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lil baby niece

It’s not the size of the person but the hearts within them. My dear niece, you are a lovely girl to be around. Her mother instructed her, via text, to call 911, which also included an autocorrect that resulted in “I’m baby.” The resulting screenshot on Tumblr took off for no better reason than its absurdity, a perfect example of peak Internet. Enjoy your special day. Enjoy this great day.

I love you. If you still live under your parent’s roof, you’re still a kid. You are growing into a young woman; there is nothing that can stop you now. I was there when you drew your first breath, and I was there when you spoke your first word. Dear niece, on this day of your birthday do not forget to thank the Lord for all the blessings he has given you, all of us also appreciate as has blessed us with a wonderful niece that makes us very happy. Enjoy your day. Glad you had a successful childhood; it really impacted your development into a fascinating lady. There will be surprises and shocks but most importantly, laughs! You have no idea how much your father would tell me about you. Time moves fast these days, but I am glad I never missed a moment with you. I wish you all the best! The mixtape was received very well, and it also featured famous rapper Drake. Enjoy your birthday, live forever and have a glamorous time being a baby dear niece. You’re loved so much. The Internet doesn’t need a rational or lucid reason to make something viral, the strongest proof of which is the current and rapid rise of “I’m Baby” memes.

May this birthday have enough candy to make you lazy and sleepy so I can steal your gifts from you, just kidding, have a great birthday my awesome niece.

Enjoy your special day. Just don’t expect me to be like a teddy bear. I love you baby. There are many nieces in the world but you are my favorite. If you do not know, we have prepared this article about details of Lil Baby’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s net worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Lovely niece, you are a part of my world. and found my niece, and her 5 friends all snuggled up against me all of them completely naked. The mixtape featured well-known names like Young Thug and Lil Yachty but majorly featured local underground artists.

You are a celebration of life in all you do, today on your birthday and in all your tomorrows. Rapper. You were tough on me as a child to bring out the best in me and that is why I consider you as an elder sister. “A baby girl is a mother’s best friend and a daddy’s little princess; she will be adored and cared for by all. To the most beautiful princess in all the land, happy 3rd birthday, I hope you get to enjoy this day and everything it offers. I love you dear.

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