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I especially like that good food does not go to waste. My computer just goes white-blank. We hope you enjoy! So $6 for these 4. We’ll let you know via email as soon as we’re in Texas. Also, many businesses are closed, suspended, or not operating as usual, and are unable to respond to complaints and other requests. Hi! Let’s take a random box of mine and break down the numbers. Some companies try to make cancelling their services impossible, but Misfits Market makes it so easy! for non-organic chili peppers at the store, so roughly $1 for these two peppers. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: It will be added to our queue and our team will be in touch with you via email as soon as they can about your orders. I like squash but this was overkill. The content of the box was not even worth the time I spent opening it! Onions: This is around a pound of white onions, so about $1.69 for non-organic at the store. Doing it that way was a problem because I lost the Bella mushrooms I had in the original box(just last night). »,, Of course the next thing I looked at was the pricing, and I was honestly a little shocked at how affordable it was to buy organic vegetables online from Misfits Market! Hi Karyn, we’re sorry to hear about those beets! Could you please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and include photos? Celery: I pay about $1.25 for a pack of non-organic celery at the store, so $2.50 for these 2 bunches. International Association of Better Business Bureaus. Rest assured though that whenever boxes are delayed, they are still packed fresh the day they are sent! You can review that page here: Log in here or change your password settings. I live in Missouri. Thank you! Hi Micah, we apologize for our lack of response! I will receive my first box today. Thanks, Darlene Wells, Hi Darlene, we’re sorry to see you go! If you’ve sent us a message, rest assured that it’s in our queue. It’s lettuce like but bitter. My 2nd box came 3 days late and it was rotten. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having issues choosing your box. I was just going to join. Along with being an affordable way for me to keep organic produce in the house for my family, I'm also really enjoying being surprised each week! it was pretty bent up with a hole torn in the bottom corner. Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating. Nothing worthwhile for about $40. I expected something larger, or if they are that small, more than one. They rescue imperfect produce from small farms that would otherwise go to waste since grocery stores only want “perfect” food. I suppose the only way to know if a Misfits Market subscription is worth the cost is to look at some real numbers. Customer Service. They sell these ugly fruits and vegetables to people like you and me who don’t mind an onion that’s too big or a potato that’s too small. I’m considering their service for shipments every two weeks. We have a trip planned out a number of weeks away, and I was already able to select to have that week skipped. View customer reviews of Misfits Market. no biggie just messy. Thank you! How would I be able to fill my box. MISFITS WELCOME. Was brown And very wilted. We have been subscribed for 10 or 11 weeks now and have been super happy with every single box. Help !! Hi Lori, we appreciate your feedback. I am too busy to have some of these problems and frustrations. We recently updated our website and have heard that a few people are having issues accessing their account page. I was a little nervous but everything was good. Hi Pat. It still hasn’t come. However never hearg a response I suspended my orders. I signed up for a box last week. Additionally, we save a number of base items like squashes for mystery boxes, so you could always try getting a mystery box occasionally. However, most of what I purchase at the grocery store is not organic, and all of the produce from Misfits Market is organic. Remember, it's very easy to cancel, so if you want to just try out a box to see how you like it, you can totally do that. Hi Melissa, we hope to see you in Missouri soon! As you can see, I paid a very similar amount to what I would pay for this food at the grocery store. Or if you do not want to cancel entirely but just need to take a break, you can pause your subscription with one click. We appreciate your patience as we and everyone in our communities focus on addressing this crisis. I am sure I will come up with the same conclusion. I would rather deal with the cable company, and that’s saying a LOT!! Not enough fruit and most vegetables were just ok but they need to allow some customization even if it's minimal. From here, you’ll either be able to access The Marketplace or you’ll see a countdown clock as to when you can shop The Marketplace depending on when your box ships. You can access The Marketplace by logging into and clicking ‘Account’ to visit your account page. I am at the mercy of their nonexistent online customer service! Looking forward to the next box. Hi Marlene, we’re sorry to hear about the quality of produce in your latest box. Hi Barbara, we’re so happy to hear that you’ve been happy with your boxes! BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community and our consumers throughout this crisis. They have no active customer service and are late on refunds. Our customer success team can help you log in! September is one of those weird “in-between seasons” months whereas October is 100% fall. Please log in and visit your account page here: That’s definitely not up to our standards and we want to make this right. My boxes have all gotten here in bad shape….ice pack is melted, a lot of things are wilted and/or mashed. I asked for yellow squash, which I got – one tiny yellow squash. I was supposed to receive my first box 4 days ago. I am confused as to how to fill my box. Their account management is one of the easiest I’ve used among all the various online accounts I have. didn’t seem very full and was missing a couple things i had picked (pears). This is my first box. Please fill out a ticket with our customer success team here: and they will look into refunding you for the spoiled peaches. HELP! Misfits Market is a produce box delivery service. Is there any way to swap those out for something else? We suggest sautéing it with olive oil, salt, and pepper for a few minutes over medium heat until it becomes tender and warm. Can you make my account correct so that I can be a great customer? Please fill out a formal ticket with our customer success team here: It will be added to our queue and our team will be in touch with you via email as soon as they can. Additionally as other members mentioned as it was time to make my selection most of the items I wanted were gone. As for customization, if you don’t customize your box, you definitely aren’t getting the leftovers! The produce is delivered in insulated boxes with ice packs, and I have not personally had any problems with the food going bad during delivery. I had the same experience. All attempts to reach them via email, phone, and Instagram failed. Is there a reason that I cannot double up my choice of fruit? Hi Debbie, not at all! I'm having to sort of eyeball some of this, but I'll give it my best shot. Thank you! I paid extra to get one package of strawberry. Apples: I would pay around $3.50 for this many organic apples at the store. Hi Bertha! There are a lot of reasons why produce may not show up in perfect condition, and we do our best to make it right with customers, but rest assured that when we pick mystery boxes and customized boxes that we are only including high quality produce. This would be for non-organic pears, while the Misfits Market pears are organic. Thank you! Thank you! Sign Up. same happened to me I did not notify them, was just hoping it was a fluke. Please cancell all future boxes to my account. Hi Pam, we’re sorry to see you go and we hope you give us a chance to make this right! I do not want to continue. Thank you! My last box had 2 moldy rotten beets and very little appealing veggies When I try choose what’s in my box, it just takes me another loop, never where I can actually choose. Can’t communicate with you nice people, or choose items. Any plans to expand to my state so I can purchase from Misfits Market? However, you’re totally right!

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