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Berries that will change a human into a fearsome Wild with just a single drop of juice. I see you have an omnibus edition of the Powerless trilogy on Amazon. It will lead her through an adventure of rebels and generals, of wizards and warriors, and of beasts both noble and monstrous. Only in baseball movies from the 80s, do the words, “If you build it, they will come” ring true. I’m switching over to my science fiction after this to release the last installment in the Star Kingdom series in September, but if you want me to return and write more with Val and Zav, let me know. ), but if you didn’t see it, my fifth Death Before Dragons novel, False Security, is out on Amazon. Not everyone writes in tidy categories, though, which brings in the problem of selecting a spot for it in the bookstore (even digital stores have categories for organizing ebooks) and writing a blurb that lets people know what they’ll be getting. Debut novelist Beaulieu paints a detailed and realistic portrayal of individual fates bound up in social responsibilities as well-grounded cultures clash. If you browse the indie authors in your favorite Amazon Top 100 category and find some with multiple ebooks in there, especially multiple ebooks priced at $2.99 or above, you can bet they’re doing well. This was encouraging, but I was hardly ready to change things up. They’ve been preying on Temple treasure ships. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. I design my own covers, so I had to really think long and hard, playing around with various effects, looking at popular novels, etc. Her only hope is a crazy witch who knows something about catching unicorns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve checked out authors’ most recent blog posts via their Twitter links (often they’ve retweeted something of mine, and I want to return the favor), and I get to the post and think…hm, I can’t imagine many people finding this interesting or useful. Val will finally learn the secrets of her sword, a certain dragon may decide the idea of being mated in the human way (i.e. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just backed out without leaving a comment because I couldn’t get something I could read. Our readers decide for themselves what to call our books when recommending them to friends—some say sci-fi, some say cyberpunk, and some even call them technological mythology. Thank you to everyone who has helped out! I started out exclusively writing about self-publishing and what I was doing in terms of book promotion, but as I sold more books and more actual readers started visiting, I began mixing in news and teasers from my upcoming projects. I decided to officially make this “the day job” in December, though I’d been neglecting the old day job and writing and promoting nearly full-time long before. And then sub-10,000. As no active threats were reported recently by users, is SAFE to browse. But a summons from the king leaves her with no choice but to rejoin her teammates. ( So far, all I’d managed to do while meditating was put together a mental to-do list that included getting a Costco membership so I could buy meat for Zav in bulk and picking up new magical ammunition from Nin. One can hardly blame her when she thinks that the chance discovery of a fallen soldier’s priceless cargo is the moment that will change her life. If you’d like to add to this list, feel free to do so below. They understand that genre is a marketing label that helps publishers and bookstores, but has very little to do with what interests the reader. As I write this, most of the West Coast is on fire. Edward Kelley wants to destroy the world. Select the department you want to search in. If you’ve read my Death Before Dragons urban fantasy series, you’ve met Val’s boss Colonel Willard (and her cat Maggie). 383 Myranda is a young woman more interested in staying alive than being a hero. Stay safe in this crazy world! Dragon Storm (Heritage of Power, Book 1): (I’m not telling Val that several people have referred to these as my “Zav books” or “Zav series.” I think she would be put out to find out that the dragon is getting top billing.). For my fantasy fans, you asked for more Death Before Dragons books, so I’m writing more! I just have a hungry…” I kept myself from saying mate, reminding myself that normal people didn’t use dragon terminology. Wealdland is being overrun by troops of vicious garonds, led by the 900 year old, evil lord of magic, Deifol Hroth. Time to be honest. And then I read about the success that Gregory Downs was having, as well as Sean Platt and David Wright. 5. I never thought I would date a dragon, or feed him chicken strips late at night, but life has gotten interesting. “I have a delivery for Val Thorvald at this address, but, uhm, is that you, ma’am? Star Kingdom and Death Before Dragons News! Now if they can only stay alive long enough to get it…. It should pop up in all the stores in a couple of weeks. For all I know, no one is paying attention to the blog, and maybe I’d be better off doing the same. Greetings, Colonel Willard. “Is that more important than me reducing my stress and improving my health?”, “The last time I stopped in the middle, I almost caught the lawn on fire.”. “Boyfriend.” Continue reading →. By the time I grabbed my sword—I always had to be ready for potential enemies at the door—and made it to the first floor, I half expected our visitor to be gone. No Twitter announcements. Someone is getting in a box, but you’ll have to read on to see who it is. Victory ought to come soon. As expected, month one, with only one volume out, was slow, with maybe ten copies selling. A blog is even less likely to make a lasting impression. This website is estimated worth of $ 1,200.00 and have a daily income of around $ 5.00. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. That being said, this is still no remedy for a poor story, and it does take some amount of planning and a lot of foresight to make it work. I’ll let you know when it’s available! What made you decide to serialize your latest book? 1. I’d slowed down on my blog and podcast. This’ll be approximately two weeks before it’s formatted, e-published, and available to the public. Here are a few authors in my genre (fantasy) that are doing well now and have been for a while (links go to their author pages at Amazon, so you check out their books): Now that you’ve taken a peek at some of those successful indie authors, let’s see what common things they’re all doing. We saw the rejection letters—all of them from top-notch editors. We made room.”, His forehead creased. As many of you know, I’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign to help fund future Emperor’s Edge audiobooks. To celebrate the release, I’d like to do an interview of you for your fans. Also, I’m working on a bonus character interview with Willard and hope to have it up here on my site tomorrow. She’s going to get her for that. ). That being said, I certainly don’t think the covers have hurt. We think that people will read one of our books and immediately put us into the stalk-this-person-relentlessly-so-I-can-buy-their-new-books-the-instant-they-come-out category. Best wishes for your continued success! A couple of months ago, indie fantasy author Gregory J. Downs gave us a guest post on Finding Success with Serialized Ebooks. If you're new to my work, please check out my first fantasy adventure novel for free! Her father-king wants war. As a thank you, I’m throwing in an advanced review copy of Conspiracy to everyone who is donating (it’s not too late to throw $5 into the pot). For a blog to grow, you need to publish new content on a regular basis. You may find that your blog evolves over time, and that’s fine.

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