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sto shared cooldowns

The way the Readiness Skills, Timeline Stabilizer console (passive), and the Krenim bridge officers work (Cooldown Recharges) is as-follows: Where t=base CD and x=% Recharge Haste, such that T(t,x)=modified CD for t given x, So +100 Readiness, which translates to +20% Recharge Haste (100(0.002)), or x=0.2, gives you. If (and only if) you could use multiple Conn Officers in lieu of the DCEs in a Drake (pardon me if I'm misunderstanding the term), would that give you the option to have a flat 14-16 second cooldown off the top of Tactical Team, leading you to (30-16) * (1-0.07) / (1-0.3) = flat 10 seconds, which is 100% uptime on Tactical Team? Easy way to test the Bioneural Gel Pack would be to equip it and see if the recharge times listed in the expanded tooltips change. As Starfleet officers tend to spend each rank fighting similar types of opponent in PvE, it can be handy to know what weapons are effective against them and which damage types they’re likely to use on you. With 2-second TT cooldown reduction on a Conn Officer: The cooldown started at 30 on activation, then immediately jumped to 28s. so you WANT to activate your fire at will every 20 seconds. For a given type of mine—mines with the same name—you are limited to having a certain amount of mines out at once. In general, the wider the firing arc of a weapon type, the lower its base damage, and vice versa. I'm hoping I can get most of this fleshed out before S11.5 hits, but I also don't want to make any promises. Like most grenades, this ability requires that you have a valid target. Conversely, players who favor cannon weapons should try to close on beam-heavy opponents as quickly as possible. Recharge and Reduction are separate functions, and they obey different mechanics. I'll come back and talk about shared and minimum cooldowns at some point later today. These are Group (Shared) CDs, which occur when activating one power places all related powers on CD (like when APB puts APO, APD, and APL on CD), and Duplicate (Self) CDs, which occur when activating one power places all duplicate copies (regardless of rank) on CD (like when APB puts APB1, APB2, and/or APB3 on CD). (For details of how your captain’s Stat Bonuses are calculated, see the Skills: The Numbers article. That's actually a great question. Great articles on your site.

You are going to face waves of enemies in story missions and no matter how many heals you bring, they have shared cooldowns so you can't just pop them whenever you want. Note that this effect is often more noticeable with beam weapons and turrets than with cannons, as the shared cooldown on cannons prevents them from being fired simultaneously, and thus spreads out their power drain.
For example, quantum torpedoes do more damage than photon torpedoes of the same Mark, but have a longer recharge time and thus a lower DPS. The various types of starship weapon have different firing arcs. Then you'd free up an Ensign Tactical slot for possibly another APB I, allowing a pretty neat setup on even fairly-light tactical ships without sacrificing TT uptime. Sometimes these CDs match a power's Group CD, but sometimes they are higher.

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