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Nunivak, and Egegik. To do so, she gathered a committee of community members, elders and instructors from villages around the region. Norton Sound and Bristol Bay, and inland some distance along the rivers of the area. along the coast between the Kuskokwim River and Nelson Island. She’s taken Yup’ik lessons in the past and is part of a program for language revitalization at the Bristol Bay Campus. “It was something that the district – my district – had recommended, that we revitalize the Yup’ik language,” she said. But we needed something else to help the student and community members,”, Related: Kotzebue brothers make first app for all 20 Alaska Native languages. The Yupik / ˈ juː p ɪ k / languages are the distinct languages of the several Yupik peoples of western and south-central Alaska and northeastern Siberia.The Yupik languages differ enough from one another that they are not mutually intelligible, although speakers of one of the languages may understand the general idea of a conversation of speakers of another of the languages. Learn more about UA's notice of web accessibility.Privacy StatementFor questions or comments regarding this page, contact |, Central Yup'ik publications from the ANLC press.

Ilutsik hopes that by making practice more accessible, people will be encouraged to start speaking outside the classroom. Central Yup'ik is the Alaska language spoken by the greatest number of people--about 15,000. Jesuit Catholic and Moravian missionaries, leading to a modest tradition of literacy

In Chevak the language is referred to as Cup'ik, and in Nunivak as Cup'ig, The Yugtun language app has games and lessons, accompanied by pictures of local people acting out words and phrases. The hope is to reach students and other potential speakers through technology. Yup'ik is the most widely spoken language of the 20 Alaska Native languages with over 10,000 speakers, most of whom are located in Southwest Alaska. It was put together by Arnaq Esther Ilutsik, the director of Yup’ik … At Yupik, we have something for everyone, you can find refreshing and natural foods. So we’re looking at the Yugtun app. At first he created a pictographic script, and later devised a syllabic script. Southwest Region School District and Bristol Bay Campus developed a language app that helps people learn Yup’ik. “And we’ve been putting curriculum together to revitalize our language, having a strong oral Yup’ik language base. Early linguistic work in Central Yup'ik was done primarily by Russian Orthodox, then Sarah Andrew is the campus director. “What I really like about the quiz portion of it, is there’s a section where you can record your own voice saying the word, and then you can compare it to them saying the word, so you can hear maybe how yours differs and what you need to work on,” she explained. It also includes rhymes and a Yup’ik dance video. UAF Tumblr “We have this void within the culture of our people,” Ilutsik said. Provide feedback to other users. Your browser does not support the audio element. It comes from the flu epidemic, and where the children of those people that passed away weren’t able to pass on the information.”. Socialize with other learners. “OK, the chant is, in the springtime – and I used to always sing this as a little girl, and I don’t even remember how I learned it,” Ilutsik said. Anna Jacobson. variants, these different languages reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Alaska's The Central Yup'ik people live on the western central coast of Alaska around Norton Sound and Bristol Bay, and inland some distance along the rivers of the area.

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In 1900 A Yup'ik shaman called Uyaquq invented several scripts for Yup'ik. When it comes to cruise ship passengers, how much is too much? Learn more about UA's notice of nondiscrimination. It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s mind-bogglingly effective. busuu. The Yugtun Language App consists of over 600 recordings of fluent Native speakers’ voices, three levels of games, three types of quizzes, and a searchable database. So when Ilutsik and her team developed the app, they made sure to include different pronunciations, using local voices from New Stuyahok, Manokotak, Togiak and Aleknagik. Siberian Yupik. “All right! 15,000.

It also includes rhymes and a Yup’ik dance video. Southwest Region School District and Bristol Bay Campus developed a language app that helps people learn Yup’ik. Only the village of Twin Hills submitted a small grant. Ilutsik’s department has spent years building a curriculum to strengthen oral language skills. More than just dialectal Central Yup'ik is the Alaska language spoken by the greatest number of people--about “Because even within our family we have Yup’ik-fluent speakers, but there isn’t the opportunity, necessarily, for that to get passed on to the next generation.”. “It’s a couple of generations. Alaska is home to at least twenty distinct indigenous languages. Our goal is to make people discover foods from all over the world from candies to … Forest Service recommends lifting Roadless Rule for the Tongass, Expecting higher pandemic traffic, hundreds of Alaskans ask for better Turnagain Pass plowing, Goose Creek Correctional reports 27 COVID-19 cases, Kodiak remembers 101-year-old woman determined to vote. Arnaq Ilutsik cautioned that the app is only supplementary – while it provides an introduction to Yup’ik, she said that nothing can replace good, old-fashioned classes. The Yugtun Language App was launched in October 2019, and offers 45 lessons on basic vocabulary and grammar, quizzes, cultural lessons and historical photos. Still, the games on the app can help solidify language lessons. The main dialect is

Visitor industry insiders differ. Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! size of its population and the number of speakers. UAF Instagram Central Alaskan Yup'ik lies geographically and linguistically between Alutiiq and

So that was one of my favorite memories, to sing to the robin.”. Back at the campus, Ilutsik-Snyder and Wetter are learning those subtle differences. UAF Pinterest Native peoples. villages in the early 1970s. Download it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play. Learn Yup’ik with the new Yugtun Language App, Explore Place Names easily with our new update. Children still grow up speaking Yup'ik as their first language in 17 of 68 Yup'ik

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