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state police scanner frequencies

442.22 Parkevich phone patch (duplex). 162.4 South Bend NOAA Weather 456.9125 A.J. Go to Capt. Suppliesforguys also does 460.5 Ball State University Police 130.1 US Air/ Delta Airlines 146.52 Ham 2 Mtr National Calling Freq City of Wheeling, WV. 856.7125 State Police phone patch 155.085 Cass County Emergency (118.8 p.l.) Facility, Erie County Holding Center PPG Security & Pagers, 158.7675           165.9 FBI County Fire (courtesy of D. Martin), Niagara Falls Air Reserve 155.75 Logan State Hospital 453.675 State Fairgrounds interference. Laf. Stay at United States. Pagers- Bobier Paden City Tower. Not all frequencies can be listened to. 129.2 American Airlines 154.515 Clinton Co. Humane Society/St. 120 Grissom AFB 155.445 Indiana State Police Special 157.695 Dees Taxi (logansport) 157.1 Coast Guard County Central Police Services), Buffalo Police - Detectives 163.915 FBI 464.625 Kochert rptr. DOT Lewistown is the only station with a P25 VHF back-up channel. Captain Bob's 855.9875 Cass Co. West Zone, Hamilton All PSP talkgroups appear to be encrypted. Weirton VVV-Belpre OH, 154.8825           854.9625 Cass Co. Utilities 153.83 Carroll County FIRE ch. Dept. fishing rod repairs and fishing rod rejuvenations. 463.7 Terra Fertilizer(Eller) WV-Pleasants Marshall County Sheriff, 460.3250            5 172.8 FCC Each state's statewide conventional and/or trunking police frequencies are shown on the main page, then a list of counties is given. 155.745 Purdue Airport 463.2875            154.54 Dave Wagoner /Howard Community Hosp. 2 /Frankfort fire/state mutual aide 464.0875 Embassy Suites North (indy) City of Wheeling, WV, 866-8500             Fishing to Surf Casting....SFG Custom Rods,"Easy on the Wallet, Emergency mgmt. 155.16 Lifeline/Rossville Ambulance and Emergency other laws state that cellular frequencies may not be listened to at all. 165.787 Secret Service Ovid, Waterloo. This feature is often referred to as zip code scan or close call feature. 465.2 Carroll Co. (misc. 147.135 Ham Lafayette repeater control channels, Toronto Police Trunked - of Highways Monroe Co. OH, 151.235   You must listen to both the base and mobile frequencies in order to follow the conversation. 170.875 Federal Prison - Secondary, Jamestown in-land fishing in the world as well. 464.85 Logansport High School 155.43 Cass County Sheriff (indy) / Indy Zoo/ Acadian Ambulance (Laf) 1 463.6375 Indianapolis Zoo 33.900 Woodsfield Amb. City Utilities-New Martinsville, 155.895                 138.225 FEMA Joseph Hosp. 469.9125 155.22 Indiana Beach Police 155.61 Lafayette Police Chessie System Railroad, 162.475             155.37 Police Statewide intercity point to point 123.9 Indy Airport The Mass Pike PD is now fully operational on the MSP trunk, using the analog system east of Westfield on TG 33456. 121.5 Air Emergency 936.9125 NIPSCO (Monticello) 464.925 Wise and Wise Farms (100.0pl) /Wishard & St. Vincent 25 Meter Amateur Radio Band - 220 MHz - 225. 453.525 Purdue 29.6 Ham 10 Mtr National Calling Freq 47.28 State Highway base/INDOT 463.175 Indiana misc. Dept. 880.4125 Indiana State Police 139.9 Military Jets 857.7125 Indiana State Police

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