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redback boots sizing

They’re also EEE extra wide, made to be worn with thick work socks. Please get in touch with us for an account opening form. This is what makes them a favorite of professionals, whether you work in construction, industry or farming. Redback boot soles are Triple E width but they can fit sizes B through Triple E. Thicker socks are recommended. Redback Boots UK is a trading name of Tradewinds Outdoor Ltd. 8 Jubilee Way, Faversham, Kent, ME13 8GD, United Kingdom. A:Redback Boots is manufactured to the UK sizing system. Adidas vs Nike Sizing | How Do They Compare in Size? For example, women's sizes could run 2 ½ sizes smaller (Australian sizing). All the models by this Australian boot company are EEE extra wide. In general, Redbacks run between true to size to a maximum half size smaller, but remember that they’re measured in UK men’s sizes. Terms & Conditions.

UK sizes are about one to one and a half size smaller than your US size. Redbacks boots models are all EEE. Powered by Shopify. Notify me when this product is available: This safety style boot with steel toe caps meets all UK safety standards. Redback's fit sizes B through EEE width to accomodate thick work socks when on feet for long periods of time. (i.e. Q. Find Our Boots Cart You may experience a short delay as we are working at reduced capacity. Redback Leather Insoles are great for fitting into your boot as well as adding an extra footbed of COMFORT! Close. Also, check out our complete shoe sizing and fitting guide for more tips. If they widen a … When you take off the thick socks and try the shoes on with your regular socks, you should feel the shoe a bit looser. Ranges include Steel & Non Steel Toe Cap, Zip sided, Pull On, Lace Up, Waterproof Work Boots & more. For example, women's sizes could run 2 ½ sizes smaller (Australian sizing). Here are some tips for when you’re trying on new Redback boots, so you get the size just right. 13. Posted by 3 years ago. Find a store near you! Note that Redbacks are in UK men’s sizing only, so there is no separate women’s size chart. They’re slip-resistant, come with a steel toe cap and meet ASTM standards in electrical hazard protection. If you need a tough work boot that’s also comfortable for hours on end and lasts a long time, you should definitely try this brand. Blundstone ½ will affect the width more than the length.

Redback is an Australian boot company that makes top quality work footwear. Move it around and make sure you don’t heat up one spot too much to damage the leather. Ian Harrold size chart (Ian Harold Boots have a EEE width fit) Redback Boots size chart. All Redback Boots prominently display the Australian size on the "boot pull". Join our mailing list to receive notifications about the latest Redback product releases and offers. All Redback Boots prominently display the Australian size on the "boot pull". You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the appropriate link (contained within every update). Thank you for your patience. How should I …

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