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I did not have to wait on hold to speak to an agent. This did not work; such as ASN issues? There was some variation among the tests, but a majority of the time download speeds stayed in the teens. Just signed up so no experience but should do fine for all I need. Some of its features rival that of a post paid account. Once I inserted the SIM into my phone, I had issues getting the line to activate. Thankfully, when I called Tello's customer support to port in, the experience went quickly and efficiently. When I used hotspot to connect my Le Eco Le Pro 3 to the internet, I measured data speeds that were the same as I got on the Motorola G4 Plus with hotspot disabled. Upload speeds were a bit of a different story. Account registration actually occurred at the same time that I ordered my SIM card. Moto x4. Ping times averaged 64 ms, with one real outlier at 186 ms. During the review I used a total of about 3.5 GB of data. We should also note that Sprint had the slowest speeds among the big four carriers in our LTE network testing, so that's going to impact your Tello experience as well. Tello may want to be sure they send out 3 sizes in 1 SIM cards because not everyone will have adapter's laying around like I did. If you do a lot of traveling, you'll want to check Sprint's coverage map. Have been using Tello for 2 years now (since ATT stopped my POTS). Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, A plan that gives you 100 minutes of talk, free texting and 1GB of data will set you back just $10 each month, for example. 99% of devices are compatible with one of the SIMs included in this kit, with no problems whatsoever.

Visit our corporate site. If you use more than your allotted data for the month, speeds will be reduced to 64 kbps and tethering will be disabled. Tello sells phone plans that are structured a bit different than typical carrier phone plans.

I couldn’t be happier, it’s a no fuss, no muss, low cost, always on, very reliable service. In all, between the activation phone call, general customer support calls, and porting in described below,  I placed a total of 4 calls to Tello's support representatives. It also tells you how much data that you consume each day. Tello is a relatively new entry to the ranks of low-cost prepaid carriers. While the carrier still offers its custom plan builder, you can also choose from four ready-made plans. I'm inclined to believe I was put on speakerphone and that is what caused the issue. Service is fine, but the real story for me is THE BEST customer service I’ve ever had, anywhere, with any service.

Plan minutes can be used to call internationally to Canada, Mexico and China. BestMVNO may earn a commission if you click on a link leading to another website. Mixing and matching talk and data packages, you actually wind up with a lower monthly rate than if you just added Tello's listed fees together. Let me know how it goes, thanks! If there's a red flag, it's with coverage. At other points, it sounded as clear as can be. You know what they say: “better an *Ooops* than a *what if*” – yet in this case, we got you covered with extra details on why the SIM that you have is not accepted by Tello. There's also a remaining balance section that's easy to read and understand. You can also opt to bring your own phone to Tello's network, and any Sprint-compatible phone will do.

How do you ‘deregister’ a SIM that was on a different phone ? * Not all devices containing the Sprint trademark are eligible; please contact your Tello representative to determine eligibility. You should also be able to just pick up a SIM card for free from your local Sprint store. I bought this SIM card off this company and it was 4 this phone. Please follow our instructions upon which card to use. Tello likes to point to its 5-star rating on, where there are more than 1,000 posted reviews. And Tello has generally competitive pay-as-you-go rates to fill in the gaps. Yes, I’m using Android. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I could not get 4G LTE data working. It cannot be used for WiFi texting.

You can do it right from your account dashboard's home screen. I cannot open MMS unless I connect to mobile data. it is a virgin pay as you go phone.

(Disclosure: I was not paid or asked to do this review. That is the stepping stone of our Bring Your Own Phone process. In the areas marked "off-network roaming" or "LTE roaming," you're not going to be able to use Tello. Even though there's an app involved, it does just use your regular phone number for calling. Tello provides coverage using Sprint's network. Whether you have it for some time, or you’ve just purchased a Tello SIM kit from Amazon or another third party, here’s a bit more info about this so that you can take the next best course of action. Over 1,800 text messages were sent or received during the trial period. At least that is what I was able to recently do locally. If this happened to you, we say it speaks wonders about your uniqueness :). The company is owned and operated by KeepCalling.

The highlighted plan ideas are as follows: ( Update: 8/10/2019 since my initial review, Tello Mobile has greatly improved phone plans. I’ve just started using Tello about a month ago and I have an issue with MMS. Subscribe to BestMVNO and always be informed of the latest deals, plans and carrier promotions! I was fortunate enough to have an adapter laying around to allow it to fit into my phone properly. Unfortunately, I've never been a Sprint postpaid customer so I can't say how Tello compares in that department. The updated base phone plans have improved to be the following: All of Tello's data containing plans include unlimited data at 2G speeds once the plans high speed data allotment has been used up. You need to either deregister that SIM from that other phone or simply buy a compatible SIM from us. The Smart Plan included unlimited talk, text and data with the first 3GB at high speeds for $24/month plus tax. You may need to change whatever setting you have for it. If the phone is compatible with both GSM and CDMA networks, you'll have to make sure it has a CDMA SIM card. A compatibility checker lets you see if your current phone works with Tello's network. When I was using Ting, I was able to read MMS without using data.

The dialer code reset my network settings and I believe registered the phone on the network. It provides full speed 4G LTE everywhere Sprint does. There is an activity log that tracks every phone call, and text message that you send and to what number. Overall I was happy with my experience on Tello and don't really have much to complain about. My SIM card was delivered to me 3 days after I ordered it. They sent me the wrong SIM card too. Davy, I’m not sure how to help with that, but please call our customer support since they have all the wisdom in such cases. NY 10036.

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