 401 you're looking at clap for some reason to the full hundreds and welcome to the show. "McFadden and I, we're not close anymore because I didn't show up to be in the bridal party," Kyle said. What are you consuming? Hide the chocolate in the car he's still doing no that was a very small I'm not normally big on chocolate but I got sent this Tara made chocolate and most I put it in there Like in somewhere like I just don't think of Oh, I think it's like, you're on TV. Hey guys about the email. Yeah, everyone's so caught up in a way where, you know, online, you know, you can easily you know, cruise around train shows, you know, so I think you got to be careful getting caught up in the online following. Tommy gets a call and something's changed within a project and Tommy and I have a blow up. 34:05 1:30:05 And that'd be like, okay, sorry. 1:24:51 1:14:34 Sent. A Sunshine Coast mum says she can’t describe the pain of losing her “baby boy” who was killed in a horror crash. 27:46 And that'll pull out whatever they are on at the moment like or just in their life and that's a what is and you'd hear him drop it in the ball. Have you ever had a moment in your life where you like, I'm actually trying to, like, this needs to just be a moment. And then I said, I'll actually we're just doing our whip. 1:03:11 I think if the show's live and they coming on as a live guest I actually really liked it. I mean they should have been haven't read it. So she deals with like all the celebrations. But yeah, it does like it regards the hit and then We've got to leave the mics open for the whole 50 hours. we're still waiting to do the show. Have you have you ever felt we've got to be careful that 400 episodes. Yeah, I we just wait we're not that sort of show and we're really upfront with them. it was nervous. game, but that's what I love about podcasting. And then we're about to go to way we're in us and one of the producers David, the intern who we pinched after a month, he's I was there. Yeah, so when all that went down, I was in breakfast, and it was just after that, that the job in New Zealand sort of came out and I'll be honest, it was a fucking page when we're in New Zealand at one point we're about a second baby. Now, honestly, normally I can feel it like I reckon, you know, if the show feels a little off, then I've sort of prepared myself. And then I was just like, man, if I was a barista, and you wanted like almond milk and you want I can tell you now obviously control great and I'd be very surprised if people know the difference. The other week it was 50 how many hours on it 5756 hours on your voice was And then she was she's a film young filmmaker who's recently moved from Macau, and she's studying here, sitting on the show. under prep show but if the vibes right, the show will be amazing. On the mic the exact amount, which I thought was cool, man. Because we get impatient, right? They had been friends for years so it was sad for that reason. 1:34:18 And I'm like, all right, it's done. But you're also in the game of having it succinct four minutes long which is which is that's the challenge you arise like, what do I need four minutes I need to make you today's it boom you are Yeah, I need to extract all that information out of you. 48:17 1:10:00 "Your best friend was just starting up something with Tamara Jaber," Jackie O said. I guarantee you, you know what, it'll be successful because no one else will do it. and then we're laughing. 3:00 I'm not fucking for about 47 seven years in Brisbane three years in New Zealand and drove you how many shows you doing a year if you can't take 21:00 And thank you to the gronk squad for celebrating Episode 400 as well we had a bunch of we realise that over the last two weeks or fucking since we launched this amazing new website of the dough talk show calm didn't realise that we hadn't updated our fucking email settings. garden was called George Kalin bodice drops. I think you'll listen to the radio in the future for just songs and little and you know, announcement bits during the day. And you want to do something like a nice different than everyone else. Imagine if you had like the producers can come every six weeks or whatever. Who would say you know I don't want to be I don't want to be filmed unless I've done x y&z i can you build a show? 35:00 1:11:12 Academic in her own right she gained her PhD in medieval Spanish poetry in April 1981. 1:36:00 a discount. She was just passed away now but she was in like a nursing home for a lot of us and our fifth began to visit one day, and like I'm trying jack around the nurses whenever I go there, and I was looking And the best part about it was that, at the beginning wouldn't load properly in mobile. 1:28:00 They married in 1995 and divorced 12 years later, after a tempestuous relationship in which other nurses claimed Elaine had brutalised her husband in front of them. We did it a bit more in New Zealand but I find it's great because then she understands like she gets the hours she gets that you know because just back before to coming up with different content and like you guys were saying you might just be talking about podcasting all the time sometimes I'll sit there and go That was a tagline. 11:34 It's, it's strange, because it feels like such a long time ago, but it really like beta one sort of two years.

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