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samsung rf263beaesg ice maker frozen

We continue to litigate our class action lawsuit against Samsung. This would explain why for the first 1-1.5 years all works well. How long does it beep? However, since there was so much ice in the ice maker vent like it was not draining, raised the front of the fridge another 1/8-3/16 inch. We have an almost 3 year old RF30HBEDBSR (french door refrigerator with bottom mount freezer with the ice maker in the upper left corner of the refrigerator) with precisely the same issues that everyone else here is having: ice room getting clogged due to ice build up. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. FYI, we bought my mother-in-law the exact same fridge and she started getting the exact same problem at the exact same time frame; about a year after install. There seems to be some fixes circulating and one has to do with some drain tube that gets clogged (or moved? Call back. I think when you've lowered the temperature in your refrigerator closer to the freezing point The air did not get warm enough to start defrosting some of the ice or melting it down. Now, all parties involved have informed judge Claire C. Cecchi that they have mutually selected a mediator to handle the matter. Try adjusting the freezer to 0 and the fridge to 38 degrees. Trying to get someone to come check out an appliance via Samsung will make you feel like you live in cold war Russia (trying to talk to the right person, trying to get someone to come to your house, getting scheduled for a visit more than a month out, etc.). I told her bout possible legal action,and she said it wouldn't be worth my time because I can't win. Thank you for this blog. I would also recommend once the icemaker is defrosted turning off the refrigerator light and using a flashlight shining it along the edges in the back and underneath while you "Tomil Asian "look inside the icemaker. I'd be willing to bet you'll end up with the same issue at about the same time frame again. The unit worked very weak for a year, then this happen. Voila, then completely frozen again. Yes Ed there  is a service bulletin. So long guys. This splash would accumulate elsewhere and freeze with every cycle of the ice-maker and stop the machinery from operating properly., The service bulletin I'm referring to is dated 7/17/15 #ASC20150717001 &  dated 11/25/15. The problem lies in the back of the ice maker ice room where there is an ice maker fan that will also be frozen. FAQs | Repair Videos | Academy | Newsletter | Contact, By Take out the ice maker along with the auger motor and check behind there as well. There is currently no recall on Samsung ice maker’s that we know of. The freezer and refridgerator work fine so far. followed keypad instructions at top of post. Called Samsung and they told me I will have to call repair technician problem not covered by warranty.One thing I know for sure....will never buy another Samsung appliance!!!! I was going to call Samsung and see about getting a service tech out, but listening to everyone else have so many issues and not get the issue resolved. At one point during my investigation I left the ice maker off, ice maker removed, fan removed ice storage container removed. To check this, look underneath the fridge and check if the leveling wheels are touching the ground. Samsung has finally made a concession on October 21 and the process id was set to warranty and a "new" service authorized center "Paul's Refrigeration" was assigned to me. From all of your contacts with Cust. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!!! I discovered that the icemaker needs to be pulled out. We paid over $3,000 USD for this. It doesn't sound like anyone who's been having these problems have had problems with the door seals.People have been posting here for a year. We don't need to do anything to join, and I know from past experience, no one except the lawyers will make any money, but I hope it hits Samsung in the wallet. Maybe we'll be "lucky" enough to have to have service 4 times in one year so we can return the fridge and just go with another brand. I have Samsung appliances and they are junk!I just took my Samsung dishwasher to the dump because warranty ran out! My father bought a model: RF23J9011SR/AA and within a year of this brand new Samsung refrigerator the ice maker epically failed. It was DEAD and there was no way to fix it! I talked to the owner of my local hardware store who said the ice builds up particularly when the weather is hot and humid. As it stands right now, however, there are still no significant updates to share. Water splashing on other parts added humidity to the air and water on cold surfaces would freeze severely limiting normal operation. Flickering Oven-Range Display/Dishwasher Error Codes/Ice Maker Churning– What Else?? The longer it went on, the sadder the growl sounded, so we made it a priority to work on it before the motor burned itself out. But then all the original lights came back on. This has been an ongoing issue with this manufacture ice building up. Really have no solution other than if anyone does find a good lead on this being a class lawsuit I'd like to know and otherwise keep taking the cube maker out regularly and cleaning out the ice build up (I find a spatula works well!). defrost mode was actively beeping for 50 minutes. Thaw it out and you get ice for another week or two. I recetly read somewhere that if you elevte your fridge from the front tilting it back maybe it has ajustble legs. I did this procedure 6 months ago and my Samsung refrigerator works wonderfully and would buy another. Accidentally hit "reject" instead of "publish" on this anonymous comment..."Unfortunately I have had my Samsung for about 2 yrs now, I just now started having this problem with the ice jam and have to go thru the process of defrosting it....reading this post, I am very disappointed in so called technological advances now-a-days. I've reassembled everything and hopeful for continued success. We finally got a guy from Geek Squad to come out and fix things properly, and he showed me a "top secret" bulletin Samsung sent out with a number of fixes to make these things function properly. I have pushed, juggled and nothing. Can u advice me? They will hear you if you don't take no for an answer. Thanks, Samsung. The level showed the fridge was biased to the back. Replace the Ice Maker Assembly in all cases." Still, you will have to defrost the ice maker with steam. Last August 2017, Samsung replaced the auger with a K revision and also replaced the icemaker. When you open the lower freezer drawer 9 out of ten times a ice cube falls on the ground. That's what Samsung wants. The problem still exist. I did not purchase an extended warranty. He replaced the ice maker and the control board. The only improvement has been the unit no longer leaks water into the fridge compartment. My ice box is also stuck frozen and the code to defrost just the ice box is not working at all on my unit, when i hold down the fridge and energy saver buttons even for a long time nothing!!! Thoroughly de-ice or thaw the quarter inch or so of ice surrounding this tube and reassemble the removed component of the ice maker. I love my French Door Samsung, well I did for the first two years, perfect functioning. It worked, but took over an hour. At least it didn't explode. I will never again purchase a product built by Samsung nor any Kosraean manufacture nor will I ever purchase anything from Best Buy. I have pressed the reset button a hundred times and get nothing, no chime or any noise. Can you elaborate any more on the Geek Squad "hacks"? Only recently has it been loud, which sounds like it's the water pump. I've been thawing it out with a hair dryer. Turning it off has been recommended by some people.In conclusion, Having an icemaker inside the fridge that is above freezing is susceptible to many kinds of failures. Not sure what to do, other than buying something else? Salesperson was great on selling but NO followup to servicing a defective ice maker and customer service was NO HELP whatsoever. There's nothing in the bottom of the freezer compartment or the floor! I called Samsung. I have heard some where that there is a pending law suit on the ice maker. I see now I should have been holding the fridge button down, not the freezer. Funny, our tech said the same thing about Frigidaire. I know it's just in the "script" for the people answering the phone, but it should have been removed from that script long ago. Hopefully this won't be like everyone on here with disappointments. FWIW, I would never EVER purchase a Samsung large appliance. So we did research on a few different ones and I knew I wanted the 4the door here we found it. It takes right at 30 days to freeze that air passage to where I notice ice deterioration. I haven't found a combination of buttons yet that will put it into the defrost mode. I cleaned out a large sheet of ice last week because I couldn't pull out the bottom drawer. Jerry. I have a Samsung French door fridge rf263beaesr, it's only about 2 years old, but the ice maker freezes up and doesn't allow ice to drop into the ice 'bucket' and forms a big chunk of ice, I have to pull the bucket out, break up the chunk of ice and rest the ice maker atleast every 2 weeks, any ideas? After six service calls and a refusal to refund or exchange our unit, we are looking in to a class action suit with Kohn, Swift, and Graf. Well the fridge is a Samsung and I am currently listening to the beeping of the defrost. Same issue as above. I've done the defrosting cycles, etc. Then everything worked for about 4 days. Also, we had the entire the upper refrigerator section coils and fan iced-over. I agree with the person before me about a class action lawsuit. I have had the frig for about 3 years. I see the problem and know how to, temporarily, fix it. Any suggestions? Besides, there is plenty of water purposely poured into, to make the ice.-Failure to drain water due to incorrect leveling of the appliance or clogged drain path. We purchased our home in Oct.2017 and promptly added a new, state of the art Samsung refrigerator. He ordered the part and replaced it. Prior to my remedy, I had to thaw the ice maker every 10 days - 2 weeks. On my unit it’s the fridge and coolSelect+.Thanks, I found this searching for easy answers to the Ice Maker on our Samsung freezing up and not making ice. As with the rest of you the ice bucket is frozen so I can't even get the front off to defrost it! Due to the amount of inquiries we have been receiving, we have streamlined our intake process. WE NEED A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT. Its where the fan above the auger motor is supposed to vent the ice maker. It has the pull out snack drawer between the fridge and freezer. I found the lowering the temp to -3 really helps a lot. We are having the same problem with our Samsung French door refrigerator. Once the panel pulled away from the back there are 3 plugs to unplug to get the panel out of the fridge. Then you try and get the bucket out and it is frozen inside the unit. Was hoping to find a simple fix. We tried to take the ice bucket out but it was frozen in place. I thought that was normal! I deal with this on a monthly basis and yes there’s a bulletin. You must contact customer service and not there tech support line.Good luck,Bubby.

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