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scouse jokes one liners

The conductor takes it and moves on. "You just don't know how to set him off, watch and learn".

Live score, commentary and match stream as Liverpool take on Atalanta in the UEFA Champions League. Because God couldn't find three wise men and a virgin. 2 Scousers are riding along the M62 from Manchester to Liverpool on a motorbike. It is harder to realise what you mean in plain text form :p! scouser cunts .

Hardik: Very Nice Stories Its the minder to a billionaires nymphomaniac teenage daughter. He knocks on the toilet door and says, "Ticket, please." I have a nice car with alloys attached right now! At the station, the three Americans each buy tickets and watch as the three scousers buy only a single ticket. Proper made me laugh" - Ricky Jones, "Two women on the 10A bus a few years ago were on about one of the women's daughters' fellas.

Nevermind :(.
Q: What do you call a Scouse woman who has had 6 abortions ? Everyone knows Scousers have got the best sense of humour going. Bet you would not of come down to Anfield and said all that tonight in front of 45000 of us :D ! But while I'm sleeping, hold my testicles in your left hand and my penis in your right hand." more... Nika: ★There are even more relaxed dirty girls...You just let know about you.. ...Join(copy the link)➤ 2 Scousers are riding along the M62 from Manchester to Liverpool on a motorbike. I was walking behind a lad and this girl tried to stop him and in a Scouse accent he goes 'sorry love - I don't speak English'" - Chris Watts

liverpoolecho. The dispatcher asks what emergency he has that requires so many officers. city of culture now thats a joke gity of doliets more like! Once we had calm the same fella proceeded to blow off again - that just finished everyone off" - Jon Owens, "Graffiti that said 'ya nan wears shinnys in the bath'" - Deb Price, "When I was a kid I was told you would catch crabs in Lime Street and thought there was a fishing pond down there" - Andy Roberts, "Sign outside a church said 'what would you do if Jesus came to Liverpool?'

A friendly trucker stops... the joke is just one of many funny jokes on Joke Buddha! All humor is subjective, of course. TOBE 10 TOBE ... We've just got one in from a very wealthy man who wants a chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac twin daughters. Actually cocked his leg up and winked as he done it. He knocks on the door and says, "Ticket, please". A.

After a few minutes the side door opened and in fell the drunk guy. So, on the return trip, the Americans decide to copy the scousers on the return trip and save some money. The train departs.

stick a video player under his arm . But again, hold my testicles in your left hand, and my penis in your right hand.

and a voice from the back shouted 'for how long?'" How ya doin?" His wife thinks he is pushing himself too hard, so for his birthday she takes him to a local strip club. The Scouser walked over to the United fan, tapped him on the shoulder and said......... "Hey Manc I hear your David Beckham is a Liverpool Supporter!

Come on - the whole of the UK knows liverpudlians as "scousers" or generally "the scouse". She replied 'oh no can't have anything too sad or I will cry my eyes out'" - Kita Dickinson, "In hospital a cleaner was mopping a ward floor when in walked a priest, the cleaner said 'you may be a man of the cloth, but you can't walk on MY water!'" The third Scouser said "No, no, no, I will really **** him off, you just watch". "I AM THE GENIE I GRANT YOU ONE WISH...EACH" So the Manc says "I'm first I found it, I want my beloved Old Trafford to have a wall 300. Turns out what she actually meant was orthopaedic" - Dionne Stevens, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. scouse jokes a primary school teacher explains to her class that she is a liverpool fan. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. I just remember the first woman laughing so hard she banged her head on the seat in front of her" - Les Sharratt, "Coming home on the number 10 bus packed out. But these ten clean bicycle Jurgen Klopp believes no tactic could have stopped Liverpool against Atalanta, Liverpool defeated Atalanta 5-0 in the Champions League group stage on Tuesday with Diogo Jota netting a hat-trick, Rio Ferdinand reveals why Diogo Jota is better at Liverpool than Wolves, Diogo Jota has hit the ground at Liverpool since his £41m summer transfer from Wolverhampton Wanderers, Liverpool verdict - Diogo Jota ignites throwback performance as clear Champions League warning sent, Liverpool thrash Atalanta 5-0 in Italy with goals from Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and a hat-trick from the excellent Diogo Jota, Atalanta vs Liverpool LIVE - score, Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane goals and commentary stream, Everton news and transfers - Samuel Chukwueze wanted, Emerson Royal interest, Cenk Tosun promise. Because there's nothing worth ###### on. Trip him up and give the lady’s purse back to her. ... We've just got one in from a very wealthy man who wants a chauffeur/bodyguard for his nymphomaniac twin daughters. "You know them charity people that try and stop you?

me too god i hate liverpool fc and the fans .. not one of them has a job . LOL I wasnt sure what a scouse was to begin with either but you get the general idea pretty quick. "R hey lad" they say "gissa lift". I’ve had like five chocolate eclairs” - Phil Tonge, "Last year me and my mum were talking about her funeral song.

", Bob replies, "No, the last time I slept with a Scouser, she stole my wallet!
I am proud of being a scouser though :) . The scousers put it to the driver that if they can manage to fit in the back will he take them and he agrees. He tells them he has no room in the wagon as he is carrying 20, 000 bowling balls but will take a look at the bike for them.

Let's go back to my place." © Since 2000 Neowin LLC. "R hey lad" they say "gissa lift". I'm winning'. (This post was last modified: 11-03-2009, 05:15 PM by, (This post was last modified: 31-03-2009, 09:55 PM by. Not sure if this is the place for em but i found a couple of goodens. All trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Half the room went into hysterics including the nursing staff. Shortly afterward, one of the scousers leaves his toilet and walks over to the toilet where the Americans are hiding. It is just a bit of banter...when I am not in Liverpool I am used to all the scouse jokes. He opens the back door and quickly shuts it and locks it. He tries everything he knows but is unable to repair it. I said Love Is All Around Us.

He knocks on ... when I am not in Liverpool I am used to all the scouse jokes. Man looks at me and says 'I don't even know her'. She realises she doesn't have enough and shouts down the bus 'anyone gorra pound to lend us?'

- Christine Smith, "On a night out waiting in a queue in a chippy. If you see a Scouser on a bike, why should you never swerve to hit him? To their astonishment, the scousers don't buy a ticket at all. Here's our original list of some of the funniest things overheard in Liverpool - let us know of any others you've heard in the comments section. Well most people do not realise that Liverpool is hugely stereotyped and is actually one of the nicest places you can live.

They break down and start hitching a lift. I am really worried. It's a good story, but is it a joke? "Oh, Christ I wasn't aware of that, thanks". Scouse Eggs Joke: 2 Scousers are riding along the M62 from Manchester to Liverpool on a motorbike. The doorman at the club greets them and says, "Hey, Bob!

', "I nearly fell over laughing" - Mark Davies, "In the Asda I overheard two older ladies '...and I've told him before Sue, you can't Febreeze your undies" - Christina Bishton, "Woman came into the photo shop I was working in and asked do we repair cameras as hers had got wet taken pictures of her granddaughter with the Olympic torch. Even tho I didn't know who a Scouse was at the start, those were some really good jokes. The sign read 'Jesus saves'. Why does the River Mersey run through Liverpool? Our comments section was flooded with hilarious responses - so many that we couldn't fit them all in one piece. He walked over to the United fan and tapped him on the shoulder. Also, I am on this humor streak for some reason.

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