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Alex, she came for three months and ended up staying for two-and-a-half years.”, Short trips for the “crew” often turned into years-long adventures. Even the most amazing experience can become mundane if that’s all you do. Faculty at the school say they hold the election every year to teach their students a little bit about voting in a fun and easy way. [3] A report in Yachting World magazine in 2019 suggested that the crew made $14,000 for each video from paying donors, and produced about four videos each month. They sailed from Australia to Indonesia and the Philippines, where they ended up staying for eight months, exploring the area together. When he moved to Seattle for work, he played around with it, sailing around Washington and the Puget Sound on a small boat.

Once they met the state guidelines, the Trautmans set about sailing the coast, hiking -- and eating plenty of lobster. [1] The boat is owned by Brian Trautman, who often sails with his brother Brady and with Brian's wife Karin Syren and crew member Alex Blue.

Although they sail the globe, Maine was not on their radar until they met a couple from Portland during their travels. From an outsider’s perspective, they match each other perfectly.

As we explored more and more of St. Brandon we found ourselves wearing less and less clothes. “We really can’t go anywhere else besides the U.S. right now.

“I didn’t even know that people traveled around on boats. But they wouldn’t have it any other way. “Thank you, thank you,” the note read in part.

“Because I know that we’re able to connect people and help people follow their own dreams, really.”. “They start out with something like, ‘hey, this is pretty cool, but what do you think if you were to focus more on the foodie/travel thing?’ And we’re like, ‘that’s not what we want to be doing. As soon as he had some money in the coffers and Karin had donned the cap and gown, they took off. They realized that, if people were interested in their lives, maybe they could use it to help fund their sailing. “When I came up with the plan,” he told me, “I just decided to sail to New Zealand because that seemed like a pretty big adventure.

Everyone would chip in for food and diesel. Subscribe to the SV DelosYouTube channel here, check out their Patreon account here, and follow them on Instagram here.

The team invites additional crew members aboard who contribute to sailing, boat maintenance, and filming. When he was a child, however, crossing an ocean wasn’t exactly something he thought he’d be doing as an adult. “I remember the first time I walked down the dock and saw Delos sitting there,” he said. COVID-19 helped advance the timeline of their arrival.

Now, he does it with his wife Karin and their 14-month old daughter, Sierra, and they’re not planning on stopping. [5] He installed lithium-phosphate batteries to power the vessel, along with a battery management system, to provide energy to power laptops, electric cooking units, and the navigation systems. “I had never sailed before,” she said. As a former electrical engineer, he used his knowledge to make various improvements to the boat.

Take crystal clear water, sprinkle some pure white sand beaches around then put Delos right in the middle! “He was like, ‘when are you going to come home, Brian?’ And I kept telling him, ‘dad, I am home.

No people no internet just us and thousands of birds. They also joined Patreon, which is a membership platform that allows people to support them on their journey in return for the content Brian and Karin create. Sailing the Delos has grown into a six-figure business with 154 million views. You pull out of Puget Sound, make a left turn, sail down to California, and down to Mexico. I fell in love with it. “I guess I sort of hit this point in my life where I decided that’s not what I wanted to do. One factor in Brewer's decision is power outages from storms could leave students without access to remote learning.

Soon, though, they had to get back on the proverbial road, and Sierra took right to it. [3] He worked at Microsoft before starting his own software company but he soon grew tired of 60-hour workweeks. “He asked if I wanted to go sailing for the weekend,” Karin said, putting an emphasis on “weekend.” “Straight away I fell in love with the lifestyle, and Brian as well.”.

Then it’s across the Pacific, which seemed like the ultimate fantastic adventure. “At first, we’d just have random people that we met on our travels,” Brian said. Photo: SV Delos, The vlog, which has become an incredibly important part of their life, evolved organically.

Brian, Karin, and Sierra are growing and learning from each other every day aboard the Delos, and little Sierra is growing up in a way that will likely result in her becoming an incredible human being.

But the couple isn’t all that interested in changing what they’re doing. A lot of the countries are still closed down.”.

As I spoke to them it was easy to tell they’re confident in their abilities to handle just about anything, but not in an arrogant way. It never even crossed my mind.

It harkens back to when Brian first decided to take the SV Delos to New Zealand.

When I asked Brian and Karin what their future plans were, they both laughed. “We didn’t do anything.

The boat’s name was fitting, too: Delos is a magical island of Greek mythology that was a place between heaven and earth. Photo: SV Delos. Their extended family of followers and fans, dubbed “The Delos Tribe,” spans globally. And Brian too, of course.”, She decided to finish school before making any rash decisions.

She turned one in August 2020. “We’ve always said that we’ll do this as long as we can afford it and as long as it’s fun. “I learned a lot,” he laughed about that first voyage. In 2014, the crew re-thought their business model, and learned how to support their income from YouTube with crowdfunding and Patreon campaigns. It was mostly for their friends and families, a kind of one-sided group chat that kept their loved ones up to date. “She wants a lot of attention which means that if we need to move the boat somewhere, we need to time it when she’s taking a nap, or Karin has to watch her while I sail the boat by myself. It’s grown in popularity so much that, along with a little help from Patreon subscribers, their sailing trip is a fully-funded expedition. She gets to spend all of her time with her mother and father. Because really what we’re doing is we’re living the best way we know how and showing it to others.”. And as it turns out, they were.

[3] There he met his future wife Karin Syren who began sailing with them. When they met, Karin, who is from Sweden, was studying landscape architecture in Australia. ... Much Love, Karin, Brian and Brady SV Delos. They’re not sure where they’re headed to next, but there’s still a few things left on their Maine bucket list. Back in 2008, Trautman was working as a software developer — or as he calls it, a “chief mouse clicker” — in Seattle. It was a good job; I made good money. Now, all these years later, it allows them to make a life doing exactly what they want.

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