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Licht and Murdoch eventually pass out. Doan refuses to let Licht start a new war and Licht refuses to let Alcia keep on stealing from the weak. Schmelman takes an interest in Rihito’s potential while Murdoch is confused that Rihito is clearly a young Licht, yet looks nothing like his future self at all. They meet Pelmo, another hunch-driven woman. Fearing the Ace project is in danger Schmelman finally begins human testing, the strongest genetic candidate for which is Rihito. It began serialization in Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Shōnen Ace magazine on December 26, 2014.

The Demon of the Abyss shows itself. Rihito keeps two stars and decides to stay to convince Sakai to return home, reasoning that as long as they are at the academy they can send their own food rations to their grandmother. Schmelman is stopped by Murdoch, who challenges him despite the bullet in his chest. As the townsfolk and Lynn look on, Licht is backed into a corner. Funimation acquired the series for distribution, and streamed the series on FunimationNow in English speaking regions,[36] and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand. Licht awakens in the gravity well and several masks of the Aces criticise Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. The next morning Murdoch, Lynn and Pele awaken, hung-over, with Nana, Licht and Hina having snuck away during the night. All other aces who's count we are aware of don't loose count by using their ace abilities. Four of his classmates receive the Ace surgery, Sakai, Doan, Sonohara and Captain Alan. When Licht refuses to answer Murdoch decides to torture him, but Lynn steps in and is injured.

Hina becomes depressed when Licht turns her down, as he is over 300 years old and she is still a teenager. Hina shouts for Licht to come back and Licht remembers his promise. Stars are earned by performing tasks or stealing from classmates. Licht can't help but be impressed by how peaceful and happy the people in Lynn's town are. Lynn escapes but Doan shoots her through the stomach as she flees on horseback.

It’s all on Hulu. Gregorovich melts Murdoch’s iron, revealing he is the Ace of Explosive Strikes. Licht enjoys both but while Hina’s is clearly superior Licht is put on the spot when the crowd demands he choose a winner. Pele and Nana take Lynn for treatment while Licht finally tells Hina he always loved her, but his guilt for killing her father made him keep it a secret. The helicopter attacks and Licht tells everyone to take cover but Murdoch resists Licht taking command. He explains he had a son and daughter who were murdered for their food. Licht asks Murdoch several questions to determine if he is being blackmailed and Murdoch lies repeatedly, dropping his number to 12,496, before trying to arrest Licht. Licht is dead. However, Mizuka joins Doan. Jail, Lynn and Pele enter the town of Linden and discover that its inhabitants were annihilated by an unknown entity. Licht, the legendary Ace of Flashing Strikes, saves Hina from the corrupt military officer. He orders Doan to perform the Ace surgery on them and leaves.

Murdoch lies, and it drops to 12,498 so Gregorovich reveals he also knows that attacked Althing.

️️", "Don't Miss the LIVE YouTube Premiere of Plunderer in the UK and Australia! Althing tries to grab the helicopter while Licht attacks Althing but is shocked by it repeatedly. Hina is devastated at losing her memento of her mother. A group of warriors known as Aces distinguished themselves with feats of superhuman strength, only to vanish once the war ended. Murdoch finds no survivors. Doan angrily denies this just as Licht appears. Before dying, the commander reveals he lied about the bomb and commends Rihito for saving his friends. His true number is 12,500, over twice Licht’s number. She is saved by her friends from her village, who encourage her to tell Licht about her feelings. Realising she never could have stopped Rihito becoming Licht, Hina decides the only thing to do is to love him completely and strips naked, forcing Rihito to fondle her breasts as a memory to hold onto throughout the war, and swears she will be waiting for him in 300 years’ time to marry him and carry his children so he will never be lonely again. Though it haven't been explained about Licht count properly.

Rihito breaks down over breaking his oath not to kill and Hina, Murdoch, Lynn and Pele begin to glow as they are pulled back to their own time. Licht wonders about the villagers who seem more interested in living peacefully than helping catch criminals. Alan realises Nana is trying to change the future and lets Murdoch live.

Licht confronts Doan and apologises for breaking the promise they made 300 years ago by now trying to destroy the Alcia they fought to create. However Murdoch “accidentally” loses his glasses. In the land of Alcia, where keeping your count above zero is paramount, Hina searches for the legendary Fabled Ace and finds the wanderer Licht. Licht is forced to save a girl named Pelmo from falling to her death in an experimental. 2020 1 Season Anime Based on Comics. Suu Minazuki launched the manga in Kadokawa Shoten's shōnen manga magazine on Monthly Shōnen Ace on December 26, 2014. Everyone begins cheering as Licht attacks the helicopter but the abyss stops him. She meets a sergeant major with a star on his face who claims to be the Ace. Episode 24 (Dub) My Ace. Licht reveals Hina’s father was Licht’s adopted brother, Tokikaze Sakai, whom Licht murdered. Murdoch is summoned by Supreme Commander Alexandrov Gregorovich, his childish but doting adoptive father. Pele confronts Licht in secret, demanding to know how Licht knew Pele could perform lifesaving surgery on Lynn. She had always known it was impossible for them to change the past, but hopes they have learned how to save the future. "Plunderer Anime's 1st Video Reveals Cast, More Staff, January 2020 Premiere", "Plunderer Anime's Video Highlights Jail Murdoch, Nana", "In a world governed by numbers, looters make the law... From the creator of Heaven's Lost Property comes PLUNDERER - streaming exclusively on AnimeLab January 2020! Murdoch confronts Gregorovich, revealing he knows he is Captain Alan, and demands a star stake, though first he demands to know why Gregorovich betrayed the world. Doan, the delinquent, breaks into people’s lockers and steals their stars, including Sakai’s, threatening Sakai’s grandmother when he resists, as Doan’s parents are her landlords.

Ever since her mother disappeared, Hina has been traveling alone. The girls attempt to catch Rihito spying, causing Murdoch to see Lynn naked. [34] Junichi Matsumoto composed the series' music. Pele suddenly points out that Licht’s negative 1000 means he must be a Ballot Holder, something Lynn had not yet figured out, so she removes his mask, revealing his identity. However, when Schmerman reveals the "rules" of the school, it becomes apparent that there's more to this place than fun times and friendship. After he finally woke up he learned every member of his class remained on the surface and committed suicide. Licht snaps and kills her men so fast their bodies simply disappear. Hina decides she must warn Licht about Lieutenant Murdoch but cannot as they must first rebuild Nana’s wagon. Lynn buys vegetables while Hina traps wild beasts, showing she is intimidatingly skilled at killing dangerous animals. Gregorovich found the murderer but couldn’t kill him as the murderer only wanted the food for his own child. Licht is surprisingly overwhelmed and Murdoch reveals he keeps his real number hidden from his superiors to avoid a promotion that would put him behind a desk in an office instead of hunting criminals.

Licht threatens to run away, placing the blame on Murdoch instead of Pele Poporo and Lynn. He attempts to molest her, until she shows him the 10,000 orb, which he identifies as a Ballot and tries to take it from her. Instead Alan explains Althing was a super advanced technology of unknown origin that fell to earth in the middle of the war. They encounter a strange pudding peddler who looks suspiciously like the legendary Ace on the wanted poster. Pelmo is chasing after a lifelong dream, which turns out to be quite dangerous. Hina claims Doan must secretly want Licht to succeed or he would have checked to see if Licht was really dead after he crushed him. He and Murdoch watch as the abyss opens and the demon is revealed to be a modern helicopter armed with machine guns and missiles. Sonohara admits she no longer wants to shoot him and breaks down crying. As he and Murdoch unleash their true powers Licht demands he apologise for assuming Lynn is lazy when she constantly works harder than everyone. Murdoch is saved from being caught by a girl with time travelling powers revealed to be a young Nana, the very first Ace called Ace of Knowing. If a Count reaches zero, the person is sent to the Abyss, a place rumored to be worse than death.

Hina, a traveler whose Count is based on the … Licht easily defeats the soldiers with his super speed, showing that his footsteps contain enough power to shatter the ground.

A red power violently erupts from Licht, increasing the count on his sword to 57,000, and he begins moving so fast Sonohara cannot see him. Following Licht’s escape Lynn continues her volunteer work but is despondent over having lost a potential promotion. Novels", "Plunderer Manga by Heaven's Lost Property's Suu Minazuki Gets Anime", "Oreimo's Hiroyuki Kanbe Directs TV Anime of Suu Minazuki's Plunderer Manga", "Plunderer Anime's Video Highlights Jail Murdoch, Nana", "In a world governed by numbers, looters make the law... From the creator of Heaven's Lost Property comes PLUNDERER - streaming exclusively on AnimeLab January 2020! Surprisingly, even Murdoch is overwhelmed by her forceful personality and does as she says, even joining in the festivities. He manages to insult her, angering her, causing his count to decrease to negative 1001. Lynn creates a vegetable stew while Hina creates a meat stew with a deadly aura. Licht claims not to care as he is only there to convince his adopted brother, Sakai Tokikaze, to return home. The series premiered from January 8 to June 24, 2020. Murdoch lectures Sonohara for relying on Rihito instead of growing stronger, but gives her one of his stars. Licht suddenly steals Hina’s 10,000 Ballot, leaving her a stuffed doll in exchange. These Counts determine a person's social status and power in Alcia. Murdoch drunkenly accuses Licht of being the Legendary Ace and demands to know why the army are looking for him. Her mother's last words to Hina were to find "the Legendary Ace". Gregorovich instead blamed their failing society, and when an opportunity came to create a better world, he took it. Nana becomes upset in private as she also loves Licht, yet it was Hina who made him happy. They arrive at an unknown institution with technology far superior to the world they are accustomed to, and meet Rihito, a young man Hina is convinced is Licht himself. With Mizuka subdued, the only opposition facing Licht is Doan. Lynn admits she loves Licht. Her mother's last words to Hina were to find "the Legendary Ace". [1] From episodes 1-11, the opening theme is "Plunderer" by Miku Itō while the ending theme is "Countless Days" by Rina Honnizumi. Nana arranges a cooking battle between Lynn and Hina to draw in customers, with Licht as the prize.

These Counts determine a person's social status and power in Alcia. Hina and the others find Licht unconscious before being captured by the SSU.

He traps Licht so Licht surrenders. In a post-apocalyptic world humans have their worth measured by a number printed on their bodies. With Lynn and Hina having met they swap stories of how they know Licht, and become mad at him. Anime Plunderer : Alcia is a world governed by "Count": numbers engraved on a person's body, representing any number related to their life. Lynn’s villager friends try to have Pele confess his feelings for Lynn, but he instead returns to bickering with her over a meal. Unable to see any laws being broken Murdoch attacks Althing and the soldiers all coincidentally go blind as well. The soldier’s commander reveals they have a nuclear bomb and the switch is hidden in one of their bodies, meaning Rihito must kill or die.

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