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Stretch catching is a feature of only those who are stretched out in the groin area. With what I know to be true about defensive spectrum, what the Dodgers are doing with Muncy and Bellinger makes sense to me. MLB Top Prospects Chat We have three of those guys now, four if you count Freese.

Ruiz has not even played at AAA level yet. Sigh. Only bright spots this spring have been Maeda and Urias. The hole is a single, the line is extra bases. Grandal is good with a bat… streaks. How one Game 3 at-bat shows what the Dodgers' offense does better than anyone, Muncy cites Dodgers' CF backdrop for HBP injury, Dodgers sign Muncy to new three-year contract, Sources: Bellinger's $11.5M deal sets record. Kershaw may have a very short, or limited 2019 season. if I was short of outfielders. Muncy- 34 games, 1 E It ruined his shoulder, and the season. Also concerned about too many moves but Verdugo supposedly has a plus-plus arm.
But in the mean time he needs to play somewhere. He is not consistent, and finally he is one of the worst post season hitters in Dodger history. Which stars are on the Dodgers' winter meetings shopping list? He performed well over most of the deal until the last 2 seasons when he was injured. The amount of exposure at 1B is much greater than any OF position during a game. Kemp should have won the MVP in 2011.

Predictions are by their very definition a guess.

Muncy would be a great DH. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. but am I, really? It hit me so hard it restructured my DNA – 14 years later my daughter was born with a bruise on her thigh. We aren’t going to agree on it apparently. The answer to that seems obvious to me, and from what I see the Dodgers doing now they appear to agree. #1 in OBP April 25, 2015 If you accept that premise then what the Dodgers are doing makes sense to you.

If you are serious look up and read about Defensive Spectrum – and read the following from 9 years ago:

We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. He slashed .263/.391.582 with 35 home runs, 79 runs batted in and a 161 OPS + over 481 plate appearances. I also remember a few left handers that were wild. They are what they are. He sprained his ankle real bad at a series in DC. He was a major force for us. I had thought all along that the Dodgers just wanted to cut ties with him, due to suspicions of PED use. Cody. Gomez breaks down Dodgers' lineup changes. Injured List? Free Agent: 2023, More Max Muncy Pages at Baseball Reference, 2020 Dodgers They had no inclination of moving him until after all that happened. Yasiel Puig hitting .333 this spring and Kemp was over .300 going into today’s game.

Because the Dodgers are going against this by putting him in RF (he can definitely play there, but so can others), they weaken the team defensively, IMO. … While that may be true it must also be true that a right hander protects the line better. Los Angeles Dodgers Results. Bellinger has played first base until now likely because he’s tall and left handed.
When you come down to it, had Kersh walked, it would have been a PR nightmare for the FO if they had not tried to re-sign him. My point is simply that I think many fans will realize how good Grandal was (when he was) this season, but the future is bright at C for the Dodgers, Hey they signed Kershaw to an extension, what’s new, this FO is known for signing broken down pitchers. Max Muncy Average Draft Position.

Scraps. High School: Keller HS (Keller, TX), School: Baylor University (Waco, TX), Debut: Muncy 3-17 and Pederson has 1 hit in 17 at bats and has struck out 9 times. Kelly injured from standing too long. “Who’s he” most would ask. All right outliers.

He slashed .263/.391.582 with 35 home runs, 79 runs batted in and a 161 OPS + over 481 plate appearances. All the irrefutable stats you need are right there. You’ll get about a million hits. Austin has shown som bright spots during spring training, but can he keep it up? At 1B, Career stats: We don’t need Muncy and Bellinger moving around. Hey, I think you believe what you want to believe. Watching him last season, I saw a very capable player in RF.

In 2014, he started off so very slowly and it looked like he was pretty much never going to come close to being anywhere near the player he had been. #2 in SLG HT/WT 6' 0", 218 lbs. First base is where your least athletic infielder plays.”.

LOL. Your email address will not be published. We have not seen too much of Jansen or Kelly, so who knows if they will be ready. His BA in the post season is .107. Now it is too late. Oh by the way, and in a ways I am being facetious, Kershaw will not spend a single day on the DL because there is no DL anymore……it is the IL now. Maxwell Steven Muncy (born August 25, 1990) is an American professional baseball infielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). I think if he threw right handed he’d be a shortstop. Put them at first and in right and let them know that is where they will play this year. You’re left handed you are safe on all those plays. Nope. From the above description, Bellinger is the only one of the potential 1Bman to be left handed and have exceptional flexibility and athleticism plus skills that are not listed in the description above as I mentioned in my earlier post. Bring Bellinger back in to 1st base, and CT3 can man one of the OF positions. If nobody makes an out, you will win. Why the Dodgers are not considering Verdugo for RF is a mystery to me. And has not been since then. Fans want certainty but they will not get it. Yankees and Astros are tied at the moment to win the WS. I am not doin your frippen research for you. Just kidding, Michael…. Positions: Position First Baseman. Then, all of a sudden he lost weight (upper body), and started slumping (jersey got baggy) and attitude probs began.

He’s alert, speedy, and has a good arm. Wish I could remember his name, but I faced him in school and in American Legion. Then he found himself in the second half and was the Dodgers best hitter. Within every team, there are variations based on the talent mix and their background, training for the MLB. I played first. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But mostly because I saw them so infrequently.

He also slumped really bad in August.

Even though they are an easy target, no stealing my Breitbart jokes! The thread is about where is the best position for Muncy. In sabermetrics, the defensive spectrum is a graphical representation of positions on the field. His numbers from when he became a Dodger in 2006 were steadily climbing. The last I looked we have surplus outfield depth.

This is not entirely impossible, but a stretch. The power dropped and the average went all the way down to .303. I love the return of the Kemp conspiracy talk. And I think if Muncy had more changes at LF he would show to be a very poor LFer. They have 2 catchers in camp besides the kids and Martin, Thole, and Gale.

He isn’t a pimple on Steve Yeager’s ass as a catcher. I’d guess he got so pissed or down about it that he maybe even stopped working out and keeping up his conditioning.

Try a google search for “ranking baseball defensive positions according to value”. He’s put up negative defensive numbers at almost every position he’s played but he has the most experience (107 career games) at first. He has power, but strikes out a lot and is a DP machine. The Dodgers even tried him a few times in left field. They should have shipped him to the other league, unless they try him at second, he really is not good anywhere. You have to ask who is approving. Shoulder stiffness is one thing, but inflamation…. From my observations of 1B, many who play there are not athletic. Oh, we know he gets walks and hits homers. MLB Odds for all LA Dodgers games    vs. HOU 4 AB, 1 H, 0 HR, 0 RBI, 0 SB, Rookie Status:

Yes, Muncy can learn to play 1B and he could learn to play 2B! I do not want to see the Dodgers lose a game in the late innings because a ball that Belli could have gotten to easily gets by Muncy and they get runs in or someone in scoring position. Your email address will not be published. Oh, I think there are outliers all right.

From what do they accumulate these facts?

Sabermetrics is math, not science. First base, no doubt. I’m not on a road. I cannot find any hard stats that I would use to define what makes someone better at 1B than this:

18,459th in MLB history) Book this, Muncy will come no where near the offensive output he had last year because A. McCreery, Corcino, Broussard, Smoker and one other pitcher reassigned to the minor league camp.

Remember he was knocking the cover off the ball… pitchers feared him, somewhat like with Barry Bonds, where they were pitching around him, afraid to be taken deep. The Dodgers may still move Muncy around in 2019. Not sure they would have traded him except Friedman came over, and the rumors of him being a clubhouse cancer started. They are deep in starting pitching and they won even with Kershaw out for an extended period last year, this year Urias is available to fill the void.

LOL. Dodgerblue So, catching is not a huge worry. Kike- 217 games, 5 E. First off, Muncy is not slow. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet. One question…. Where’d you get those Rose Colored Glasses? Max Muncy.

Infield errors are less costly. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Evaluate your players, assign positions and let them play. The calendar has turned to March and we should start seeing the opening day roster taking shape soon. First base is a good position for players who have not mastered the two-hand catch approach, as first base is mainly a glove hand position. Latimes

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