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While crossing the Czech-German border with no destination in mind, Johann and his sister collapse from exhaustion. I looked at him from up close, and noticed that he’s hardworking but also very modest. It's only Anna and me in this world.". Johan Liebert Franz Heinau[1] Michael Reichmann[2] Erich Springer[3] This event impacts Johan for the rest of his life, leaving him to question whether his mother was trying to protect him or had confused him for Anna.[8]. He, however, refuses to go anywhere without his sister, so Anna too is adopted and given a place within the family. But since what’s done is done, I’m trying to forget about it. He is a ruthless and psychopathic serial killer whose life was saved by Kenzo Tenma as a child. "So is this everyone? At first, she hands over Johann, but quickly changes her mind and gives up Anna instead. The Lieberts are the first surrogate family to take in Johann and Anna. At the age of fifteen, Johan organizes a money laundering business which becomes very prosperous and well-known in the German underworld. Later, Johann sends Nina a message requesting that she meet him at Heidelberg Castle. Last July, Kim Yohan took 1st place on Mnet’s Produce X 101 and debuted as a member of X1. [23]In the weeks following their reunion, Johan manipulates multiple serial killers to murder three people in order to cover up Christof's various scandals.[40]. Angered by being stripped of his position, Dr. Tenma visits a convalescing Johan to vent his frustration. Anna, despite being the twin to experience the horrible events at the Red Rose Mansion, turns out to be a genuinely loving and caring person. Having no arms causes him to become weak. [33], Johan thereafter begins to frequent a local bar, where he connects with Zeman's one-time protege, Detective Jan Suk, who is smitten with him (while in his Anna disguise). Voiced by While posing among vintage props, the talented idol showed off his intense charisma while exhibiting a manly image and endearing gaze. Date of Birth However, Johan has other matters to attend to as well, and proceeds to send the organization attempting to make him their leader into chaos and disarray. One trio carrying out the executions involves Adolf Junkers and two of his partners.[4]. A patrol officer named Helmut Wolf rescues them from their near-death experience. - Enquanto participava do Produce X 101, ele tinha um fandom individual chamado "Yorangdan", o Yo de Yohan + rang (amor) + dan. Johan is operated on and saved by Dr. Kenzo Tenma. Johan leaves such a strong impression on people that he is able to convince legions to do whatever he wants, such as commit murder, play suicide games, or do other monstrous things after just a single encounter. [32] This act and answer instills fear into Schuwald, leaving him wide-eyed and frantically shaking. He is highly proficient at analysis and deduction, especially when it comes to the human psyche, and can instantly gain direct access to people's cores, hitting their weak spots, acknowledging their worth, and figuring out their mental processes, and manipulate them easily thereafter. To escape, he formulates a plan: He will take advantage of the tension within the orphanage, or "[throw] a scrap of cloth doused in oil onto an open flame" as he puts it,[5] by capitalizing on the hatred born when people come together. It is clear that the two Bible verses at the beginning of the series (Revelation 13:1 and 13:4) are likening Johan to the beast or the antichrist. Able to bring anyone to understand and feel for his viewpoint, even large audiences. [5] When Johann arrives at Kinderheim 511, he is said to have already been beyond their program, naturally arousing the curiosity of the higher-ups and leading to a forced interview while under the effects of chemical treatment.[12]. Alone, he spends time reading The Nameless Monster, a picture book written and illustrated by Franz Bonaparta under the pen name Emil Scherbe. His school teachers remark that he easily maintained perfect grades. He can use it for various purposes, often changing the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive, even abusive tactics. Within this volume, Johan caused the events of the series by inspiring Fuhr to kill Molke and kill everyone who knows him. Most of the universe is just death, nothing more. Upon interrupting the interrogation, Johan (in his Anna disguise) shoots one of the subordinates in the head, before apparently allowing Wolfgang Grimmer to kill the other two by manifesting his "Magnificent Steiner" persona. In April 1986, the four flee to West Germany, specifically to the city of Düsseldorf.[14]. He then shows Tenma the scenery of the doomsday, which Tenma is temporarily overwhelmed by. Tenma chases after him and they reach an abandoned building. I looked at him from up close, and noticed that he’s hardworking but also very modest. With such skill in creating this sense of perfection and pureness, Johan hides his true motives with ease. Viera Černá (Mother) Unnamed Father Nina Fortner (Twin Sister) Franz Bonaparta (Paternal Uncle) Jaromír Lipsky (Cousin) While posing in an unconventional yet attractive manner, the singer exudes pure confidence and refreshing glow. 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Ongoing 8/10. As a child, she was the only person other than his mother Johan has expressed empathy for, crying after she told him about her traumatic experiences in the Red Rose Mansion even pleading aloud, "Please, don't make me forget Anna. It’s true that it was a hard time. Johan has often been described as "beautiful" by various characters. Most of the universe is just death, nothing more. His sister once described Johan as being "absolute evil". However, he is still believed to be in a coma. [5], After the massacre is over, Johan finds and saves a hungry and parched Christof Sievernich, with whom he formulates a plan and decides to reunite with roughly ten years later.[13]. Before executing his final plan, Johan visits Horst Grossman, his last remaining subordinate. They are left with a single question: "Who is the real monster?". I want to grow more with the producing of Lee Sang Min Sunbae. While the exact nature of their relationship is unknown, Fuhr's status as Bonaparta's superior pupil and Johan's connections to Bonaparta, intertwined their fates. In the midst of it all, he visits a small cottage on the edge of the town where he finds piles of drawings of himself and his sister as children. Pada 1 April, diberitakan bahwa ia akan membintangi program variety musik KBS2 ‘War of Villains’ (judul sementara). Nina tells him that he is wrong, revealing to him that the story is not his to tell, as she is the one who went to the mansion. Even before his tenure at Kinderheim 511, Johan still exhibits psychopathic tendencies. A clearer vision of the true end. Jonah Hill is currently in talks to play a villain in The Batman opposite Robert Pattinson. I woke up from the dream. Dinger expresses his gratitude by allowing Johan and Anna to stay at his apartment for a few days. As the books burn and the visitors try to escape, Johann calmly stands on the stage with an equally fearless Schuwald, and informs the tycoon that he no longer wants to kill him. "War of Villains": Jessi teams up with Song Ga In and Kim Yohan He tends to use his gifts to cruelly manipulate and corrupt others, often with no apparent end other than to cause suffering and destruction for his pleasure. Gender Johann's plan in attending the university is to get close to the former business tycoon Hans Georg Schuwald. At one point in their youth, Nina had shot him at his insistence, but he was saved by the doctor that the twins would later associated with, both perceiving him as a sort of "father" figure. Johan Liebert is the titular monster and the main antagonist in the manga and anime series Monster. His decision also consequently leads to him being punished: He is stripped of his position and has any chances of career progress ruined.[16]. “As it is Kim Yohan’s first solo song, we worked with great effort in collaboration with the best producers in Korea,” Oui Entertainment shared. Richard is found dead the next morning.[28]. Debut Johan tells the police that Dinger isn't in the wrong, and that the abuser had attacked him first,[18] saving him from potential jail time. a monster with seven heads and many horns, The Adventures of the Magnificent Steiner, Suddenly, Johan started to panic by letting himself be afraid of them. [21] He begins to interact with her anonymously via email, and informs her that he is going to pick up her soon. "[31] Schuwald picks up on the allusion and orders all of the visitors to leave the building. Filled with rage, Tenma approaches a presumably unconscious Johan to vent his anger. Johan then visits a paranoid Čapek at his villa in Idstein to determine Bonaparta's current area of residence. — Johan Liebert. I think it was a good experience. Sehen Sie mich! Kinderheim 511 was a secret, East German experimental orphanage located in East Berlin, with the goal of creating perfect soldiers. To this, Sophie orders her boyfriend Roberto to come out, who, unbeknownst to her, is Johann's right-hand man. She follows through with Johann's request and pulls the trigger, subsequently entering a state of shock herself. Horrified and seemingly paralyzed, Tenma silently listens as Johan begins retelling the story of his mother's choice and pointedly asks the doctor to explain who was the unwanted child, trapped with wondering if his mother accidentally made a mistake. According to Nina, who visits the same place shortly after, he had been crying as he sorted through the unfinished sketches.[10].

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