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As a reflection to this the V9 and V10, the WAVES volunteer programs, were discontinued and renamed to W9 Women’s Officer Training and W10 Women’s Enlisted Training respectively. var sc_project=2398757; She was commissioned a lieutenant commander on August 3, 1942 and was the first woman officer in the U.S. In some places the WAVES were the majority of the Navy personnel. [41], The Navy selected the campuses of Oklahoma A&M College, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin for both recruit and specialized training of enlisted WAVES. The school closed in December 1944, after accepting 10,181 women and graduating 9,477 of them. Seven WAVE officers and 62 enlisted women died during the war. Check out our 60's Protest Songs Page also. Military animation were public domain. Other officers attended the Naval Air Technical Training Command Schools in Corpus Christi, Texas, and Hollywood, Florida, to train as air navigation instructions. Fleet Admiral Nimitz added that "they have demonstrated qualities of competence, energy and loyalty". The Bureau of Aeronautics continued to believe there was a place for women in the Navy, and appealed to an influential friend of naval aviation named Margaret Chung. Collection. The territory of Hawaii was the only overseas station where their staff was assigned. [56], Although a small contingent of WAVES was retained to help with the Navy's over-all demobilization plan, many of these women had volunteered to remain on active duty. Many of her findings were later used by the WAVES.

It was established on July 21, 1942 by the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on July 30. Naval Training Center, the Bronx, and became known as USS Hunter. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy . On January 2, 1942, the Bureau of Naval Personnel, in an about-face, recommended to Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox that Congress be asked to authorize a women's organization. In her book Lady in the Navy, Joy Bright Hancock quotes his reply: "I advised Mrs. Rogers that at the present time I saw no great need for such a bill".

The director of the Bureau of the Budget opposed his idea, but would agree to legislation similar to the WAAC bill – where women were with, but not in, the Navy. Women could now serve in the Navy as an officer or at an enlisted level, with a rank or rate consistent with that of the regular Navy. And she won’t slip into port again [13], Reynard, who was later commissioned a lieutenant in the WAVES and rose to commander,[14] was tasked with selecting a name:[12], I realized there were two letters that had to be in it: W for women and V for volunteer, because the Navy wants to make it clear that this is a voluntary service and not a drafted service. At the same time, Senator Raymond E. Willis of Indiana introduced a similar bill in the Senate. Captain William F. Amsden, also a recipient of the Navy Cross in World War I, was named the commanding officer. The summer uniform was similar to the winter uniform but lighter in weight, made of white material, and worn with white shoes. American Roadsongs (1950s)  |  The Bird In The Bush (1950s)  |  If It Aint A Hit... (1950s)  |  For the Connoisseur (1950s)  |  FUN (1950s)  |  Fun Records (1950s)  |  Gala (1950s)  |  Kids Songs For Grown Ups (1950s)  |  Party Record Company New York (1950s)  |  Pearl Records 45s (1950s)  |  Pearl Records LPs (1950s)  |  The Queen Among the Heather (1950s)  |  Red Label Black Letter Anonymous (1950s)  |  Risque Rhythm (1950s)  |  Songs My Mother Never Taught Me (1950s)  |  Songs of Seduction (1950s)  |  Three Jolly Coachmen  |  WAVE Songs (1950s)  In May 1942, the U.S. Congress authorized the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC), but chose not to install it as a branch of the.

Public Law 689, allowing women to serve in the Navy, was due in large measure to the efforts of the Navy's Women's Advisory Council, Margaret Chung, and Eleanor Roosevelt, the First Lady of the United States. But my Dad, he said, you'll be OK. Source: U.S. Government recruiting poster. [30][31] The winter uniform was made from navy blue wool, worn with a white shirt and dark blue tie. The Bureaus of Aeronautics and Medicine opened their doors to the enlisted WAVES. Naval Reserve and in the Women's branch of the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve (SPARS), or as second lieutenants in the United States Marine Corps Women's Reserve. It was the type of work that most officers would eventually be doing. The WAVES' peak strength was 86,291 members. WAVES OF THE NAVY (Written to harmonize with "Anchors Aweigh") (Betty St. Clair) Waves of the Navy, There's a ship sailing down the bay. It gave a sense of confidence. Many WAVES were acknowledged for their contributions to the country. After recruit training, some women attended specialized training courses on college campuses and at naval facilities. They told the women, 'get those truck tires stowed properly in the loft, and then went off to lunch, sure the women could barely lift the tires. About 13,000 WAVES served in the Navy Hospital Corps, working in naval hospitals, stations, and dispensaries. This created the women's branch of the Navy reserve, as amended under Title V of the U.S. Navy WAVE Recruiting Poster from World War 2. In Postal Affairs, they handled 80 percent of the Navy's mail service. [26] On October 19, 1944, Roosevelt instructed the Navy to accept African-American women into the WAVES. [45] The first obstacle was setting up recruiting as there were a large number of women that wanted to participate in the new organization. The WAVES couldn’t serve in foreign combat situations such as on combat ships or aircraft. Copyright © 2001-2020 by The Jack Horntip A few took over jobs typically held by men, in occupations like aviation machinists, aviation metalsmiths, parachute riggers, control tower operators, radio operators, yeomen, or statisticians. var sc_invisible=0; Naval Reserve expressed the view that the Civil Service would be able to supply any extra personnel that might be needed. Enlisted women served in jobs from clerical to parachute riggers. [28] Those who stayed in the WAVES after the war were employed without discrimination, but only five remained by August 1946.

Fleet Admiral King said, "The Navy has learned to appreciate the women ... for their discipline, their skill, and their contribution to high morale ... Our greatest tribute to these women is the request for more WAVES". Others were motivated by adventure, professional development, or the experience of life in the military or on college campuses.[51]. Even after the war many WAVES remained, to help get the Navy through the difficulties of post-war adjustments. Naval Reserve Act of 1938. At that point, Vice Admiral Louis Denfeld, chief of the Bureau of Personnel, announced, "Our plan is to keep a WAVE component in the Naval Reserve. Home  |  When Did Women Gain Permanent Status in the U.S Armed Forces? [33], The Navy chose Smith College at Northampton, Massachusetts as the training site for WAVE officers. Nimitz was not considered an advocate for bringing women into the Navy, and the head of the U.S.

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