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wiccan spider symbolism

I saw what I can only describe as an energetic spider or spirit spider today. I had a dream last night that a very large and pregnant Black widow was in my living room and a male coworker was there and he tried to kill it. Twice I have been driving and had to slam on the breaks because a spider was crawling across my glasses on my face. I fished it out. The spiders in your dream were waiting for you to take action. I adore spiders and am planning to get one as a pet sometime in the future, so I’m assuming that it could be my spirit animal :). I have always made a point of not killing them because A, I’m not bothered by them and B. my nan would kill flies and other pests but she always left spiders saying that we need them to kill the other bad stuff in the house. But the spirit realm is the exact opposite of that. I say… she says, your strong as the mountains against the winds, tiny and mighty, and they follow you because your like calling them. I’m a poet, writer, weaver and all around artist. Also read the Mexican myth of Katrina maybe . Hello! I panicked and killed the spider……. If you practice witchcraft, you're a witch, and you're welcome. Often, opportunities come disguised as challenges, and/or sacrifices, and/or responsibilities. He told me that this isn’t the place for me and that I shouldn’t be here, because I would forget. I put some pressure around the opening in hopes that the spider would get crushed underneath. What has me confused is that spiders don’t usually target humans as prey, from what I gather on the internet anyway. Today I saw an energetic spider or a spirit guide spider, I was watching the protest about all the Fatal shootings on CNN and Fox News and I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and I came back to my seat on the sofa where I always sit and I feel all this this energy Vortex bologna and I thought wow what is it underneath me because it didn’t leave with me did stayed there and so I closed my eyes and I am I have a lot of Native American and me but I’m Irish and I saw this really big huge spider in my mind’s eye and under that spider I saw an African American woman the spider was hanging from a and well but it was a huge spider and I would do it what is a black widow spider and it was crying or protecting all of these African Americans that were spirits that were speaking among each other so it’s like they were all these African American Spirits and Vortex underneath me that I had been protecting all around me that were speaking comfortably comfortably protected by me and the spider above us all while I was resting and meditating I was a open Vortex for this for this Gathering blow me African American Spirits to address their concerns and I don’t know if they were living African Americans or if they had passed on African Americans but the energy stayed around me for about 5 hours until it dissipated and then happens to me often not necessarily the spider but I have had spiders in my meditations before. Of course I respect them and know not to make them feel threatened. This may be your resurrection. Thanks! This happens almost every single night and it’s almost driving me crazy. What symbolism could this spider have for me? (I’m in an extremely, nearly paralysingly stressful point in my life where I’m trying to build my life/love, home And work (designer) back together (extreme changes in all categories)), And i’m starting to feel super anxious And somehow stuck. I batted it down and as the male coworker tried again to get it, the spider flew at me again and I managed to bat it down. Sometime in August, on a late Sunday night, a spider was crawling near the back door of my kitchen. I caught her in a jar and placed them gently outside, what does THAT many spiders mean? You need to follow the threads of your creativity and see where it evolves to. I too was going through some VERY rough times. Remmyyy♡. I guess I’m not getting the message they are trying to send me.. Hello Cassie: The three Spiders are reminding you that it is okay to ask for help. This made me wonder what meaning this had for me, after all it was starring at my face. I too set off bombs in my house for these spiders, I was terrified of this happening again, then I learned bombs and sprays were the worst I could have done because it kills their natural enemies. The little guy jumped on me yet he/she didn’t bite me. Spider are creative, I have a Spider on my totem pole, my shadow self got the better of me this week. So after reading a bunch of interpretations for each symbol and trying to piece together my dream, I am at a loss! Once on my birthday and two more within 60 days. Sounds like you unintentionally went astral travelling. I found His answers in the Bible because a friend said that was His true word and it held all the answers. means time to move!!!!!! Really interesting. I am also very creative, I make jewelry using raw stone specimens and just recently my creative business is really taking off and the ideas are flowing. Most people don’t get out though. But the same thing is happening to me. I had written a lot more here but it wouldn’t take when I submitted it , so here’s short version .. This worried me so I was trying to get angles to see if I could spot him (meanwhile I was hearing two huge belly flopping sounds that I wasn’t paying attention to in my background) and saw nothing so I gave up and said “oh whatever he’s probably gone to work or whatever” (he works fly in and fly out which upsets me) and I looked ahead of me. Which made me panic because I’m terrified of spiders. i always find spiders on or around me when I am emotional. or guidance. I’m not frightened much by spiders, in matter of fact, when they are in my house I try and get a stick and put it outside. Then ask her “what exactly is it that you want? It’s nearly 3am, And within approx an hour, it has climbed on my arms, chest And Touched my face five different Occasions. She is your spirit totem and along with thanking you for ur kindness and thoughtfulness of her life and those like her she may be trying to empower you in return. The web she weaves is strong yet beautiful hypnotizing, intricate, and artistic. Occasionally the Wolf Spider dream signifies the need to share your knowledge with your peers. Couldn’t get them out of hair for days . When i woke up seeing this i was clearminded and extremly calm. Maybe its just the way they’re saying “Welcome home”. I fear for the safety of my arachnid friends. Use affirmations and focus on your thoughts to keep things positive. After I enter the house I turn around and decide to take a picture of it. I can’t remember if they all had the spider bites on the same hand, but I do know that each one sported the spider bite on one hand. In other words, this power animal’s primary focus in life is to heal past emotional baggage by re-experiencing and cycling through various dramas that need healing. Each Web had a spider in the center although the webs were unique and different I surrounded. Today a spider run down my arm! Dreaming of many spiders augers a time when your feeling overrun and a little pressured. I love how you have different messages that can appear on the top to suit different situations and messages our animal totems bring us. I feel like there’s still much to learn. Remember the old adage-be careful what you wish for. I guess I am seeking what their message is. Follow your creative inspirations and you will soon find what you were looking for. someone gonna asking for your help, maybe a little big help, cause that group of woman was a victim. Are there any other insights that could benefit this thread? Hi guys, I came across this site after having a spider bite recently. Also when is it you most often hit a web? You have a gift that you need to tap into. Is there someone you need to visit before it is too late? It’s the only way to manifest your own perfect reality. but the person i called is someone i love, and may leave my life or may stay or may come back its kinda complictated with us . I immediately tried to brush it away, my hand went straight through it…I turned on the bedside light & there was no web / spider. Hello Noot: As we all know Spider is all about creativity. I had a dream where I was at a beach, and near some large stones stood a woman who in the dream I called Freya. I carefully scooped ti into a jar and looked it up. I believe they are a source of guidence from our creator. My birthday was yesterday, 9th of February, and I woke up finding “my” spider dead on the floor…I call it my spider because I know he was in the house for 2 weeks or so…seeing it almost daily.. he started by appearing in my room and I gently asked it to go outside…but it sticked with me in the kitchen and I even get to talk with it, like loosing my fear of spiders somehow…and on my birthday in the morning it appeared dead…I felt really sad…strange but hones… and I think it is a sigh,,,and I dont know what is..can you hep me with some clues and guidance pleace. They would make me take a step back from my feelings and allow my more analytical side to calm and collect myself.

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