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I am up early, usually between five and six a.m. - a cup of tea, then, a walk of fifty paces to the studio. Many of the songs I wrote on the record contained 'deeper' lyrics, although a couple were 'dancey'. I was rushed to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, where I had both eyes covered for twelve days. Capitol Record in the US loved the song and asked if I'd produce the tracks, which I did at Abbey Road. They were local boys and their sixteen year old singer, who had a great voice, was also very charismatic. When we met at the studio I didn't have a song, only a title “New York Groove”. In '78 I recorded another album in the US called 'At The Third Stroke’. The lead guitarist in the group was Brian Parker, who played the first electric guitar I'd heard live. Both songs made the album, which was called 'View From The Ground'. I signed a new publishing agreement with Island Music, together with an advance of £10,000 which was good money in 1974. It was an instrumental in the style of the shadows, they were the big group in the UK at that time, and we decided to record a demo of the tune at Regent Sound. From my childhood, i wondered what is this world? The one song that was released was called 'Voices' and it seemed to 'touch a nerve' with many people. Russ Ballard's music career started when he was only 14 years old and he wrote a tune, which was recorded by the Shadows, appearing on their album, 'The Sound Of The Shadows' in 1964. Eddie Marsan was created in Bethnal Green, East London, to a lorry drivers dad and a college employee mom. In many ways it was like 'sleepwalking' for years, then waking up. Mine was called 'Atlantis', however The Shadows recorded a Jerry Lordan instrumental called ‘Atlantis’ two years before, so I changed the title to 'The Lost City' and it was included on the album ‘The Sound of the Shadows'. I still get such a kick out of writing and's great! I used to be so nervous that I couldn't hold the strings down. At the funeral, Jackie, his wife, asked us (The Roulettes) if we would carry the casket, which we did. I called the album 'Russ Ballard'. We practiced every spare evening. In 1975 I made my second album for CBS, it was called 'Winning' and of the ten songs, five were covered by other artists. 5K likes. Sadly, in 2003, my old friend Adam Faith, died from a massive heart attack. The hit single was 'Giving It All Away '. I decided to keep writing everyday and take one day at a time. We wrote a couple of songs that Manfred Mann produced but they were 'b' sides. The result is calledÂ, © 2017-2020 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I became used to being exhausted and felt that I wrote better when I was in that state. But for me, the governor was James Burton, who played the great Ricky Nelson solos like 'My Babe', 'It's Late', and 'Hello Mary Lou'. Playing live is a buzz and I still enjoy it very much. We called them 'Hello'. It was recorded by Elkie Brooks. I suppose, having such a love for music, my parents insisted I learn piano. I watched her from the side of the stage and thought she had a great voice, when she came off I told her so. In 2013 I started working on a new solo record. Paul had a coffee bar and Roy and I spent many hours playing pinball there. In 1975 my son Christian was born. I started lessons aged eight until aged twelve. I recall the first tune Leo sang, it was 'The Show Must Go On'. Adam said “what kind of music do you like Russ?”. It was again the start of a journey. To me, everything in life became more intense, it still is. We recorded and mixed Leo’s record in thirteen days. I learned the solos of Scotty More (Elvis's guitarist) and Cliff Gallop (Gene Vincent’s soloist). It was a collection of simple songs and very different from anything I'd recorded with Argent. We stayed at the Goodwood Park Hotel. She sang the song again. For this question we spent 16 hours on research (Wikipedia, Youtube, we read books in libraries, etc) to review the post. Why, when humans consider themselves intelligent, is there still war? He didn't mention it again, so we assumed they never heard it - we were wrong (more about that later).

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