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wlp800 vs wlp802

Thanks for the offer, but I barely have enough time to write everything I want for this blog (not to mention brew). WLP800 Pilsner Lager Yeast. Mash Out 15 min @ 169 (Decoction) So here I am with a followup to the story, in case someone later wants to know.

Homebrew Water Treatment – A Practical Guide, Putting Beer Marketing Before Flavor (Rant). Something I did not mention about the 34/70 is that it mutes the hops in Pilsners compared to WLP800 or WLP802. Notes I've had fine results doing starters at fermentation temp with lagers in the past. Anticipated OG: 1.052

Then when I take my gravity readings at the end of it all I only ended up with about 60% effiency.

Noticeable fermentation started in around 8 hours with a bubble every 10-12 seconds. I made a Bohemian 12 degree pale lager recently and also had a yeast fail. ... WLP800 Pilsner Lager. I feel you. All rights reserved.

I am going to try and use dry lager yeast on a couple of upcoming batches.

1.00 oz.

I have to highly recommend it. I have not experimented as much as some, but I have also settled on WY2124 as my go-to lager yeast. A pilsner lager yeast from southern Czech Republic, this strain produces dry and crisp lagers with low diacetyl production.

I took it to six generations and still produced amazing beer! They want to sell the yeast to people that are too lazy to make starters. Yeah... you seem to have the same problem as I: lack of time!That´s why I´m searching for a partner... anyway, thanks for your concern, and be sure: I´ll bother you a lot asking things.Cheers!Marco. Produced a very clean Pilsner that showcased the grain and hops.

This was recently found out in a DNA test done in Australia.

Brewing minds want to know. Great yeast! Any - but i'll say that 802 is better than 800, and 830 is a bit boring (but very tolerant of weird conditions). My fresh Wyeast smack pack never swelled. German Pilsener ------- stream Protein Rest 15 min @ 127 (Infusion) Pitched a pack of rehydrated US-05. What is the toughest type of beer to brew. Add To Cart. You must log in or register to reply here. ------- Czech Saaz (Pellet, 3.50% AA) @ 75 min. I think I've also used WY 2001, 2206, and 2308, as well WL 830 and 833.

<> WLP802 Czech Budejovice. at

#10 premierpro, Dec 5, 2014. udubdawg Initiate (0) Dec 11, 2006 Kansas.

833 is my favorite but 830 is so widely available and just makes a better German Pils.

Any Lallemand Philly Sour feedback or experience to share. In Brazil we don´t have this kind of problem: we simply don´t have any liquid yeast availabe.Therefore, Your problem is my solution. Posted by

 Recipe Specifics Shook to aearate. Grain Long, slow, fly-sparge using First Wort Hopping method.

According to White Labs’ webpage, the yeast attenuates at 75-80% and ranks medium in both, flocculation and alcohol tolerance.

Low diacetyl production makes conditioning of this beer an ease. In my experience, for pale lagers and pilsners, the Fermentis SafLager S-23 is a good choice of dry lager yeast.Fermentis also have the W 34/70, but I, personally, consider this good for other styles, like wheat. Where did you find the recommended high temps. Put into fridge at 47.

��鎊�D\���%���3�¾c.�w���e-��"Rd���`:��"Ζ��� �@/{���Y��P���u�zUxd���?��)����e��}HcDU! I was planning an IPL (11# Pils, 1# C30, with ~66IBU from Mosaic). How would you compare the differences over the standard W34/70 (WLP830 & WY-2124)?

Starters, even ones for lagers, should be at the normal 70-72 degrees.

----------------- Wort Boil Time: 105 Minutes


Two days later with no drop in gravity or pH I decided to cut my losses and pitched a packet of clean ale yeast. Does any body brew a beer they truly love with this yeast and care to share some tips on a fermentation schedule? 12/5/10 Heated up 2.5 gallons of distilled with 2 gallons filtered DC tap.

I think those instructions stink. Bohemian Fail

Lagers. So... What did you do and what happened?

Item # U09; Price: $ 7.49. Cheers fellow homebrewers!! While it's not difficult to find a yeast strain comparison chart, I struggled finding one that cross referenced all 5 major yeast labs. 0.50 Whirlfloc @ 17 min. 12/7/10 Gravity and pH stable. Sacch III 30 min @ 158 (Infusion) Added boiling water to get it the rest of the way.

Good fermentation within 24 hours. Labs (WLP802). The owner of our brewery refuses to change yeast styles but I honestly can't stand this yeast.


Really recommend it to anyone looking for a solid lager yeast. Will update as things move forward.

Will update as things move forward. Secondary is always 40 days, just like PU Brewery. I went to the LHBS and snagged my ingredients but they didn't have the WLP840 I was hoping for, and instead gave me a WLP800.

Cold pitched Wyeast 2001 at 45F, slowing ramping to max 48F. I'm …

Today it's an oatmeal stout. Left at 48 ambient to get fermenting.

For example: for the moment I´m obsessed for the saison style, so I´m researching much about it.Well... let me know if you accept my invitation.The blog URL is: http://kessbier.blogspot.comKessbier is german for Daring beer and a sinonimous for swampy beer.Cheers!Marco. 12/4/10 Made another starter with tubes of WLP800 Pilsner Lager Yeast and WLP802 Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast. Also, I be sure and check out MrMalty's. This yeast performed exactly as advertised.

1.25 oz. Come brew day everything is going great. I usually pitch at 45 and let temp rise to 50.

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