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Call it a learning experience I hope to redeem, but I will be back. Half of the lease fee is due within 10 days of initial booking. Yoter 12-Aug-09. Although I did not kill a bear, when I got back home to the every day grind I can’t stop putting myself on top of Big Grassy with my brother and guide. Both the ranch and adjoining National Forest are in antelope district 491. Or does it just scatter the herds and make the whole deal much more difficult. The ranch has four miles of boundary with the National Forest. Montana Elk Hunting Property For Sale offers a variety of options for buyers. 12-Aug-09. Time spent finding replacement groups after cancellations outside the terms of the lease agreement will also be deducted at the above rate. Bozeman – 1.5 hours – Delta, United, American, Alaska, Allegiant, Helena – 1.5 hours – Delta, United, American, Alaska, Great Falls – 2.5 hours – Delta, United, American, Alaska, Allegiant, Billings – 2.5-3 hours – Delta, United, American, Alaska, Allegiant, Delta | United | American | Alaska | Allegiant, Mike, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say “Thanks” for providing us with such an awesome hunting experience. Closing day — Oct 18, 2020 We had a great time and saw and got into elk every day. THere is a lot of land with a lot of elk. Sure I missed. It was above all expectations…  It was the most enjoyable hunt I have ever been on. We had over 14 encounters in 4 days of hunting with Stockton Outfitters, LLC. Public access to this area is moderate in archery season and limited during gun season. My experience with the Copper Basin area is that you are going to see 4-wheelers buzzing around just about everywhere. After booking and lease signing, we’ll email you a scanned version of our annotated map. You run a first class operation with great accommodations and excellent hunting habitat. Elk. Let's talk. I like that. I didn’t realize until after I shot, just how close he was to us. Sorry to bring you down but this area has been devastaed in my opinion compared to what it was even 7 years ago. I'm looking for an area that doesn't have as much pressure as some of the southeast areas and am willing to do the "footwork" to avoid other hunters (especially those on ATV's). Hello all, I'm starting to plan a DIY hunt for September of 2010 and starting to throw together some ideas. It doesn’t get any bigger or better than that. * = extra day in this week, Opening day ­ Oct 24, 2020; For all hunts, $6.40 per day (total) will be withheld from security deposit refunds for Montana Bed Tax. Up above Muldoon you can go to the end of the road. * = extra day in this week. It wasn't uncommon to see 30 or 40 Big herd bulls in a 10 day hunt now you are lucky to see 3 or 4. The Castle Mountains have abundant big game, including elk, mule and white-tailed deer, moose (migratory), black bear, mountain lion, prairie dog (gopher version), badgers, and antelope. With or without the elk, I wanted to make sure I emailed to thank you for providing such a wonderful place to stay, hike and hunt. However, persons who fail to draw a tag may receive a refund before 30 April of the current year; or, credit their down payment to the following year. The accommodations were perfect. sagitarius 14-Aug-09. If you have any questions just ask. Bookings are on a first come, first served basis. I am spending all of my time fanaticizing about Montana and am already getting in shape for our next hunt. We will meet you when you arrive and check you out on the cabin, the map, and the territory. Taking in the beauty of your land and the sounds of bugling elk heard echoing off through the timber would be enough to make any outdoorsman’s week, but the added experience of a successful harvest made our time on your ranch that much more special. All hunting will be unguided. I can still see that big head loping at us through the sagebrush. Note: Since we are a cattle ranch, and since neighboring ranches have grazing permits on the National Forest, you may sometimes run into cattle, and occasionally, into motorized or horseback cowboys. We provide references, upon request. — Minnesota Hunter. Although others got their elk, I didn’t harvest that big bull but what I did drag out with me was one of the best hunting experiences of my life. But beyond all those moments in camp was the absolute adrenaline pumping excitement of being in the middle of an elk herd stalking a 6 x 6 bull. Our hunt in Montana was one of the best times of my life. Most of the good bulls have found they are safe on the private property in the lower sections of the unit. Average altitude is approximately 6200 feet, and much of the terrain is steep and rugged. Been putting on my thinking cap along those same lines. We’ll provide you with a plasticized topographical map, annotated with property boundaries and local place names, upon your arrival. We recommend hunters be in top physical condition and always travel in pairs. I can’t comment enough on the excellent accommodations you’ve built. While guests provide their own personal and hunting gear, transportation, and food; everything else is provided, including cookware, a game cart, an archery target, a game pole, and both cooking and eating utensils. So, let’s focus on 410, 411, 412, 417, 420, 426, 441, 447, 455, 511, and 580. Stockton Outfitters is a Montana hunting outfitter which provides fully guided elk hunting trips, mule deer hunts and spring black bear hunts in South Western Montana (Region 3 – HD 319, HD 331, HD 332). Various Airlines service these cities (see below), each of which has rental car facilities. Four-wheel-drive vehicles are most adaptable to Montana’s rapidly changeable weather conditions, and we recommend their use. One of the biggest highlights of my career was when my guide and I staulked up on two bulls sparing at about 50 yards. Since we operate as a “drop camp”, each hunter must obtain his or her own hunting license from the state of Montana. Thanks Mike.” — Montana Bowhunter. Star of Limbsaver's Outdoor America (OLN). Normally, districts 452 and 580 have one week of either-sex elk gun hunting, while deer and elk archery hunting are always either-sex. Do you think the pressure in copper basin can work to the advantage of a guy willing to do just a little more work than the road hunters? More details can be found on our hunting page. I can honestly say that from a hunting perspective, I have never stayed in a more comfortable and inviting place. The cabin yard has a large, elevated game pole. The normally abundant numbers of elk, deer, and antelope on the ranch combine with the low-impact nature of archery hunting to make the ranch an outstanding bowhunting venue. We went out expecting a bed to sleep in and hoping for a chance to see an elk. I can honestly say that from a hunting perspective, I have never stayed in a more comfortable and inviting place. Flat rate for weeks 1 and 5 of archery season is $1200 per person per week. ” Mike, I just wanted to say we had an excellent time at the Ranch. We lease to only one group per week. With all the comforts of home and chance to unplug, turning back the hands of time to spend a week in the woods with my son in your cabin was just what the doctor ordered. We were already talking about coming back before the hunt was over. Stockton Outfitters is truly a class above the rest.

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