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zero foxtrot meaning

6. The ZF crew understands the mindset which has been engraved in each of us through our personal experiences on the battlefield.

Our products reflect the mindset engraved in our souls through our experiences on the battlefield. Also known as a cluster fuck. Your paperwork to collect it/re-deliver it should turn up within the next few days or you can just go up the depot with that USPS tracking number. Meaning: An unknown/undefined time in the early morning. Bravo Zulu. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Our products reflect the mindset engraved in our souls through our experiences on the battlefield. We’ll call this one a wash. 2. No Go. Zero Foxtrot is a U.S. Marine Veteran founded and operated business. We are proud to give insight to the past so others can understand our present. Related: 7 Phrases You’ll Want To Keep Using After The Military ». Shipping charges are non refundable. 3. All ZF apparel and gear comes with our No BS lifetime guarantee.

Located in Austin, TX All ZF apparel and gear comes with our No BS lifetime guarantee. In short, we can't accept the return of items that have touched your junk. If you order on Friday, do not count Sunday as a shipping day. Head to to get started.

This six-syllable phrase doubles the three syllables of the original, but hey, at least it’s a little more polite, right? A. Charlie Foxtrot. We provide unique products that reflect the old school vintage military lifestyle. 98% of the time, we pack, print and ship the same day or day after. A.

The ZF crew understands the mindset which has been engraved in each of us through our personal experiences on the battlefield. So before going into a rage..did you check the tracking number? Make sure you pay attention to our sizing guide on the product page. Trust us, we won't use your number for booty calls and death threats. Okay, delivery of any package is unfortunately beyond our control. I meant P.O.V. 99% of the times, packages arrive on time, if not, you will have to take it up with ups or USPS since they are the ones who guarantee delivery, not us. They have more resources to locate your package than us! On one of those rare days when atmospheric conditions are just right and you can actually hear your tactical operations center crystal clear from a whole two kilometers away, you may be tempted to respond to a radio check with “licky chicky,” expending that extra syllable because you’re excited and, well, rhymes sound cool.

Packages do get lost at times or get delayed for one reason or the other, shit happens, but before contacting us and asking us where your order is, understand that all we can do is check your tracking number and tell you exactly what that says. Zero Foxtrot is a U.S. Marine Veteran owned and operated business. All of our products, blogs and articles directly reflect the type of humor, toughness, and perseverance that has been instilled in each warrior generation.

Now, because we care about you and understand that some packages never arrive, we often times replace your order and ship it to you on our dime because we want to make sure you get what you paid and deserve to stay zero, even though the mail is the one who lost your order. © 2020 Hirepurpose. Yes. “Car? We are not calling you a liar, but we have proof that you're package was delivered, you're word is not proof. It’s a testament to how seriously we take our time, at least when we’re not raking pine needles with pine branches, mopping the water off sidewalks when it’s raining or cutting the imaginary grass in asphalt cracks with scissors. P.O.V. When you're done using the glass to sip on souls, or your favorite beverage, be sure to clean it either in the top rack of the dish washer, or by hand (this is preferable). Due to the nature of this product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges of opened silkies products. Yes! Sundays are not working/business days. L.P.C. On the surface, this one appears to save us some time, but here’s how the conversation normally goes. 1. IE: You put 123 Bum Street, 123 Bum Street will be printed. With that said, we are not the mail office! We're not trying to be assholes, but there is little we can do on our end when it comes to packages being delivered. 9. This one sounds shorter, but let’s be honest, we could call it the kitchen, or the mess much faster. We strive to honor and highlight the past generation's warrior culture and all those whose sacrifices and actions tend to be forgotten.

Either way it’s a few extra syllables, but worth it if you don’t want him to know what you’re saying. inspections.”. A. When that new lieutenant makes it through his first field training exercise without getting his platoon lost, you’ve got a sierra hotel lieutenant. To exchange or return a shirt is easy.

"When your mommy need a dead commie and your zulu foxtrot game on point" When shipping outside of the U.S., the postal service requires a phone number in order to fulfill the customs forms. A. In a sentence: Omar’s dog always wakes up at zero dark thirty demanding to be let outside. Yes. 5. Zero Foxtrot is a U.S. Marine Veteran founded and operated business.

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