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la aurora rum, La Aurora 1903 Edition Treasure Box Doble Figurado. “Because we are the oldest Dominican factory, we wanted to pay tribute to the oldest tobacco pressing process, called the ‘andullo,’ which we used in the ADN Dominicano cigar,” Herbert says. After witnessing this painstaking process, taking the in-depth tour, and participating in the Cigar Institute, I was ready to try the ADN Dominicano. Binder: Cameroon La Aurora collaborated with Ron Barceló to create E. León Jimenes 110th Anniversary Rum which commemorates the anniversary of the company's establishment and is a tribute to its founder, Mr. Eduardo León Jimenes. You can’t go wrong with any of these cigars.

The first eight years are spent in virgin American oak barrels. E. Leon Jimenes Premium Dominican is produced through five distinct distillations that give it the perfect balance of pleasing aromas, combined with the flavors of caramelized walnuts, vanilla, and spices. La Aurora is in continuos search of new talents. Karl searched long and hard for a partner who could collaborate on a high-quality cigar with him.

My bad. Santiago –Tamboril, Km5 I left the La Aurora factory tour with my pockets full of ADN Dominicano cigars and a big, goofy smile on my face. Let’s break it down. Relaxing with a cigar has been a ritual for Karl Malone for a long time – both in retirement and while celebrating a big win during his days on the court. […]</p>\\n","image":"","url":"","startDate":"2020-11-02T00:00:00-05:00","endDate":"2020-11-06T23:59:59-05:00"}]. The company wanted to celebrate its 110th [...]. Wrapper: Dominican Republic If you want to work with us, please do click and contact us. Through the cigar development process, what Karl Malone discovered was La Aurora’s E. León Jimenes Rum was a perfect complement to his cigars as well as delicious on its own.

Great taste, slow burn, quite pleasing and satisfying for a quick cigar. I would buy them again. 8305 Six Forks Road, Ste. This cigar is a favorite of ours here at Cigars & Leisure, thanks to its milk chocolate sweetness that is combined with notes of earth, espresso, oak, and pepper., La Aurora 1903 Edition Treasure Box Doble Figurado. One of the many benefits of andullo (pronounced an-doo-yaw) is the potent strength and heady aroma it imparts on the cigars.
Home / Rum + Cigars / La Aurora Founded in 1903, Santiago’s renowned La Aurora is the country’s number one producer and exporter of premium cigars. I had already toured a couple of cigar factories over the previous few days, and, for the most part, they looked exactly how you’d expect a factory to look, and I wasn’t very impressed.

18 year-old Eduardo León Jimenes founded La Aurora cigar factory in 1903.

Hop on a comprehensive, one-hour complimentary tour of their factory in Tamboril, on the outskirts of Santiago, learning about the founding León family’s history and foray into the industry. Santiago de los Caballeros

Earlier this year, I was given the opportunity to take this tour during Procigar Festival. Copyright © 2020 L - All Rights Reserved.

La Aurora S.A. Today, La Aurora is still making cigars under the watchful eye of Guillermo León, the grandson of Eduardo. Get a little more 411, pal. You’ll learn how to roll, hold, and smoke your own puro along the way. In 1903, Eduardo León Jimenes opened a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic and began making La Aurora cigars. I lit the cigar, sipped the rum, and was immediately transported into smoking Shangri-La.

flavor smoothness very good. Rum E. León Jimenes 110 Aniversario was mentioned in a news report in US television [...] 2 Comments. There is an area made to look like a curing barn, complete with tobacco leaves dangling from the ceilings. Wanting to try something different Jose first placed the wrapper leaves in barrels and allowed them to age for one year. Currently, the ADN Dominicano comes in four formats: Robusto, Toro, Gran Toro, and Churchill. Walk around the cigar making floors, watching the intricate hand rolling process, and learn how to roll, hold, and smoke your own puro along the way. La Aurora is one of the few manufacturers that employs this method, and the company takes immense pride in showcasing it during the tour. Tel. And if you’re looking for more excellent cigars from La Aurora, try the Leon Jimenes, Imperiales, Family Reserve, or Principes.

“This isn’t a factory, it’s the Disney World of cigars,” was all I kept thinking as I was guided through the sprawling, beautifully designed La Aurora manufacturing plant in Santiago, Dominican Republic. La Aurora is the oldest cigar factory in the Dominican and one thing they have learned since 1903 is how to make a good smoke. For more info on La Aurora, visit

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