Compact Excavator 17G

John Deere augers can be equipped with numerous sizes of rock, heavy-duty, standard, and tree/shrub bits. Hydraulic hammers are perfect for quarry or trench work and concrete removal. Use them to break rock, concrete flatwork, and walls; around rebar; or to a precut line. The clamp, sometimes referred to as a thumb, can be used in conjunction with buckets. This aids in the removal of material if it is bulky and does not fit into the bucket completely.
Subject to availability. The displayed images may not accurately represent the actual machine. for more information on the availability of this equipment please contact us.
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Compact Excavator 17G
Operating Weight
Dig Depth
7 ft. 2 in.
• 72″ and 84″ Tooth and Smooth Buckets • Grapple Buckets • Forks • 72″ Brush Hog • Post Auger 8″ – 36″ Bit • Soil Conditioner • Hydraulic Jackhammer
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