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what part of deer is cube steak

Being a former meatcutter and working for quite a few different concerns, where it comes from is usually a mystery, I'll explain. You can use a serrated knife, or not. The name refers to the shape of the indentations left by that process (called "cubing"). Be careful to not cut it all the way through. [citation needed], "Minute steak" redirects here. Required fields are marked *. Deer meat, or venison, can be butchered into many of the same cuts that shoppers commonly find in pork and beef at the market, including boneless or bone-in. What cut of meat is cube steak made of? Since 1993, her articles have appeared in “The Southern Berks News,” “Parents Express” magazine and NEWS-Line Communications medical trade magazines. The resulting steak is called a cube steak, or swiss steak, because of the cube-shaped indentations made by the tenderizer. Little Dairy on the Prairie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This is the most common cut of meat used for the American dish chicken fried steak. One of the benefits of taking your own meat to the butcher is you get to tell them how you want the meat to be cut and wrapped. The ribs section is best used for spareribs. The brisket, which separates the ribs from the front leg shank, is typically cut into stew meat, or may be ground. In Ireland, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and some parts of the United States, cube steak is called a minute steak,[2] because it can be cooked quickly. My love language is food. Farm-raised venison is an easy meat to like, a lean and flavorful alternative to beef that can be cooked in much the same way. The tenderloin can be cut into butterfly steaks or cooked whole, while the loin can be cut crosswise or lengthwise. The loin, or backstrap, like a pork loin, can be cut into chops or roasts, or sliced thin for sandwich steaks. Meat from tender areas, like the loin, can be fried, grilled or broiled without becoming tough. Let me show you step by step how to do it! The tenderizing process makes them have a rough texture that has little indentions in it. Cut it into thin strips, let it completely thaw, and use it instead of round steak in my Sweet and Spicy Beef recipe. Cuts like the rump, flank and shoulder are typically not as tender as the loin, but if the deer was a fawn, all the meat may be tender enough to be used as steaks. Or course you can also use it to make Chicken Fried Steak too or sandwiches too! My favorite recipe using cube steak is my Crock Pot Cube Steak in Gravy! Cube steaks are an inexpensive cut of beef which makes them a great choice if you’re living on a budget…and who isn’t! The connected shoulder, or chuck, can be cut into steaks or roasts, used for stew meat, burger or jerky, or ground. Your email address will not be published. In fact, we have an appointment to deliver a couple finished steers to the butcher next week. It really doesn’t matter. I am passionate about catching up with each other at meal times. Meat trimmed from the deer's neck is typically diced for mincemeat, cubed for stew, sliced into strips for jerky, or ground for burger. Feel free to experiment with seasonings. Most of the time these steaks are made with beef but can be made from pork, deer, or elk too. The chest of the deer, known as the chuck in … In a deer you do not typically make the cuts of’ Short-Ribs, Brisket (Front lower part of the chest), or the Flank (meat between the stomach and the hind legs). Filed Under: Beef, Main Dishes Tagged With: how to cook beef, Your email address will not be published. Cube steaks can also be made with beef from the chuck, or shoulder, portion of the cow. You want to whack the meat hard enough to leave indentions about 1/8″ deep. Really, a butcher can make cube steaks from any meat on the animal, but they’re typically made with tougher cuts of … You might have heard of them referred to as “minute steaks” which is actually a Canadian term for cubed steaks. Although we are in the business of raising cattle, we really are in the business of raising boys. Minute steak may also be distinguished by:[3], In parts of the southern United States, cube steak is also known as bucket steak, a name derived from the cardboard buckets in which stacks of them are often sold.

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