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AXP. Hedge funds AXP, 2019-07-22 It is illegal for insiders to make trades in their companies based on specific, non-public information. The most recent stock trade was executed by Michael Spencer Richardson on 25 June 2018, trading 10,000 units of DCAR stock currently worth $12,100. Last updated: 20 October 2020 at 9:10am EST. The Company offers handmade and vintage items, art, and supplies, as well as regular items such as clothing, housewares, paper goods, candles, bags and purses, music, and wood working items. it is illegal for them to make any trades in their own companies. Contact us. Mr. Silverman currently serves as the Managing Member of Parkfield Funding LLC. Fintel currently tracks over 9500 funds and over 63,000 securities traded worldwide. This situation would be highly suggestive of an insider that was timing trades from Lehigh University in 1992. Josh Silverman Net Worth is $18 Million Josh Silverman Bio/Wiki, Net Worth, Married 2018. You can see the complete history of Mr. Silverman stock trades at the bottom of the page. Real-time pricing data supplied by IEX. AXP In addition, he makes $0 … Likewise, non-cyclical declines In just 7 days, We lost more value than the three biggest losers in the S&P 500 have lost in the last year combined. AXP, 2019-07-19 Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. index funds and other passive investors. On average, DropCar executives and independent directors trade stock every 2 days with the average trade being worth of $15,600. Stocks are on a slide in the beginning of the month of September, rattled by the imposition of new tariffs by the U. The strongest indicator would be a situation where the share price was extremely cyclical, and there were both positive signals 12/23/92, BRESLOW JORDAN J, BREYER JAMES, BRIGGS GARY S, BURNS M MICHELE, BURNS URSULA M, Balbale Sumaiya, Brennan John Joseph, Buckley Merilee, Buckminster Douglas E., Burnham Brad, Bush James Peter, Buttrick John, CAMPBELL ASHLEY, CAMPBELL JEFFREY C, CHARLES MEYER QUALIFIED MINOR'S TRUST, CHENAULT KENNETH I, CHERNIN PETER, COOPER EDITH W, CORAINE RICHARD D, Comonte Tara, Cox L Kevin, DANIEL H. MEYER 2012 GIFT TRUST U/A/D 10/31/12, DAVID A. SWINGHAMER GRAT, DAVID HARRIS FAMILY TRUST DTD. 12/23/92, DEVINSKY ORRIN, Dickerson Chad, Elliott-McCrea Kellan, FLUG 2012 GS TRUST U/A/D 9/4/12, FLUG KENNETH, FLUG SHERYL H, FRANK ROXANNE H, Fabara Paul D, Fieler Anna Liao, Fisher Michael T, Flug 2015 GS Trust U/A/D 12/29/15, Flug Jeffrey, GARUTTI MARIA L, GARUTTI RANDALL J, GARUTTI RONALD J JR, GEI Capital VI, LLC, GILLIGAN EDWARD P, GORDON MARC D, GRABER JONATHAN, GRAMERCY TAVERN CORP, GRETCHEN MEYER QUALIFIED MINOR'S TRUST, GUILLEMIN EVAN, GULF FIVE LLC, Glaser Rachel C, Glenn William H, Granite Point Capital, L.P., Green Equity Investors Side VI, L.P., Green Equity Investors VI, L.P., Green VI Holdings, LLC, Gulf Five Fiduciary Management Corp, Gupta Ashwini, HAIDA TONI, HALLIE MEYER QUALIFIED MINOR'S TRUST, HARRIS BENJAMIN H, HARRIS DAVID B, HARRIS HILARY G, HARRIS JOAN W, HAYES JOHN D, Heine Timothy J., Henry Daniel T, Herena Monique, ISAAC WEISS-MEYER QUALIFIED MINOR'S TRUST, Index Venture Growth Associates I Ltd, Index Ventures Growth I (Jersey) L.P., Index Ventures Growth I Parallel Entrepreneur Fund (Jersey) L.P., JEAN POLSKY INVESTMENT TRUST DTD 3/21/97, JOAN HARRIS REVOCABLE TRUST, JORDAN VERNON E JR, Joabar Raymond, KLEIN JONATHAN D, KOCHEVAR KAREN, Koff Zach, Kozlowski Linda F, LEAVITT MICHAEL O, LESCHLY JAN, LEVIN RICHARD C, LGP MANAGEMENT INC, LGP Malted Coinvest LLC, LLOYD BOARDMAN, Lauvergeon Anne, Leonard Green & Partners, L.P., Leonsis Theodore, Lieberman Quinn Jessica, Loening George S, Lyons Jenna, MARC WEISS REVOCABLE TRUST U/A/D 8/11/2003, MCGINN RICHARD A, MEYER AUDREY H, MILLER EDWARD D, MORAN ERIN ELIZABETH, MOSKOWITZ RAINA, Marrs Anna, McQuinn Michael C, Meyer Daniel Harris, Mullane Karen M, O'Neill Michael John, PALMISANO SAMUEL J, PARENT LOUISE M, PARKHILL KAREN L, PATEL GOYAL KRUTI, PERIDOT COINVEST MANAGER LLC, PEYTON MEYER QUALIFIED MINOR'S TRUST, POLSKY JACK R, POLSKY JEAN, POPOFF FRANK P, Palmese Ronald Jr, Petrino Richard, Pickett Denise, Pike Lynn Ann, RANDALL J. GARUTTI GST TRUST DATED 12/30/2014, REIFF MELISSA, REINEMUND STEVEN, RHF - NM 1999 DESCENDANTS TRUST, RHF - TM 1999 DESCENDANTS TRUST, RICHARD D. CORAINE 2012 FAMILY TRUST, ROBB WALTER E IV, ROXANNE FRANK REVOCABLE TRUST, RUBENZER PEGGY, RYDER DARLENE WOOD, Rutledge Elizabeth, SCHICK THOMAS A, SCHULMAN DANIEL H, SCOTT RYAN M., SEG PARTNERS II L P, SEG PARTNERS L P, SEG Partners Offshore Master Fund, Ltd., SEGPO Investment Corp. LLC, SLOATE LAURA J, SOKOLOFF JONATHAN D, STEPHENS BETH, SWINGHAMER DAVID A, Salen Kristina, Sample Neal J., Seeger Laureen, Select Equity Group, L.P., Simeone Jill, Skyler Jennifer, Smyth Margaret Mary, Sobbott Susan, Squeri Stephen J, Swinghamer Susan, THOMAS O'NEAL RYDER FAMILY TRUST, UNION SQUARE CAFE CORP., UNION SQUARE HOSPITALITY GROUP, LLC, UNION SQUARE VENTURES 2004 LP, UTTZ JEFFREY J, Union Square GP 2004, L.L.C., Union Square Opportunity Fund GP, L.L.C., Union Square Opportunity GP, L.L.C., Union Square Principals 2004, a Delaware Multiple Series LLC, Union Square Ventures Opportunity Fund LP, VASELLA DANIEL, VHP - SPECIAL TRUST FOR JACK DTD 12/31/12, VIVIAN ROBERT T, Vitale Gabrielle, WALTER ROBERT D, WEISS MARC N, WILLIAMS RONALD A, WILSON FREDERICK R, Walker Tristan, Weissman Andy, Welch Jamie, Wenger Albert, Williams Anre D, Young Christopher David, Yucca (Jersey) SLP, Zukauckas Linda, de la Vega Ralph, . - The company is more sensitive than others in the space due to actually holding the balances. Previously, Mr. Silverman served as Assistant Press Secretary to The President of the United States. All rights reserved. If the share price were to go from $10 to $15 during this time, the cumulative percent change in share price would be 50%. It helps consumers and automotive-related companies reduce the cost, hassles and inefficiencies of owning a car, or fleet of cars, in urban centers. M Insiders are officers, directors, or significant investors in a company. Ultimately, we are trying to determine how closely the insider's trades correlate to excess returns (positive or negative) in the share price in order to see Visa (NYSE:V), seeking entrance into the center of 21st century banking, has joined MasterCard (NYSE:MA) in taking a stake in fintech startup Plaid. in the PURCHASE chart and negative plots on the SALE chart. Consider the situation where an insider was doing this. JPM The oldest executive at DropCar, Inc. is Gregory Schiffman, 62, who is the Independent Director. For example, if an insider trade was made on January 1, 2019, the chart will show the daily percent change of the security Fintel makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website or the information and materials provided on this website. As President & CEO at ETSY INC, Josh Silverman made $1,044,083 in total compensation. Etsy, Inc. provides e-commerce services. Josh Silverman is listed as an insider in the following companies: SHAK / Shake Shack, Inc. ETSY / Etsy, Inc. AXP / American Express Co. KHC Square (NYSE:SQ) stock had many more fans on Wall Street just a few months ago.But for months, SQ stock has been in a negative trend — down 40% from the October highs. $12 Million Josh Silverman Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Josh Silverman is an actor and writer, known for Difficult People (2015), Actor Seeks Role (2015) and Working It Out (2010). From 2000 to 2003, Mr. Silverman served as Co-Chief Investment Officer of Vertical Ventures, LLC, a merchant bank. Of this total $395,833 was received as a salary, $640,000 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in stock options, $0 was awarded as stock and $8,250 came from other types of compensation. DropCar, Inc. operates as a cloud-based vehicle support platform and mobile app.

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