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Want to know your kerb weight? Some employees don’t always do the right thing, so again having a margin of error to allow for instances of overloading can provide a safety factor which wouldn’t ordinarily exist. NOTE: THIS KIT IS FOR BRAND NEW PRE-REGISTERED VEHICLES AUSTRALIA WIDEALSO AVAILABLE TO BE APPROVED IN-SERVICE IN SA The BTC of a vehicle is the maximum loaded mass of a braked trailer/caravan which can be towed by the vehicle. It is not uncommon for a vehicle to fail or delay engineering approval because other parts do not comply with regulations (e.g. Large vans even when empty can weigh 2000-3000kg, some even more. Lovells GVM/GCM/Towing Capacity or variants of these modifications remain 100% legal in all States and Territories for all vehicles: The whole point of GVM/GCM/towing upgrades is to ensure the ongoing compliance and safety of vehicles and occupants when carrying/towing heavy loads and thus ensuring the safety of other road users. The GVM is the maximum a vehicle can weigh when fully loaded. Manage a fleet of vehicles for your company? These are the GVM, GCM (Gross Combination Mass or the maximum combined mass of the vehicle and trailer when hitched together) and the braked towing capacity. Any vehicles (as stated in current SSM Approvals and as noted on current RVDs) can still be plated with GVM Upgrades and Towing Capacity Upgrades (BTC upgrades) under the approved RVD. If your vehicle is not included in the list above, or if you would like to speak to one of our suspension specialists you can: If you are ready to make a Booking, Contact us at one of the above or simply, and we'll get back to you within four business hours, “Thanks to the boys at Allfourx4 for fitting my Lovells GVM upgrade to my Dmax, the car is so much better to ride in, more sure-footed and the extra payload is amazing,not to mention the extra ground clearance and the vehicle sits nicely now, easy compliance certification and a bunch of friendly guys who like a chat. This capacity is set by the vehicle manufacturer and includes everything on and in the vehicle like fuel, passengers, luggage, accessories and even the trailer ball weight. solution is Equipe 4WD Centre’s Pajero Tow Capacity Upgrade package that increases the allowable ball weight to 300kg when towing 3000Kg (up from 180/3000). The measurement is a combination of the weight each wheel and the jockey wheel impose on the ground, all added together. This is only available for new vehicles – hence why the Toyota Hilux KUN/GGN and Nissan Patrol GU can only attain state-level certification (see Table 1 above) as they are no longer being built. GVM upgrades are best considered before buying a new vehicle. This is often lower than what is achieved in a Federal Compliance upgrade, but it still makes a big difference and helps owners who have vehicles not covered by Federal Compliance kits. GROSS TRAILER MASS (GTM) – The GTM measurement specifies the maximum weight imposed on the trailer’s axles while it’s coupled to the vehicle. 41 of the 70 caravans weighed were found to be, in some respect. Ex Tax: $5,344.55, $6,227.00 These capacities are normally referenced to determine correct weight distribution front to rear.

Some vehicles require additional parts to comply with various ADR’s – like mudflaps or a handbrake cable extension bracket – which will be included in the kit if required. Landing pages Lovells GVM Suspensions Kit Upgrade. Additional basic optional equipment and two or three adult male occupants will bring the vehicle close to its legal maximum weight (GVM) in many cases. While most states allow vehicles complied in another state to be legally driven as complied in their state, if the vehicle is ever to be re-registered in another state the whole certification process needs to be started again. A further increase can only be achieved on a new vehicle prior to registration by suppliers who have a Second Stage of Manufacture approval to do so. No. Ever tried to change lanes in a hurry with a loaded-up vehicle? Contact the engineers at Dr Tims Auto Engineering for advice and an assessment of the suitability of your vehicle for a GVM upgrade approval. We are able to increase the ball weight from 180kgs to 300kgs of “down weight” at the higher tow capacity, this is done by increasing the rate of the suspension components including the addition of air bags. If your vehicle is not covered by this list, don’t despair. You just need to make sure that all of your modifications are within the letter of the law. It’s important to remember that the TARE weight does not include dealer fitted accessories like air-conditioning units and awnings. The installation process also involves organising the required paperwork, booking time with an engineer, booking time in the Production Facility workshop and completing / submitting paperwork to the relevant agencies. If you already have a vehicle which has been registered, the best option is to contact your local four-wheel-drive shop. The RMS (here in NSW) and State Police actively monitor our roads and highways, and overloaded vehicles are on their radar. KERB MASS/WEIGHT – The Kerb weight comes under the same conditions as the TARE weight but includes a full tank of fuel. RE: GVM / BTC Upgrades – what are they and why are they important? They’re stronger and more puncture-resistant, but they will also weigh a bit more. I thought that GVM upgrades were illegal now? This list is ever growing, so if your vehicle is not shown, please contact us as something may have recently become available, Toyota Landcruiser VDJ76 Wagon 2007 to 2016, Toyota Landcruiser VDJ78 Troop Carrier 2007 to 2016, Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Cab Chassis / Ute 2007 on, Toyota Landcruiser VDJ79 Cab Chassis Single Cab / Ute 2016 on, Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series all (3.8T & 4T kits), 3.8Tons Kit includes Roadsafe Diff Drop kit Supplied & Fitted, 4Tons Kit includes Roadsafe Diff Drop kit Supplied & Fitted and HD Profender 4x4 Shock Absorbers, Note* 200 Series 4000KG Towing upgrade only compatible with 3800KG GVM kit, Toyota Prado 150 Series (KDJ/GDJ/GRJ) 10/2009 on, Toyota Hilux 150 Series (KUN/GGN) 3/2005 to 6/2015, Nissan Patrol ZD30 GU/Y61 Ute Leaf Spring 2007 on, Apart from the compliance plate, placards/decals and paperwork each Lovells suspension kit consist of a set of heavy-duty springs and long travel gas shock absorbers. Thus Lovells SSM Approved kits can continue to be supplied.

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